The Future of Gaming in Public Libraries

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Transcript of The Future of Gaming in Public Libraries

  • 1. Your Patron is in in Another Castle The Future of Gaming in Public Libraries A presentation by: Rachael Black Sara Killough and Chris Magnifico
  • 2. Seattle Public Library Facts In2010: CentralLibrary+26Branches Circulated 11,376,194items. Including: 5,199,449AVitems 232,902digitalitems Collection of2,287,730items. Including: 77,631digitalitems 14,221,230visitors
  • 3. Benefits of Gaming Educational Information Seeking Improving literacy Community Building Third place for Teens Brings together all ages
  • 4. Benefits of Gaming Encourages reluctant readers Builds literacies beyond print.
  • 5. Professional Organizations ALA Supports gaming in Public Libraries Encourages programming Supports building a circulating collection
  • 6. Professional Organizations YALSA Encourages gaming events for teens National Gaming Day initiative
  • 7. Despitethesebenefits,thereissomeresistance towardsincludingvideogamesinpubliclibraries fromlibraryprofessionals andfromthegeneralpublic.
  • 8.
  • 9. Inpubliclibraries,thereissomecontroversy astowhetherlibrariansshouldprioritize Circulatingcollections. or Programming
  • 10. Gaming at SPL Programming Based Events for Teens Third Place No circulating collection
  • 11. Instead,SeattlePublicLibraryusesgamingkitstoholdeventsatthelibrary, Thekitsfocusonthesocial aspectofgaming.
  • 12. Inreality,thegamingkitslookalotmorelikethis:
  • 13. In order to update library service with technology that is readily available We believe Seattle Public Library should implement a circulating collection of video games. However, several problems arise from this approach.
  • 14. Therefore, we believe the future of video games inlibraries lies in digital distribution.
  • 15. OverDrive Media Console Currently used for eBook digital distribution in many libraries
  • 16. whilepausing yourgame.
  • 17. Digital Rights Management
  • 18. Origin vs.SteamNo install No installrestrictions restrictionsOnline Onlineauthentication authenticationOffline Mode Offline Mode Guest Passes
  • 19. Imagine the implications of digital distribution in a library setting especially when considering cloud technology