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of 36 /36 | August 2013 New Microsoft PC Accessories The ultimate buys for back to school Sculpt Mobile Mouse Sculpt Comfort Mouse

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The Future - August Edition

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  • | August 2013

    New Microsoft PC AccessoriesThe ultimate buys for back to school

    Sculpt Mobile Mouse

    Sculpt Comfort Mouse

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    05 EDITORS COMMENTFaye Le Duc introduces the August edition of The Future

    06 WE WANT ONELean back and browse media from the comfort of a sofa with Trusts media keyboard

    11 Q&AIntroducing the new consumer electronicsCategory Manager, Danielle Barker

    12 BACK TO SCHOOLGems back to school promo offers fantasticdeals from a variety of Gems vendors

    15 MICROSOFTGreat with 8, great for back to school;introducing brand new PC accessories from Microsoft

    17 LOGITECHLogitech celebrates summer with massivesavings on top stylish lines

    19 SYMANTECNorton offers up to 40% savings off topsecurity products

    25 STEELSERIESThe H-Series headset gives gamers whatthey need to dominate with tournamentgrade gear

    29 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 14Completely rebuilt, PES radically enhancesthe genre with ground breaking newfeatures that will reshape the series

    30 NINTENDOIntroducing Nintendos latest titles for Wii Ugaming - Pikmin 3 and New Super Luigi U

    33 XBOX LIVE GUIDERead this months guide on what torecommend to your customers withMicrosoft Live

    34 GAMING CHARTSGems Hot Picks, a handy not-to-be-missedfeature to help you make the most of yourgaming range

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  • Who can believe that its August already and the start of the Back toSchool promotional season begins. Summer has nally arrived.

    This year, we are splitting our Back to School summer sale across August andSeptember to help you, our customers, maximise your margins over a longerperiod and allow plenty of time to restock the most successful deals during thesecond week.

    The rst week commences on the 12th August and then again on the 9thSeptember so make sure you put the reminder in your diary today and contactyour account manager for more information.

    Microsofts new PC Accessories launch this month, adding three new products totheir line-up of Healthy Computing products, perfectly complimenting the Back toSchool theme. The new SKUs include the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop, the SculptComfort Desktop and the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse which is included in thebundles and sold separately. The new products are out on the 21st August andare available to pre-order today, read more on page 15.

    The highly anticipated launch of Microsofts new-generation entertainmentsystem, Xbox One, is fast approaching; 3 months have already passed since their initial pre-E3 announcement! We share a few more details for theaccessories set to launch along with the Xbox One console, turn to page 26 & 27 for more info.

    The renowned Gamesaid Golf and Spa day, hosted at the Grove last month,raised a fantastic 40,000 for various causes. GamesAid is an established videogames industry based charity. It distributes funds to a diverse range childrensand young peoples charities; it is a means of giving something back on behalf ofthe industry and gamers. Were proud to be sponsors of the event and areabsolutely delighted that the hard work and efforts paid off!

    A huge thank you to those of you who played golf, got pampered and donated heres to next year!


    Deputy HeadFaye Le Duc

    English TeacherBrendan Adams

    Art & Design TeachersSophie HammondAmber-sky Watts

    ICT TeacherPeter Cox

    Games TeacherKristan Reed

    PublisherGem Creative

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    Harlow Business Park, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5QF

    Head TeacherKatie Rawlings

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    or visit to buy online*

    To open an account please visit or call our new accounts team on 01279 822800.

    *Trade account required.

    Printed in the uk by Cadmium Multimedia

    editors comment



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    Faye Le DucPR & Marketing Manager

  • Trust

    For more information on Trust, contact your Gem account manageron 01279 822822 or go online at

    With the increasing popularity of movie and video streaming, entertainment hubs andinternet ready TVs in the home, having a quality input device can unlock the power of these multi-media services.

    The Compact Wireless Entertainment Keyboard from Trust is lightweight, portableand designed to be used with SmartTVs, games consoles and PCs. Its Micro USBreceiver provides a wireless range of up to 10 metres, allowing customers to browsetheir favourite media while relaxing back in the comfort of their sofa.

    Featuring 16 additional function keys, it provides direct access to commonly used mediafeatures, so at the push of a button users can quickly open a desired app, media player,emails or the internet.

    A scroll wheel delivers precise control that allows the customer to accurately navigate their media from the tip of their ngers. The QWERTY keyboard layout provides a familiar standardised input, whilst the separate rubber cover protects from dust, stainsand spillages.

    The Compact Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is an all-in-one input device thatcompliments modern media devices and is compatible with Xbox 360 and PS3.

    Compact Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

    we want one

  • Gem NewsEDITORSgem news

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    Exclusive consumer pre-orderoffer for WWE 2K142K has announced the emphatic return of UltimateWarrior to the ring virtually in WWE 2K14, theforthcoming instalment in the flagship WWE videogame franchise.

    Making his long-awaited arrival from Parts Unknown,the self-professed Founding Father of Life Intensitywill be an exclusive playable character for those whopre-order the game at any participating retailer for theXbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft or PlayStation3.

    Chris Snyder, Senior Director of Marketing at 2K comments Pre-ordering WWE 2K14 is the only way we mere mortals will ever have a glimpse into the greatness that is Ultimate Warrior.

    WWE 2K14 is available to pre-order from Gemtoday! Contact the dedicated team today to place your order on 01279 822 822 or go online to

    Gems Back to School promotion returns

    Gems Back to School promotion kicks off this month,giving customers the opportunity to grab some fantastic deals as the students head back to school,college and university.

    Throughout the promotion, Gem will play host to atleast ten of their vendors, each providing a range of outstanding offers. Each day new deals will be announced on selected lines from peripherals, speakers, gaming accessories and more.

    Commencing on the 12th August for one week andthen opening again on the 9th September for anotherweek, the new format will allow retailers to maximise

    the return on the deals available, using the first weekto establish which offers are most successful and restocking before the season is over.

    Follow Gem onFacebook ( and Twitter (@gemdistribution) or go online to keep up to date with the new deals available every day.

    DATES:12th 16th August 20139th 13th September 2013

    Sign up for a Gemaccount todayGems Back to School promotion marks a great time to open an account with Gem either by calling 01279 822822 or going online at

    Gem welcomes all new trade accounts wishing to signup and take advantage of the huge savings on somegreat brands during this key selling period. Call today!

    Gem welcomesDanielle Barker to the teamGem is delighted to announce the appointment ofDanielle Barker who has taken on the role of CategoryManager to oversee the rapidly expanding ConsumerElectronics division within Gem, reporting into JonSutherland, Head of Category.

    The new role has been created to reflect the fast paceat which the consumer electronics sector is growingwithin Gem, having partnered with key brands such asRoku, Otone and SOL Republic.

    With a wealth of experience in category managementin UK retail, Danielle will work collaboratively with allof Gems departments, bringing together sales, purchasing and marketing to maximise opportunitiesfor our vendors whilst exploring new opportunities inthe consumer electronics market.

    Danielle is featured in this months Q&A, turn to page11 to hear more from our new recruit.

    SAVE UP TO 40%On Norton Internet Security 2013 3 UserTurn to page 19 for more information

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    11TEL 01279 822822 FAX 01279 412604 WEB WWW.GEM.CO.UKTO BUY

    Introducing Danielle BarkerWe talk to Gems newly appointed Category ManagerWhat brought you to Gem and what do you make of it so far?Coming from a retail background, I have dealt with manysuppliers, including distributors. Distribution had alwaysseemed like a great mix of buying, sales and marketing. Gem was particularly intriguing due to thepartnership with Microsoft, the strong retail presence, and Gem Creative.

    Ive really enjoyed my rst month at Gem, both my team and the extended teams have made me feel really welcome.

    Your role is a relatively new position at Gem; canyou tell us what it entails?On a day to day basis, it is mainly relationshipmanagement, ensuring that I communicate across teamsany relevant information and ensuring the Vendors are gaining maximum exposure. So I can get involved with strategies, product launches, and building a range ready to take to market.

    What experience do you bring to Gem that willenhance your position?My experience is mainly as a buyer for retail andspecically consumer electronics. Having been a buyer, Iknow what I would have wanted to see from vendors andcan hopefully translate that to our vendors, enabling me toguide them to get the maximum out of the opportunities.

    There are a lot of changes happening in theconsumer electronics market, do you have anypredictions of whats to come? I think that the consumer electronics market is reallyexciting in its evolution. Anything app related is also going to see massive growth. Also, the new 4k technologyin TVs.

    Describe yourself in 3 wordsCondent, outgoing, talkative

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    back to school

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    Get the ultimate Windows accessories

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    The perfect complement to the Windows 8 experience

    With a uniquely modern design and naturally comfortable composition, the SculptErgonomic Desktop allows customers to complete tasks with precision andeffortless control.

    Built on advanced ergonomic principles, the Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard incorporatesa split keyboard layout positioned to help the wrists and forearms sit in a natural,relaxed position with a cushioned palm rest to provide wrist support, and a domedkeyboard shape to reduce wrist pronation.

    The Sculpt Ergonomic mouse is also designed to maximize wrist comfort with itsunique ergonomic shape. It has a convenient Windows button which gives usersone-touch to access to the Windows 8 Start screen. It also features a Back buttonfor faster navigation, 4-way scroll wheel and thumb scoop helps to maintain thecorrect ergonomic hand and wrist position.

    Release date 21st August 2013

    Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop >>



    Featuring the Sculpt Comfort Mouse and Sculpt Comfort Keyboard, the SculptComfort Desktop revolutionizes the relationship between hardware and software,providing quick and easy access to Windows 8 features.

    The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is equipped with hotkeys that give users one-touchaccess to some of the most commonly used functions in Windows 8. Its also packedwith ergonomic features including a contoured keyset, removable padded palm rest,and palm lift.

    The Sculpt Comfort Mouse features a special Windows touch tab which provides easy access to the Start screen and apps, Bluetooth connectivity allowingeasy pairing of the device with a PC or tablet, BlueTrack technology, a tilt wheel forleft, right, up and down scrolling and a right-handed thumb scoop design forsuperior comfort.

    Release date 21st August 2013

    Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop >>



    Whether its browsing the internet,connecting with friends online or editing apresentation, the Sculpt Mobile Mouse is acomfortable, familiar companion for themodern, mobile lifestyle.

    Designed to work seamlessly with Windows 8, the Sculpt Mobile Mouse allows customers to utilise a built inWindows button to quickly open the Startmenu and access all of their apps at thetouch of a button.

    With a 4-way scroll wheel providing intuitivenavigation, performing such tasks like movingthrough wide documents and the start menuis a breeze. Its compact design means itseasily stored when on the move andBlueTrack technology allows the mouseremain precise on virtually any surface.

    Enjoy a clutter-free workspace at a desk or ona coffee table with this wireless, mini-USBconnected mouse.

    Webcode 43U-00003 SRP 29.99

    Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse >>>


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    Z523 SPEAKER SYSTEMThe Z523 is a powerful 2.1 speaker system delivering 40watts RMS of rich bass and 360-degree sound meanscustomers rediscover the art of listening all around theroom. Featuring a RCA jack and a 3.5 mm auxiliary inputlets listeners easily connect a music player and gamesconsole or DVD player.Webcode 980-000320 Trade price 42.16

    M515 WIRELESS MOUSE SILVERThe M515 is a wireless mouse that can be taken from thedesk to the couch. Only active when theres a hand on itgives it an impressive battery life and also means thecursor only moves when the user wants it to. It also has asealed bottom that prevents the collection fabric fuzz inthe sensor opening.Webcode 910-001843 Trade price 20.69

    SAVE UP TO 32% SAVE UP TO 26%Z515 WIRELESS SPEAKERThe Z515 is a versatile speaker with multiple connectionoptions by either its wireless adapter, USB port or pairedvia Bluetooth from up to 15 meters away. The speakerdelivers crisp clear sound, punchy bass and features arechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of playback andalso a soft travel case for protection.Webcode 980-000428 Trade price 24.74

    SAVE UP TO 64%

    M325 MINI COLOUR COLLECTIONDynamic and distinctively different, Logitechs M325Colour Collection offers 3 unique designs bought togetherwith a massive discount.

    The Wireless M325 mouse offers a mix of precision andcomfort with designed-for-Web scrolling and a feel-good,contoured design. The unifying nano-receiver also allowsusers to easily add a compatible wireless device withoutthe hassle of multiple USB receivers.

    The comfy, contoured shape and soft rubber grips deliversone of the best-selling shapes in the world and with up to18-month battery life its hassle free.

    Bundle contents M325 Floral Foray, M325 Ink Gears &M325 White Paisley Bundle trade price 29.21

    SAVE UP TO 48%

    PAISLEY KEYBOARD + FREE HEADSETMake massive margins with a big discount and acompletely free H250 headset when you buy the K360white paisley keyboard.

    This stylish keyboard is conveniently compact thanks to itsspace-saving design, has a three-year battery life,Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless, a Logitech Unifyingreceiver and instant access to the things users do most.

    Now with the Logitech Stereo Headset H250 users canchat and listen in comfort, enjoy clear calls and rich stereosound from this all-purpose headset with an adjustablepadded headband and in-line audio controls.

    Bundle contents K360 White Paisley Keyboard & H250Headset Bundle trade price 9.74

    THE PAISLEY SAVER COLLECTION Not only are there big discounts on all 3 stylish paisleylines you will also receive a free H250 Headset forfantastic margin opportunities.

    The M325 is a precise wireless mouse with a comfy,contoured shape. The K360 wireless space savingkeyboard has six hot keys, twelve programmable F-keysand whisper-quiet, framed keys.

    The C270 HD webcam delivers 720p video, a mic with noise reduction, automatic light correction and 3-megapixel snapshots. And nally the H250 Headset letsusers can chat and listen in clarity and comfort.

    Bundle contents K360 White Paisley Keyboard, C270White Paisley Webcam, M325 White Paisley Mouse &H250 Headset Bundle trade price 26.26


    WIN 500 WORTH OF GEM CREDIT Spend over 250 on any of the featured products for a chance to win 500 worth of Gem credit


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    Norton remembers all your customers passwords, so they dont have to

    TEL 01279 822822 FAX 01279 412604 WEB WWW.GEM.CO.UKTO BUY

    Like you, your customers have passwords for many of the sites theyvisit on a daily basis; social media, email and online banking toname a few.

    For many, remembering all these passwords becomes a bit of aheadache as each site imposes different rules when it comes topassword creation.

    In order to keep private information safe we should change ourpasswords at least once a month and never chose words or numbersthat are easy to remember like a pets name or a date of birth.

    Even with easy to remember passwords, many of your customerscurrently have to resort to writing them down, or even storing themin a le on their PC. Wouldnt it be great if someone else couldremember all these passwords?

    Norton Internet Security includes an Identity Safe function thatdoes exactly that, it remembers, secures and automatically entersusernames and passwords making logging into favourite siteseasier, faster and more secure for your customers.

    Selling Norton is easy! As a partner and via the Norton PartnerPortal, you can access fantastic channel promotions and offers, freeNFRs and sales tools such as Norton Social, an amazing source offree Norton content. Register today at www.nortonportal.comand follow Symantec on @Norton_UK

    Think you know Nortonthink again!

  • Consumer Edition Webcode 11-TELYHDPEU-01-01 SRP 249.99 inc.vatBusiness Edition Webcode 12-TELYHDBEU-01-01 SRP 499.99 excl.vat

  • 21

    HDTV Video Calls made easyIntroducing telyHD and telyHD Business Edition

    Picture This.

    TEL 01279 822822 FAX 01279 412604 WEB WWW.GEM.CO.UKTO BUY

    Take full advantage of a high denition television with telyHD. This powerful new deviceconnects to a HD television via its HMDI port, allowing Skype video calls to be madewithout the need for a computer. There is no software to install, and the simple set-upmeans customers can get video calls going in minutes. Packing some impressive innards, ithas plenty of computing power with a high performance GPU from Nvidia , a Dual-coreA9 CPU and 512MB of RAM. The Android based operating system provides a stableplatform for the device with strong support from the development community.

    telyHD is available in two editions: Consumer and Business. The Consumer Edition isintended for customers to use in the home for video calls between friends and family (2 party video calls). The Business Edition features everything available in the ConsumerEdition but also extends its services by offering 6 party video calling, PC desktop sharingand collaboration as well as superior video quality.

    Key features:

    All-in-one unit, no computer required, no software to install Designed for the living room: HD camera with wide angle lens and microphone array Affordable with no monthly fees Connect with other Skype users on any Skype enabled device (tablet, phone,

    computer, etc) Share photos from SD card or USB memory stick Send and receive Video Mail Works with any TV with an HDMI port Powerful state-of-the-art platform leveraging Android for continued delivery of

    exciting, new applications

    Business EditionMulti-party video callingKey features: Connect up to six locations simultaneously in a multi-party video call Real-time, high quality video and audio and document sharing including

    Windows App Any Skype user on any device can be a participant on the call Browse the web in the conference room or home ofce TVBuilt-in Wi-Fi with WEP and WPA, WPA2 support

    Webcode 12-TELYHDBEU-01-01 SRP 499.99 excl.vat

    Picture This.

  • 23

    Powerful sound meets contemporary style

    TEL 01279 822822 FAX 01279 412604 WEB WWW.GEM.CO.UKTO BUY

    Introducing two new speakers from new partner OTONE Audio

    The Sonora AV Lance is a powerful sound system comprising a 42 HDsoundbar with a wireless Subwoofer. Featuring four 3" mid-range drivers,twin " tweeters, and 6 subwoofer, its elegantly balanced throughoutthe ranges to provide exquisite clarity with clean and rich mids anddynamic low-end bass.

    Pumping out a hefty 120W RMS, its devastatingly loud while remainingfree from distortion. The power and volume as well as subwoofer levelscan be controlled by the wireless IR remote control. At the press of abutton customers can enhance the experience by switching to a panoramicsimulated surround sound.

    The dual-purpose stands can be rotated to create wall mount brackets,allowing exibility in the home set up. If customers are looking for a truehome cinema effect, intense gaming or immersive music, the AV-Lancesoundbar brings the experience to life.

    Webcode 11030101 SRP 249.99

    OTONE Sonora AV-Lance>>


    Otones Soundship Micro provides a premium-specd portable dockingstation specically designed for Android devices. Pressing the top of theSoundship Micro will cause the panel to pop open and reveal anintegrated micro USB dock connector.

    Once the base is open it will also display a retractable USB cable used torecharge the battery and a stereo jack connector for an AUX line inallowing most devices to be connected to the speaker.

    Bluetooth functionality also provides wireless connectivity to theSoundship Micro, adding even more exibility on how customers connect their device, allowing them to stream their music from anywherein the room.

    Webcode 11040101 SRP 99.99

    OTONE Soundship Micro>>




  • 25TEL 01279 822822 FAX 01279 412604 WEB WWW.GEM.CO.UKTO BUY

    Introducing the H-SeriesNew tournament grade gaming headsets from SteelSeries

    The 5Hv3 is one of the most talked-about headsets on the tournament circuit withits award-winning, gaming audio performance and portability.

    Building on the historic SteelSeries audio tradition, the newest generation ofcustom-engineered audio drivers accomplishes a clear and detailed sound without distortion.

    Its features include a retractable microphone system, extra-padded and soft all-leather design, a double braided cable with an integrated volume controllerand swappable cable system so that the headset can be used with a PC, Mac,phone or tablet.

    Especially popular at LAN-events and internet cafs around the world, it has theability to be dismantled into 3 pieces for easy carrying and transportation, makingit the one of the most sort-after headsets for many gamers around the world.

    Webcode 61031 SRP 69.59

    Steelseries 5Hv3

    The 3Hv2 is an entry level headset designed for both rst time gamers who areseeking the SteelSeries audio experience and gamers wanting quality withouthaving to make a large investment.

    Encompassing the four components that set SteelSeries audio above the rest, itdelivers fantastic performance, convenience, durability and comfort.

    It comes in a compact, foldable design making it ideal for storage or travel and anadapter which allows for use with PC, Mac, tablets and phones.

    Unlike other headsets in this price category, the durable 3Hv2 brings together itspowerful, next generation audio drivers, extra-padded leather cushions, aretractable microphone system and in-line audio controls on the soft-rubber cablein a compact and portable headset.

    Webcode 61023 SRP 34.79

    Steelseries 3Hv2

    Delivering a professional tournament-grade audio experience, incredible digitalfeatures, and best-in-class comfort, the 9H is the most competitive gamingheadset SteelSeries has ever produced.

    Equipped with an advanced USB soundcard, it provides users with two Dolbytechnologies allowing up to 7.1 channels of realistic multi-channel surroundsound, and SteelSeries Engine support for unlimited audio proles, a 10-bandequalizer and a state-of-the-art noise cancellation microphone.

    A double enclosure design, typically only found in high-end audio studios and DJ headphones, creates a level of noise isolation unlike any other headset in gaming.

    Its audio drivers deliver a balanced dynamic range and also benet fromadvanced components like high grade Mylar lm to further perfect the sound,giving the best possible tournament-grade gaming experience.

    Webcode 61100 SRP TBC Coming winter 2013

    SteelSeries 9H




  • 26

    The next generation of gaming is finally upon us - Microsoft has confirmed thatit is to launch the long-awaited Xbox One in November this year.Priced at 429, the next generation console is billed as "the ultimate all-in-oneentertainment system built for the 21st century living room," and customers can pre-order it from Gem today.

    Xbox One will truly be a powerhouse of entertainment, and is designed to usher in awhole new era of games, along with access to the very best music, live TV, movies,sports, apps and Skype.

    So what's in the box? Each Xbox One system features a 500GB hard drive, Blu-rayplayer, built-in Wi-Fi, the new Kinect, a HDM cable, a redesigned Wireless Controllerand a free 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold to get new members up-and-running.

    Don Mattrick, president, nteractive Entertainment Business at Microsoft commented:

    Our unique, modern architecture brings simplicity to the living roomand, for the first time ever, the ability to instantly switch across your gamesand entertainment.

    Xbox One games will "push the boundaries of realism", and the fully personalisedsystem obeys your voice commands via the power of Kinect. Say Xbox On tolaunch the home screen, discover what is popular on TV or see friends latest gaming achievements all using the most natural interface - your voice.

    The more you use Xbox One, the more it gets to know you and learns what you like,and breakthrough features put it right at the heart of the living room. Users will beable to link their set top box with Xbox One and navigate and control live TV.

    The innovative new Snap feature lets users do two things at once - jump into a multiplayer battle while watching a movie, talk with friends onSkype while watching a movie, or track your fantasy team on TV while watching thebig game.

    The next generation of entertainment starts here!

  • 27TEL 01279 822822 FAX 01279 412604 WEB WWW.GEM.CO.UKTO BUY

    Forza Motorsports 5

    Pre-order bonuses for launch titlesGamers will receive special bonus content if they reserve the following exclusive Xbox One launch title - while supplies last.

    Ryse: Son of Rome - Exclusive multiplayer map and sword with bonus attributes

    Forza Motorsport 5 - Access to four cars tuned to the top of their class Kinect Sports Rivals - Exclusive sporting equipment that separates your

    Champion from the rest of the world Dead Rising 3 - Exclusive Frank West and Chuck Greene Tribute Packs with

    bonus attributes. this exciting new system from Microsoft

    Elsewhere, the Trending lets users stay on top of the hottest content in the Xboxcommunity, while the tailored OneGuide makes finding your favourite entertainment easy.

    But games remain right at the heart of the Xbox One experience, and Microsoft hasa stellar line-up of titles coming to the platform during the launch phase and beyond.

    With its eight core processors powering the console, gaming on Xbox One "will immerse gamers in cinematic worlds that look like real life, with characters that feel more human than ever before."

    The games unveiled so far look nothing short of stunning, including Turn 10's incredible racing title, Forza Motorsport 5, Rare's Kinect Sports Rivals, Remedy'sinnovative interactive action drama Quantum Break, Crytek's brutal hackandslash Ryse: Son Of Rome, as well as the turn of 90s beat 'em up classicKiller nstinct.

    XBOX ONE | NEED TO KNOW Launching November 2013 Priced 429 Bundled with new version of Kinect ncludes redesigned wireless controller HDM cable 500GB hard disk storage Blu-Ray player Built-in Wi-Fi

    Xbox One Wireless Controller

    All-new accessories to fuel the new generation of gaming launching alongside XboxOne this November, a new line-up of best-in-class accessories will make new-generation gaming experiences more immersive, precise and accessible.

    All new accessories for Xbox One

    The Xbox controller is refreshed with more than 40 technical and design innovations. Updated directionalpad, thumb sticks and contours deliver greater precision and control, while new vibrating impulsetriggers offer precise fingertip feedback, bringing anunprecedented level of gameplay immersion. TheXbox One Wireless Controller is designed to work inconcert with the new Kinect, allowing the two to be paired automatically to create seamless player syncing.

    Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

    This kit includes a lithium ion rechargeable batterypack that fits inside the Wireless Controller as well as acharging cable that connects from the Controller tothe console. Gamers can play on and on without having to buy a single disposable battery. The newPlay & Charge Kit charges twice as fast as its Xbox 360counterpart and charges during gameplay or whenthe console is in standby mode. Pick up a Xbox One Wireless Controller and Play &Charge Kit in one convenient bundle.

    Xbox One Chat Headset

    A must-have for fans of online gaming, the new XboxOne Chat Headset, wired to the controller, is designedfor long gaming sessions and clear voice chat. With alightweight and comfortable new design, the monochat headset features wideband digital audio and aunidirectional microphone. Gamers will love not having to take their hands off the controller to accessthe microphone mute and volume controls.

    Ryse: Son of Rome

  • 28

    In the olden days, Sensible Soccer allowed a much more experimental approachto play, based on the principle that the ballwas a genuinely independent and realisticphysical object, beholden to the laws ofmomentum. If PES 2014 catches that feelagain in a 3D environment, it could begenuinely revolutionary


    The game feels fresh, more fluid and realistic thanbefore, yet it still retains that PES magic. It may not be next-gen, [but] PES 2014 could well bea true return to form for the series


  • TEL 01279 822822 FAX 01279 412604 WEB WWW.GEM.CO.UKTO BUY

    KONAMI | XBOX 360 & PS3 - 49.99 | PC - 29.99 | PSP - 19.99 | SEPTEMBER 2013

    The mighty PES is back for another season of top class footy action!Completely rebuilt from the ground up, PES Productions has gone all out torework every element of the game. The aim? To create "a fresh and energeticnew standard for football titles."

    As well as boasting enhanced graphics and seamless animation, the latestversion pledges to "redene the way football is played on a home system."

    Publisher Konami says that limitations imposed by dated animation systems andAI elements are "a thing of the past." PES 2014's new tech "perfectly mimics theskill and awareness" of the world's top pros, and will be fully evident to gamers.

    The Japanese company has put forward core elements that mark out PES 2014 asthe new benchmark in football simulations.

    The rst is its new TrueBall Tech, which radically enhances how playersreceive, control and subsequently pass the ball, adding a new level ofauthenticity and freedom to the simulation.

    Next up is the Motion Animation Stability System, or M.A.S.S., which isessentially conjures bespoke animations on-the-y to present more convincingplayer movements. Rather than use preset animations like before, PES 2014'splayers will react to bodily contact in a believable fashion.

    The third core element is called Heart, and focuses on mental aspects of thegame, such as the galvanising effects of team spirit, or crowd support.

    PES ID, meanwhile, allows gamers to recognise the best real-life pros throughfaithfully recreated running and play styles. This year, PES 2014 will greatlyincrease the number of stars featured, with more than 100 this time around.

    The team has also consulted with Core PES and football fans to ensure the gamehas everything they could wish for, from the way the weave of a strip looks, tofacial movements, faithful stadia, and more convincing crowds.

    An improved lighting system also adds a more natural look to the proceedings,while tactical decisions are now made on-the-y to enhance the game's overall ow.

    Elsewhere, set pieces have been "radically changed". Free kick control has beenexpanded to allow players to employ sneaky decoy runs and short passes to helpkeep the opposition guessing.

    But to make it more exible to defend, players have more keeper control, whilethe wall will now react more instinctively to block the ball.

    The all-important penalty system has also been changed, with a target guidesystem that varies according to the kickers ability and where they intend toplace the ball. Keepers, meanwhile, will now be able to move ahead of the kick,to get the edge and thwart less condent kickers.

    With this vast array of changes and improvements to the legendary Pro EvolutionSoccer formula, football fans have never had it so good. PES 2014 looks set to beanother winner for Konami.

    Call your Gem account manager now!

    3REASONS TO STOCK Comprehensive campaign Intuitive TrueBall control tech New animation system

    heightens realism


    PES 2014 is shaping up to be the greatestyet. I can't stress enoughthat you need toapproach PES 2014 as a

    whole new experience. The rewards will be very, very


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    Its been 9 years since the release of the last Pikmin title on the GameCube but thefranchise is still recognised as one of Nintendos most unique and stimulating IPs.

    The Pikmins 3 story follows a party of 3 extra-terrestrial travellers, who are on a desperatemission to save their worlds from starvation. Crash landing on the Pikmin planet, the groupfinds the world has an abundance of fruit but it is much larger than expected.

    After meeting the native Pikmin they soon find a solution, commanding these tiny plant-likecreatures is the perfect way to harvest the fruit and return the seeds to their home world.Encountering a range of Pikmin types including new Rock Pikmin and Winged Pikmin, theplayer must decide how best to divide their Pikmin teams and assign them the mostappropriate tasks while exploring the rich and diverse world.

    The player can use the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk, Wii U Pro Controller or the Wii UGamePad, to aim the Pikmin with total precision, flinging them to latch onto enemyweakspots or pass over gaps.

    Whichever control option is chosen, players can oversee the action on the GamePad andquickly switch between areas by sliding their finger on the touch screen, allowing them tokeep track of Pikmin teams with ease, in this unique blend of action and strategy.

    Pikmin 3

    NINTENDO | NINTENDO Wii U - TBC | 26th JULY 2013

    New Super Luigi U offers fans of New Super Mario Bros U a completely refreshed versionof the 2D platformer, with all 82 courses replaced with brand new challenging levels just for Luigi.

    Except for Marios presence, the story follows the exact same beginning as the original NewSuper Mario Bros. U, Bowser and his minions storm Peach's castle and imprison theprincess and expels everyone else to the edge of the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Carrying much more momentum than his heroic brother, Luigi jumps higher and slidesfurther, which means managing him requires an altered approach.

    These differences provide a totally unique style of play from the original New Super MarioBros U, which are immediately apparent as players try and guide Luigi through the courses.With just 100 seconds to complete each level and a density of foes, this is no easy feat.Once the player has defeated Bowser, Mario's movement characteristics are unlocked.

    In addition to Luigi and the Yellow and Blue Toads, a fourth character will be available forthe multiplayer mode, the power-up thieving Nabbit from the original game. Immune toenemy damage but still needing to look out for those long drops, Nabbit is well-suited forthe less experienced player that wants to join in the fun.

    New Super Luigi U

    NINTENDO | NINTENDO Wii U - TBC | 26th JULY 2013

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    Fourteenth in series, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a massively multiplayer onlinerole-playing game, the biggest the franchise has ever seen.

    In the realm of Eorzea, gamers from all across the world will be able to play together in an immersive online world across multiple platforms. Forge friendships, board an airship,mount chocobos and journey on epic quests alone or enlist the help of others.

    Players can create characters with extensive customisation options allowing them to alteralmost every aspect of their avatar. A great cinematic battle teaser will show off theircharacter's endgame armour, demonstrating a glimpse of what hard work will result in.

    Quests earn experience points, useful items or money and questing itself is extremelystraightforward and familiar. But one of the more unique aspects of A Realm Reborn is theability to play any job or class on a single character. Once a quest is completed at level 10, a new weapon for the required class will switch their character type.

    From the casual to the hardcore player, A Realm Reborn is designed to be far moreapproachable to all gamers.

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    SQUARE ENIX | PS3 - 29.99 | PC - 19.99 | 27th AUGUST 2013

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX is a collection of Kingdom Hearts titles together incelebration of the series tenth anniversary.

    Players can now relive the origins of the celebrated franchise with their favourite Disneyand Final Fantasy stars. Explore new and familiar worlds featuring over 100 Disneycharacters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Aladdin, Pinocchio, and Final Fantasycharacters like: Cloud Strife, Sephiroth Squall Leonhart, Tidus and Moogles.

    The collection includes Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Rechain of Memoriesand the cinematic portions of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

    Re-mastered in stunning high definition Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts:Rechain of Memories have had their environmental textures overhauled as well asimprovements to their character models and facial animations, allowing the original storiesto be retold with more expression and emotion. The cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2Days have also been up-scaled in full HD for viewing within the compilations theater mode.

    The list of improvements continues with Playstation 3 Trophy support, new weapons anditems, additional boss battles, improved camera and game controls and user display layoutswhich provide more exhilarating gameplay and a seamless experience between the 3 titles.

    Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX

    SQUARE ENIX | PS3 - 29.99 | COLLECTORS EDITION - 34.99 | 13th SEPTEMBER 2013TM


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    Xbox Live gives customers full access to the very best in entertainmentavailable on the Xbox 360. Customers can play games and chat withfriends over the Xbox Live network and access the Xbox Live Store toview a massive digital catalogue of games,TV shows, movies and music.

    Xbox Games store lets customers get fresh and exciting downloadable content for existing games, demos to try before they buy or download fullXbox 360 games right to the console.

    All this content can be found on the Xbox Games Store but its not just gam-ing theres much more on offer.

    With Xbox Video customers select from top blockbuster movies, TV shows

    and the latest sporting action and its all available to instantly watch. Discover millions of songs and music videos with Xbox Music and streamand download them onto a smartphone, tablet, PC, TV or Xbox 360.Xbox SmartGlass lets mobile phones; tablets and PCs elevate the entertainment experience by enhancing TV shows, movies, music, sportsand games with additional controls and content like behind-the scenescommentary, Xbox dashboard navigation and real-time game strategy.

    As well as the content available on Xbox Live Store, the Xbox 360 also delivers popular streaming services like Sky player, Now TV and Netflix, andApps and online services like Facebook, Twitter, Zune and

    For more information about all the Xbox Live products available throughGem, contact your account manager today.

    Get two bonus games a month with Xbox Live Gold

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    Available in 800, 2100 and 4200 points cards,and for a limited time 1200 and 2000, Xbox Livepoints allows customers to purchase anythingfrom downloadable content, arcade titles andclassic Xbox originals and movies over the Xbox Live Store straight to their console.

    Xbox Live Microsoft points

    Xbox Live Gold membership customers can takeadvantage of exclusive Gold-only discounts,download selected arcade titles for free, chatwith friends and play multiplayer titles over theXbox Live network and also unlockMyAchievements to get rewards based on their Gamerscore. Available in 12 and 3 month memberships.

    Xbox Live Gold membership

    Xbox 360 Controllers let customers get togetherwith up to three friends to enjoy multiplayertitles, also featuring an integrated headset port itprovides quick connectivity for voice chatting onXbox Live so they can chat while playing theirfavourite games. Xbox 360 Media Remotes letcustomers control the Dashboard, DVD and CDplayback with ease.

    Xbox Live Accessories

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