The Foodie Magazine - December 2013

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Transcript of The Foodie Magazine - December 2013

  • INSIDEWilliam Wongso - The Reluctant Master

    Auroz, The Finer ThingsMayas Musings

    Brilliant Home Food BusinessesVindex Tengker, The Family Man

    A Taste of Home

  • P U B L I S H E R S N OT E

    A Foodie Story

    2 | www.

    Welcome to The Foodie Magazine.When I was a kid, I have always been a picky eater. But I have

    always enjoyed my moms home cooked meals. I didnt know if I was a strange kid but my favorite book in our bookshelf was my moms cookbook and my favorite TV show was this classic called Wok with Yan.

    Fast forward to the days that I discovered the finer things. I was able to afford to eat refined cuisines and then such revelations of flavors led me to find a passion for cooking. TV shows like Top Chef and blogs like Smitten Kitchen gave me such a desire to find like-minded people and create this magazine.

    We started with an editorial principle that we want to create something that WE would read ourselves. To represent not just the food and the establishments that it comes from, but the individuals behind them.

    I met a cook in the side of the road in Himachal Pradesh in India in 2003, he was preparing some papadam and curry, I dont remember what I said to him but I remember his parting words, Food can unify the world, the fact that you are willing to eat my food tells me that you are willing to accept me as a person.

    The politicians and great thinkers might not unify the world, but maybe just maybe we could.


    PT. NUSA BINTANG LESTARIJl. Gunawarman no. 16 Kebayoran Baru

    South Jakarta IndonesiaTel: +62 21 722 9502



    Art Director






    Richmond Blando

    Jed V. Doble

    Juke Bachtiar

    Rafael Reyes

    Dennie Benedict

    Himawan Sutanto

    Rian Farisa


    Melanie Tanusetiawan

    Ellyna Tjohnardi

    Daniel Kaurranny

    Boedy Astuti

    Mukti Pelupessy

    Photograph by HIMAWAN SUTANTO

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    A Taste of HomeI would want to believe that my passion for food was ignited

    at home. Growing up, I was well fed. I simply loved my Moms home cooking. We also ate out a lot, my parents would always take us to new restaurants every Sunday after church, and I think that helped me become more adventurous with food. If I am not mistaken, I was wielding chopsticks to eat at Japanese restaurants at the age of 3. Even as I discovered new dishes and honed my palate, Moms home cooking always still hit the spot. For many of us, some of our best food memories were made at home. Hence our choice for our first issues theme. In this issue, we celebrate home cooking, the memories, successes, camaraderie and emotions.

    We not only want you to be inspired by our articles, we also want you to try out the recipes that we share. We encourage you to cook at home, some recipes are harder than others, but we are sure, given some motivation, friends and family would gladly volunteer to be your guinea pigs. In the end, it is still free food, right? So give it a shot!

    And as Christmas approaches, we would be remiss if we do not share with you some of our favorites to brighten up your celebrations as food and drink are always an integral part of any festivity.

    We hope your Holidays are bright and full of fun! Dont forget that as we gather together, the meals we partake of serve as colorful backdrop for rekindling friendships, merry-making with loved ones and creating new memories.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Eating!

    JED V. DOBLEEditor at Large

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    CO N T R I B U TO R S

    HIMAWAN SUTANTOPhotographer

    Himawan did portraiture for editorial, advertising and design clients for many years and also had a stint doing commercial photography. His love for food and travel brought him naturally to turn his lens on food and lifestyle which he thoroughly enjoys. He has recently been traveling to take photos for a global hotel chain. When not away shooting photos he tries to spend as much time with his son.


    Once a foodie, always a foodie. Rian started his popular food blog in 2009. He has since become a culinary contributor for lifestyle and inflight magazines and newspapers. His job ranges from having intriguing conversations with celebrity chefs to memorizing the French names of Michelin-starred dishes he encounters. But at the end of the day he enjoys his scouring the city for good soul food with his beloved wife.

    AKHMAD BAIHAKI (AKI) Photographer

    Entusiastic and dedicated Aki has been a proffesional photographer for over 10 years now. Originally from Mojokerto, East Java, in his spare time, he loves to travel, watch and play his favorite sports and listen to music.


    Melanie graduated from Melbournes RMIT with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and is well known for her vivid dreamlike imagination. Her love for simple living, food and people is reflected through her lifestyle work. She has also been actively involved in exhibitions and has won various awards.


    Ellyna is knee-deep in a love- hate relationship with food (like most girls are), she started my food blog more than 2 years ago. As an acute sweet tooth, she has no difficulty eating dessert as the main course. Despite being Asian, she believes that she was born with a Westerners palate because of inexplicable affinity for bread, wheat and cheese instead of rice and noodles.


    A professionally trained chef and now a barista cum coffee consultant, food has always been Daniels muse. When he travels, he prefers to visit wet markets and museums and taste the local street food. He is an ardent photographer but admits that he still struggles to get rid of his tremors while holding the camera and taking pictures.



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  • T H I N G S T H AT M A K E YO U G O Y U M

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    @aialahernando @iselaurelia


    @chrstinalee @Elleyamada



    @christianrijanto @catwomanizer




    Things That Make You Go Yum is monthly column featuring our choices of the best food photos on Instagram. If you think you have a great photo worth sharing with us, tag it with #TTMYGY and @TheFoodieMag


  • T H I N G S T H AT M A K E YO U G O Y U M

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    @sj _ knight

    @varatt _ roastbkk







    @raline _ shah @sakura _ sae

    @tridharmawan @talitasetyadi

    This month, we feature breakfast. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we scoured Instagram to find the most beautiful and hearty breakfast photos. Now next time, dont skip your breakfast!

  • F O O DI E L I S T S

    Anew restaurant is often met with scrutiny in the first year. Skeptics wait in doubt and optimists readily claim it as their new favorite restaurants. For me, there are two important factors, enjoyment and the consistency of that enjoyment. In the several times that I have dined there, I have never been disappointed.

    The ambience is homey and the staff is accommodating, knowledgeable and eager to help. The cocktails are generous and not diluted which explains the price I suppose.

    I ordered the Wild Duck the first time I went there, the Bouillabaisse on my second visit, they were very flavorful but in almost every visit Ive had with friends, they have ordered the mussels and ate with such gusto. Which led me to order that dish the last time I visited. I then understood my friends giddiness with this dish.

    The mussels are flown from Brittany, it was silky and creamy and like the Oreo slogan, you cant eat just one. It instantly became part of my I would come back for category.

    01. Le Quartier

    12 | www. LE QUARTIER | Jalan Gunawarman no. 34 - Jakarta | +62 21 7278 | Twitter: @lequartierJKT

  • F O O DI E L I S T S

    and flavorful. Other pork dishes on the menu include a smoked pork chop, meatloaf and cured ham. For the pork lovers out there, this place should be your next dining destination. Their wide selection of s