The Four Books: The Basic Teachings of the Later Confucian ... Four Books: The Basic Teachings of...

download The Four Books: The Basic Teachings of the Later Confucian ... Four Books: The Basic Teachings of the Later Confucian Tradition, 2007, 192 pages, Daniel K. Gardner, 0872208265, 9780872208261,

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Transcript of The Four Books: The Basic Teachings of the Later Confucian ... Four Books: The Basic Teachings of...

  • The Four Books: The Basic Teachings of the Later Confucian Tradition, 2007, 192pages, Daniel K. Gardner, 0872208265, 9780872208261, Hackett Publishing, 2007


    In this engaging volume, Daniel Gardner explains the way in which the Four Books--GreatLearning, Analects, Mencius, and Maintaining Perfect Balance--have been read and understood bythe Chinese since the twelfth century. Selected passages in translation are accompanied byGardner's comments, which incorporate selections from the commentary and interpretation of therenowned Neo-Confucian thinker, Zhu Xi (1130-1200). This study provides an ideal introduction tothe basic texts in the Confucian tradition from the twelfth through the twentieth centuries. Itguides the reader through Zhu Xi's influential interpretation of the Four Books, showing how Zhu,through the genre of commentary, gave new coherence and meaning to these foundational texts.Since the Four Books with Zhu Xi's commentary served as the basic "textbook" for Chineseschooling and the civil service examinations for more than seven hundred years, this bookillustrates as well the nature of the standard Chinese educational curriculum.


    The Essential Mengzi Selected Passages with Traditional Commentary, Mengzi, Bryan W. VanNorden, Mar 13, 2009, History, 200 pages. This abridged edition of Bryan Van Norden's translationof the Mengzi (Mencius) provides the most frequently studied portions of the work along withrelevant passages from the.

    Self-cultivation, Moral Motivation, and Moral Imagination: A Study of Zhu Xi's Virtue Ethics , ChanLee, 2008, Ethics, 198 pages. My thesis demonstrates that Zhu Xi is a kind of ethical naturalist inthe sense that he never imagined moral values or properties as independent of the natural order ofthe.

    The Essential Confucius , Thomas Cleary, Sep 24, 1993, Religion, 192 pages. A deluxe paperbackedition: Thomas Cleary's brilliant translation of the sayings of Confucius presented in the order ofthe 64 classic I Ching hexagrams..

    A Conversation Between Confucius and Dewey on Individual and Community---A Hope for HumanUnity , Hongmei Peng, 2007, , 271 pages. The relationship between 'individual' and 'community',or others, is a focal concern in philosophy both in China and in the Euro-western world.Individualism and collectivism.

    Confucian Ethics A Comparative Study of Self, Autonomy, and Community, Kwong-Loi Shun, DavidB. Wong, Sep 13, 2004, Philosophy, 228 pages. A comparative study of the Confucian and Westernview of the self..

    Sources of East Asian Tradition: Premodern Asia, Volume 1 , William Theodore De Bary, 2008,History, 909 pages. In Sources of East Asian Tradition, Wm. Theodore de Bary offers a selection ofessential readings from his immensely popular anthologies Sources of Chinese Tradition, Sources.

    Confucianism An Introduction, Ronnie Littlejohn, Dec 15, 2010, Philosophy, 231 pages. It isarguably Confucianism, not Communism, which lies at the core of China's deepest sense of self.Although reviled by Chinese intellectuals of the 1950s-1990s, who spoke of.

  • Chinese Philosophy in an Era of Globalization , Robin R. Wang, Apr 12, 2004, Religion, 320 pages.Chinese and Western thinkers consider the Chinese philosophical tradition and Chinese philosophyfor the contemporary global era..

    Zhu Xi's Reading of the Analects Canon, Commentary, and the Classical Tradition, Daniel K.Gardner, 2003, History, 226 pages. The Analects is a compendium of the sayings of Confucius(551--479 b.c.e.), transcribed and passed down by his disciples. How it came to be transformedby Zhu Xi (1130--1200.

    Confucianism A Short Introduction, John H. Berthrong, Evelyn Nagai-Berthrong, Aug 1, 2000,Religion, 209 pages. A beginner's guide to the wisdom of Confucius begins with the life and timesof this influential social philosopher and charts his impact on Chinese life up to the present.

    Lives of Confucius Civilization's Greatest Sage Through the Ages, Michael Nylan, Thomas Wilson,2010, History, 293 pages. Documents the life and influence of the distinguished ancient-worldphilosopher, offering insight into his perspectives on a variety of topics while tracing how his workhas.

    Confucius and Confucianism The Essentials, Lee Dian Rainey, May 10, 2010, Religion, 262 pages."This is an excellent survey of the history of Confucianism, incorporating philosophical issues anddevelopment and the received histories of key figures in the tradition.

    A Chinese Ethics for the New Century The Ch'ien Mu Lectures in History and Culture, and OtherEssays on Science and Confucian Ethics, Donald J. Munro, 2005, Philosophy, 158 pages.Modernism and the Architecture of Private Life offers a bold new assessment of the role of thedomestic sphere in modernist literature, architecture, and design. Elegantly.

    The Book of Mencius and Its Reception in China and Beyond , Junjie Huang, Gregor Paul, HeinerRoetz, 2008, Philosophy, 239 pages. The Mencius, attributed to the philosopher Mengzi (Lat.Mencius, ca. 370-290 BC), the "second Sage" of the Confucian school after its founder, is one ofthe most prominent of.

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