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Content Marketing has become an important tool for companies who wish to establish their online presence, and create a relationship with their customers / users. However, with the influx of content via Social Media and other channels differentiating oneself from the “noise” is a big challenge. With the growth in various technologies and solutions marketers hope to do just that, as the new year brings on a new view towards content marketing. We asked experts and practitioners of Content Marketing to share their insights and predictions on the future, and various trends that companies should focus on in the upcoming year.

Transcript of The Future of Content Marketing - 2014 Edition

  • Joseph McKeating - @josifmck In 2014, content marketing will continue to dramatically transform the public relations and media industries. Poor writers and communicators will be weeded out of reputable public relations agencies. An increasing number of traditional journalists will leave the media industry to help companies tell their stories and form strong relationships with customers. Both will lead to a more educated public used to on-demand information and advice. Founder Pulsar Strategy
  • Sloan Gaon - @sloaner Programmatic will solve natives scale issue: Expanding on the above, native advertising which has been the darling of the industry for the past two years, but has yet to truly take off due to its inability to scale will start to be offered programmatically. Brands like Red Bull, AMEX and LOreal have already successfully made the leap to becoming great content publishers, as traditional publishers like NYT, AP and Hearst are starting to think more and more like marketers. Yet for the right ad at the right time to finally become the right content at the right time, content marketing will need become seamlessly integrated and distributed through advanced targeting technology via ad exchanges and RTB platforms. CEO PulsePoint
  • Walter Blake Knoblock - @WBKnoblock The listicle trend has proven to easily to emulate/is indistinguishable. Look for companies to invest in more unique forms of content that rely upon creativity instead of ease. With Vine/Instagrams video technology plus videos being able to stream on Facebook timeline, look for short video memes to become more deeply rooted with content. Consider them minicommercials. Because of updates to Google search algorithm that favor Google+ shares over other social media networks, content marketers will begin to cater their content (and calls to action) to emphasize it being propagated through the Google+ platform. President Felix Exi
  • Derek Merdinyan - @VideoIgniter Limited attention spans plus an abundance of new content formats suggest that higher quality, visually rich pieces of content that communicate concisely will give marketers an edge over those solely relying on text-based content to communicate their messages. Founder
  • Adi Bittan - @adiownerlistens 2014 will be the year of video in content marketing. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, are now or will soon allow video ads in consumer content feeds. With videos becoming cheaper to produce and platforms such as opening up access to affordable creative talent, even small businesses can produce high quality videos. Expect to see many more content marketing videos in 2014! Co-founder & CEO
  • Frank Strong - @Frank_Strong Content consumers will gravitate towards thoughtful, insightful and well-researched long form content. It will perform better in search, more actively share and attract traffic from a community that seeks relevancy and actionable information. Businesses will take content production seriously by investing in experienced or especially talented professionals that can connect the dots in a respective industry like no other. Blogs produced by companies from Moz to Buffer App are already demonstrating the influence of this approach to content and wed all be wise to follow in our niches. Communications Director LexisNexis
  • Steve Susina - @ssusina When firms first started with content marketing, the goal for many was simply to get something produced. In 2014, marketers will be challenged to create content tailored to each stage of the buyers journey. Some content for top-of-funnel lead acquisition, different content to help with product selection, and still more for on-boarding and retention marketing. Marketing Director Lyons Consulting Group
  • Sara Flick - @ZOGDigital Google will start to rely more heavily on authorship and social signals to determine credibility and authenticity of content. Therefore, we expect more brands to recognize the value of content marketing as part of their digital strategies. As more brands and industries start utilizing content marketing, it will drive competition for users interests. Starting to think through a content strategy early can help marketers solidify their place as a thought leader. Manager of Content Strategy and PR ZOG Digital
  • Diane K. Danielson - @dianedanielson In 2014, smart content marketers will segment their messaging to reach distinct target markets. No more one size fits all. Chief Platform Officer Sperry Van Ness International Corporation
  • Alessandra Ceresa - @MissAleCristina I believe that we are going to see an increase in B2B content marketing. More and more B2B companies are going to be developing highly specialized content as their means of gaining trust with leads, as well as offering a sense of expertise in their respective industries. Businesses will focus on content that will assist in the sales process, versus content for lead generation. Director of Marketing GreenRope
  • Victor Gaxiola - @VictorGaxiola Consumers shouldnt, and wont, tolerate multiple marketing channels. In 2014 they will laser focus on the platforms that matter and discard those that dont. What does this mean for the big players? Will rumors of Facebook and Twitters slowing user growth cause them to lose their position as top dog? Or will they rebound with new features for marketing professionals? The answers are still up in the air, but I believe newer platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, will gain in popularity and importance. Meanwhile better known marketing platforms will find themselves in a survivor-style battle to stay relevant, with consumers readying their votes for whos going and whos staying. Subject Matter Expert: Social Media Actiance
  • Kim Lombard - @UPRISEmedia Due to the most recent round of SEO updates, content marketing will only get more vital for businesses. Any businesses who were on the fence about the value of original content will officially convert, and any who dont will be left in a vortex of third page Google searches. This will oversaturate the internet with content and make competing for the attention of your audience even more difficult. Founder UPRISE Media
  • Dave Rigotti - @drigotti To keep its dominance in the B2B advertising space, LinkedIn will launch a lead generation ad format (one click to share information) much like Twitter has with the Lead Generation Card. This will effectively lower cost per lead for marketers as there will be no landing page drop off. Facebook will continue to feel pressures to grow ad revenue so will open up more professionalrelated targeting fields to attract B2B ad budgets away from LinkedIn. Senior Marketing Manager Bizible
  • Richard De Pass - @rdepass Developing the Brand Beyond Advertising Rather than simply displaying their products, smart businesses in 2014 will take their content marketing to new levels of interaction with prospects. Smart businesses will build relationships with future clients by using short form gifs, images and videos that introduce their business in an innovative way. By using sound, sight and motion to engage the attention of their audience, smart businesses will put themselves in the best postion to succeed. Managing Director Spotlight Media and Publishing
  • Michael Shepherd - @shepherdgroup Content marketing in 2014 will feature more short-format video and rich-media executions. More video blogs will debut and marketers will find inspiration from big brands such as Coca-Colas Content 2020 initiative. President and CEO The Shepherd Group, Inc.
  • Wayne English - @WebContentRx Content marketing will go down in flames unless businesses arent taught how to use it properly. The secret is to publish material thats useful. Content marketing is not just another place to advertise. People will not consume content unless its pertinent, helpful, and well-constructed. As we like to say, Your content will either get read, or get lost. President WebContentRx
  • Rachel Parker - @resonancecont In 2014, small businesses will bust out of the blog and really start leveraging video, infographics, podcasting, and other formats formerly dominated by larger organizations. In embracing these formats, SMBs will be able to better leverage their closeness to their customers in delivering the right content to the right people, in the right place, at the right time, and in a format that fits their preferences. Founder and CEO Resonance Content Marketing
  • Jessica L. Levin - @JessicaLevin In 2014 Content Marketing will start to be once again called just marketing. Although companies will get better at hiring people who can produce content internally. I believe that tools like Facebook ads will evolve to help mar