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  • The Frick Collectionannual report july 2013 june 2014

  • The Frick Collection annual report july 2013 june 2014


    2 BoardofTrustees


    3 MargotBogert,Chairman,andIanWardropper,Director5 XavierF.Salomon,PeterJaySharpChiefCurator8 StephenJ.Bury,AndrewW.MellonChiefLibrarian


    11 MuseumAcquisitionsandNotableLibraryAcquisitions

    public programming

    12 ExhibitionsandLectures13 FreePublicEveningsandSymposia14 PublicationsandConcerts

    financial statements

    15 StatementofFinancialPosition16 StatementofActivities

    donor support and membership

    17 GiftsandGrants21 DirectorsCircle22 AnnualFund23 FellowsandFriends29 RembrandtFellowsandYoungFellows32 ExhibitionSupport33 CorporateMembersandSponsors34 HenryClayFrickAssociates


    35 TheFrickCollection38 FrickArtReferenceLibrary

    coverJohannes Vermeer (16321675), Girl with a Pearl Earring, c. 1665, oil on canvas, Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, The Hague

  • AnnualReport July2013 June2014 2


    As of June 30, 2014

    MargotBogert,ChairmanAsoO.Tavitian,Vice ChairmanFranklinW.Hobbs,TreasurerMichaelJ.Horvitz,Secretary







    President EmeritaHelenClayChace

    Trustees EmeritiJohnP.Birkelund




  • AnnualReport July2013 June2014 3

    T he past twelve months have beenan exciting period for The FrickCollection.Wehostedanexhibitionofworksfrom the Mauritshuis in The Hague, whichwas, by every measure, the most popularand successful in our history; we welcomedXavierF.SalomonasournewPeterJaySharpChief Curator; and, in June, we announcedplans toenhanceandexpandtheCollectionand the Frick Art Reference Library. As theFrick continues to evolve and to considerlong-term improvements, our priority is toremain true to the vision of Henry ClayFrickbyofferingexhibitionsandeducationalprograms that inspire our visitors to learnmoreaboutourholdingsandtotakepleasurein thecontemplationof art. Such initiatives,whichareacornerstoneoftheFricksmission,wouldnotbepossiblewithoutthesupportofourmanygenerousfriendsandmembers.

    Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting from the Mauritshuis opened to critical acclaim inOctober 2013. Vermeers iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring and Carel Fabritiuss master-work The Goldfinch were the favorites ofthe exhibition, which was seen during itsthree-monthrunbymorethan235,000visi-tors.Manywhosawtheshowwereinspiredby their experience to become members.Mostnotably,ourstudentmembershipgrewsignificantly, evidence that the exhibitionattracted a young audience as well. By theend of the fiscal year, our membership had


    The Mauritshuis show was by nomeans the only acclaimed special exhibi-tion on view. We presented two wonderfulinstallations primarily of sculpture, David dAngers: Making the Modern Monument andRenaissance and Baroque Bronzes from the Hill Collection.Wealsofeatured,fortheveryfirsttimeintheUnitedStates,ParmigianinosSchiava Turcaa jewel of Renaissance por-traiture in the tradition of the Mona Lisa.This exhibition was accompanied by anextendedcatalogueessaythatshednewlighton the identity of the sitter. You can readmoreaboutallofourspecialexhibitions inthecuratorialreport,beginningonpage5.

    Along with our exhibitions, it is thebeauty of the objects in the Fricks perma-nentcollectionthatinspiresvisitorstoreturnto our galleries again and again. To bettershowcase these objects, this year we intro-ducedafreemobileappthatprovidesinstantaccess to content related to every work inthepermanentcollection.Userscanbrowseforinformationaboutparticularobjectsandsearch the collection by artist, genre, gal-lery location, and audio stop number. Itcan be used by visitors on-site or remotelyby art enthusiasts around the world, mak-ing our expansive resources available tousers as never before. The appdevel-oped in conjunction with students of theStevens InstituteofTechnologyand funded

    by Sandeep Mathrani in honor of AyeshaBulchandani-Mathranidemonstrates oneof the many ways the institution is usingtechnology to enhance the understandingandappreciationofourholdings.

    The Frick Art Reference Library contin-uestobreaknewgroundinareasofdigitiza-tion, research initiatives, online archiving,andthroughtheprogramsoftheCenterfortheHistoryofCollecting.Onpage8,youwillfindthereportofStephenBury,AndrewW.MellonChiefLibrarian.

    In January we welcomed Xavier F.Salomon as Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator.Xavierfirstarrivedat themuseumin2004,asanAndrewW.MellonCuratorialFellow.He worked closely with Colin B. Bailey(whom he succeeded as Chief Curator)to organize the 2006 exhibition Veroneses Allegories: Virtue, Love, and Exploration in Renaissance Venice, as well as Masterpieces of European Painting from Dulwich Picture Gallery, in 2010. Following his fellowship,hewasnamedChiefCuratoroftheDulwichPicture Gallery in London, and, begin-ning in 2011, he served as a curator in theDepartment of European Paintings at TheMetropolitanMuseumofArt.Mostrecently,Xavier organized the acclaimed exhibitionVeronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Veniceat the National Gallery in London. We aredelightedthathehasreturnedtotheFricktoleadoursuperbteamofcurators,conserva-tors,andeducators.

    Wealsowelcomedtwonewmemberstoour Board of Trustees: Dr. James S. ReibelandMelindaMartinSullivan.Inadditiontobeing dedicated patrons of this institution,botharedistinguishedcollectors.Dr.Reibel

    Letter from the Chairman and the DirectorMargotBogert&IanWardropper

  • AnnualReport July2013 June2014 4

    hashadanactivecareerinmedicine,healthcare administration, and public policy;Mrs.Sullivanhasahistoryofphilanthropicinvolvement throughout the United States.Wearegratefultothemfortheircontinuedsupport of The Frick Collection and forbringing their expertiseand insights toourgoverningboard.

    The 2013 Autumn Dinner honoredMichelDavid-Weill,ageneroussupporteroftheFricksspecialexhibitionsanditsdecora-tiveartsprogramand the formerchairmanand president of Lazard LLC. The annualblack-tie dinner, held on October 7, 2013,raisednearly$1.2millionforprogramsatthemuseum and the library. With its CelestialBalltheme,theYoungFellowsBallonMarch13, 2014, paid tribute to the special exhibi-tion Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes from

    the Hill Collection. The festive event raisednearly$280,000forthemuseumseducationprogram, which serves more than 20,000people annually, including students frommiddleschoolthroughcollege.

    Asmanyofyouhavesurelynoticed, thenumber and variety of our lectures, semi-nars,courses,andotherofferingshavegrownover thepastdecade,ashave the scopeandfrequency of our special exhibitions. Withthis increase in educational and curatorialactivities,theneedhasarisentocreatespaceto support the programs our members andvisitors most enjoy. In response to theseneeds, the Trustees announced in June anarchitectural master plan that proposes tocreate, among other things, classrooms forour education programs and a state-of-the-art conservation lab to better care for the

    objects in the permanent collection. Theplanwhich includes enhancements to theFrickArtReferenceLibrarywillalsoopenareasofthemansionssecondfloortovisitors,something the public has expressed inter-est in formanyyears.Theproposedproject(detailedinthefall2014issueoftheMembers Magazine)ismodestinscalebutambitiousinwhatitwillprovideforthemuseumtoday,aswellasinthedecadestocome.

    By all accounts, the past year was anexceptional one. We deeply appreciate theloyaltyofourmembers,whomakepossibleall we accomplish. With their support, thesuccessofourmanyinitiativeshassetusona course to realize a Frick that honors thepastbutiswellpoisedforthefuture,onethatensuresitsroleasapreeminentandindeliblepartoftheculturallandscapeofNewYork.

  • AnnualReport July2013 June2014 5

    Report of the Peter Jay Sharp Chief CuratorXavierF.Salomon

    Iam especially honored and pleased towritethis,myfirstletterfortheAnnualReport as Peter Jay Sharp Chief Curator. Iamalsoproudtoreport that theCuratorialDepartment has accomplished a great dealin the past year. Keeping true to the mis-sion of the institution, we have mounteddiverse exhibitions on a variety of subjects,from Dutch Old Master paintings to lateeighteenth-century French sculpture andRenaissance and Baroque bronzes, amongothers. We continue to present exhibitions,programs, and publications that shed newlight on the permanent collection, and ourefforts received noteworthy accolades fromcritics,scholars,colleagues,andvisitors.

    Webeganourfall2013exhibitionprogramwith David dAngers: Making the Modern Monument, on view from September 17through December 8, 2013. Organizedby Emerson Bowyer, Andrew W. MellonCuratorialFellow,theexhibitionwasthefirstontheartistoutsideofhisnativeFranceandbroughttogetherforty-eightworksonpaperand in wax, terracotta, bronze, and plaster,as well as rare nineteenth-century repro-ductions of his work in photographs andengravings. The show was accompanied bya fully illustratedcatalogue,whichincludedthefirstEnglish translationofa short storywritten by dAngers in 1849. The EducationDepartmentpresentedtwointerdisciplinary

    SalonEveningsinspiredbytheexhibition,inwhich participants had the opportunity tostudytheworksthroughthelensesofarchi-tecture,music,andliterature.

    Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting from the MauritshuisdebutedtogreatacclaimonOctober22,2013.Thesh