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Presentation on the future of communications for business. Presented at the recent House of Commons event hosted by Freedom Communications & Microsoft.

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  • 1. The Future of Communicationand Collaboration16th May 2013

2. The Future of Communicationand Collaboration for LocalAuthorities and the CommunityChris Luff Director, FreedomDavid Hipwell Voice Lead, Public Sector, Microsoft 3. Local Authority Challenges 4. The Centre of the Community 5. Constantly Evolving ChallengesChallenges that Local Authorities face: Engaging the community Changing citizen behaviours Changing technologies and media channels Changing community expectations Changing employee expectations An erosion of capacity, resources and service delivery 6. Today we have 3 main objectives1. Set the scene not preach about doing MORE withLESS2. Build a picture of how technology can help you achieve acomplex job against the toughest economic landscapeLocal Authorities have faced3. Create a Think Tank Providing collaboration, drivingsystemic changeSo why are we here 7. Real World Example 8. Childrens Centre1Meeting136Teas and Coffees1020MilesTravelled17Attendees4TimesPer year16Packs ofBiscuits 9. Childrens Centre3507ChildrensCentres 10. Childrens Centre3507Meetings155,650TravelCost59619Attendees4TimesPer year179,558Packs ofBiscuits9,539Tea and Coffee 11. Trends in Local and Regional Gov. Reduced budgets Reduction in headcount Building consolidation Introduction of flexible and mobile workingEvery Pound Counts Not just a need to maintain the status quo BUT Also a need to innovate to Attract new talent to the organisation Continue to improve efficiency Move to a market driven approach - citizen centricand provide excellent value for money services 12. What does it take to drive Innovation?2. Employees must be personally and collectivelyproductive - individual contribution AND teamworking to avoid duplication3. Collaborate and communicate with others acrossthe organisation4. An innovation culture is enhanced by cross organisationcollaboration and by diversity of participants and theirpoints of view.outline 4 main factors:1. Employees must be allowed and be capable of makinggood decisions - move from a siloed approach 13. The Challenge 14. So what has really changed? 15. How we Actually Communicate2 days later?Need to start to move away from asynchronous tosynchronous communicationHarness the Internet as in private life 16. UnifiedcommunicationsplatformMicrosoft unified communicationsEnterprise-ready 17. What is possible.. 18. An example of innovation fromHealthcare 19. Live Collaboration in PracticeGreig Valentine Solutions Consultancy, FreedomCharlotte Copley Business Consultant, Freedom 20. The Future is Here. 21. Looks Simple Doesnt it 22. The CoreHigh AvailabilityADExchangeUMLyncContact CentreCall LoggingLegacy PBX 23. Wired NetworkVoice VideoUser Experience 24. WirelessTabletsSmart PhonesVoice and Video 25. The EdgeSBCsBranch Office 26. SIP & Data ConnectivityFederationSkypeExternalConferencing 27. ENDTOEND 28. Unified Communications (UC)Rochdale Our VisionJulian Massel - Head of ICT, Rochdale 29. Unified Communications (UC)Rochdale Our VisionROCHDALE METROPOLITANBOROUGH COUNCIL1. My history and Unified Comms2. Rochdale Council The Vision3. Rochdale What to consider?4. Rochdales Deployment5. Next steps and the future 30. ME: Julian Massel Degree in Humberside in Electronics and Communications Also worked as a Microsoft Engineer specialising in Networking and Exchange server inHumberside schools, collages and government departments An IT Geek 2003 2010: Head of ICT for a few central government bodiesincluding the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) and EqualityHuman Rights Commission (EHRC) Implemented 2 VOIP solutions, Video Conferencing and Office Communications Server Last 2 years: Head of ICT Services @ Rochdale MetropolitanBorough Council (RMBC). 31. ME: Disability Rights CommissionUC installation 2002 to 2004 Back in early 2002/3 at the DRC we installed a VOIPsystem - CISCO Call Manager. Business case was predicated on the basis that it would beground breaking technology to enable disabled staff andsupport modern, flexible working practices 32. ME: Disability Rights CommissionUC installation 2002 to 2004 33. ME: Disability Rights CommissionUC installation 2002 to 2004KEY FUNCTIONALITY Roaming users (follow me numbers) Voice mail in mailboxes (unified messaging) Dial from a computer (i.e. Look up and click dial) Softphones (phone app on the PC)NEW FUNCTIONALITY Instant Messaging Presence Conferencing and workspace sharing 34. Unified Communication: 2000 to 2013 35. A Vision for Rochdale Council 3500 users across 150 offices Rationalising the building estates to 130 buildings 1800 moving into 1 new office with 1500 desks. 36. A Vision for Rochdale Council Anyone to sit any time Anyone to work from home or a partners office Anyone to work remotely or in transit Online meetings (paperless office) virtual meetings Finding people and information effortlessly..and connecting tothem Promoting seamless collaboration Reducing support and administration time and costs 37. A Vision for Rochdale Council - what I found Large Council little strategy around UC or even telephony Traditional PBX phone systems - part analogue, part digital, part VOIP different PBX systems scattered around e.g. across partners in same buildings A systems team and a Network and telephone team. Four dedicatedtelephone engineers plus other field engineers. Culture ...behaviour...not what you want in a modern Council ... 38. Rochdale and Microsoft Lync - What to buy?What we tendered for VOIP systems that promotes flexible working with all the features of a modern VOIP solution .and must work with Microsoft LyncMajor consideration Do you buy a hybrid solution? (VOIP + Lync) Do you buy a Lync enterprise Voice solution LicensesNext consideration Handsets Vs Headsets Transition from existing system to Lync 39. Rochdale and Microsoft Lync Licenses 40. Rochdale and Microsoft Lync Hybrid - Licenses 41. Rochdale and Microsoft Lync - The Licenses 42. Rochdale and Microsoft LyncHandsets and Headsets Handsets Vs Headsets 43. Rochdale and Microsoft Lync Implement and Deliver 44. Rochdale and Microsoft LyncWhat did we buy - TransitionLync ClientLync HandsetN1R Edge Switch Stack N1R CoreUpdata MPLSInside FW InterfaceOutside FW InterfaceN1R SBCUpdata CE SIP RouterUpdata PE SIP RouterVirgin Media VPLSinto Zen MPLSZen CoreInside FW InterfaceOutside FW InterfaceZen SBCUpdata CE SIP RouterVirgin Media VPLSinto Zen MPLSUpdataSIP CloudN1RSIPOutsideZenSIPOutsideAlcatel at MOFreedom Extreme SwitchBlack Diamond CoreMO JV Network Cisco 3750SwitchTown Hall JV Network Cisco3750 Switch1Gbit Dark Fibre3600 MPLS Switch3600 MPLS SwitchUpdata MPLSMunicipalOfficesN1RZenPrimary ISDN CircuitIncoming Calls via3 x ISDN 30sAlcatel at Town HallTownHallSecondary ISDN CircuitIncoming Calls via3 x ISDN 30s12thFloor LAN SwitchLync MediationServer PoolExchange UMServermed01med02Lync StandardEdition ServerExchange UMServer 45. Rochdale and Microsoft LyncWhat did we buy - ServersRoles in Green run on Virtual Servers - Roles in blue are PhysicalProduction Site Lync Front End Server x 3 the front end role is responsible for IM and A/V conferencing Mediation Server x 2 the mediation servers are responsible for handling inbound andoutbound external calls Directors x 2 The Lync Directors offload user logon traffic from the Front End Servers andprovide protection from DoS attacks from the outside world Archiving and monitoring server Logs Call Detail Report and Quality of Experience data for Lynccalls Lync Edge Server x 2 The Lync Edge Servers provide external users with access to Lync asthough they were in the office, they also facilitate federation with 3rd party organisations. ForeFront Threat Management Gateway provides web access to online meetings (similar toWebex) Two Node SQL Server 2008 R2 Cluster SQL cluster shared with other applications hosts Lyncconfiguration databases and Archiving/Reporting DBs Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging Server provides users with subscriber access to theirvoicemail, and Outlook Voice Access 46. Roles in Green run on Virtual Servers - Roles in blue are PhysicalDisaster Recovery (Failover) Site Standard Edition Lync Server Hosts all roles on single physical box,used in the event of loss of primary datacentre Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging Server provides users withExchange UM features during failover Single Lync Edge Server Used for remote access to Lync duringfailover ForeFront Threat Management Gateway Used for remote access toweb conferences during failoverRochdale and Microsoft LyncWhat did we buy - Servers 47. Rochdale and Microsoft LyncUniversal flexible desktopPC or Laptop 48. They love the Lync client Better staff directory Availability information Tagging status changesRochdale and Microsoft LyncWhat do users think? 49. They love the Lync client Better staff directory Availability information Tagging status changes Local administrationRochdale and Microsoft LyncWhat do users think? 50. They love the Lync client Better staff directory Availability information Tagging status changes Local administration Unified messaging missed callsand notes in email boxRochdale and Microsoft LyncWhat do users think? 51. Rochdale and Microsoft LyncStill to do in Rochdale Photos Launch of the mobile phones (edge servers) Launch of external conferencing (edge servers) AGMA federation (edge servers) Contact Centre Upgrade to 2013 52. Rochdale and Microsoft LyncQuick Recap and Questions Tender make sure you are clear about Lync Hybrid watch out for the licenses Headset Vs Handsets (consider POE and USB connection) Users and ICT this is different (lots of support) Transition (old to new) technical back office Transition (old to new) Users call groups, pick upgroups etc..QUESTIONS? 53. SummationPat Botting Managing Director, Freedom 54. The World We Live In More People Less Money High