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Nov-Dec '10 - Christmas Hampers... Hanini Products... and much more...

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  • the foodieIssue No: 6 Nov - Dec 2010

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    the foodie November - December 2010

    Christmas CookingChristmas time is approaching. It will be a time to get together. A time to make good use of your kitchen. A time to show off your culinary skills. We at Arkadia Foodstore will be doing our best to provide you with the essential ingredients you need to impress. Be it specialty meats from our butcher, sophisticated products from our delicatessen, typical produce from our fruit and vegetables section, to a wide selection of seafood from our fishmonger, we should be able to satisfy your shopping list.

    Looking for a tasty gift?Coinciding with the Christmas period, our foodstore will be taking orders for gift hampers. We have a wide selection of hampers to choose from. We have highlighted a few of the most popular ones in this issue. But do not hesitate to enquire with one of our members of staff to see the full range of hampers available for you. This is not withstanding the wide selection of chocolates, panatones, and cakes which we are currently stacking our shelves with.

    Turkey TimeChristmas lunch would never be the same without roasted turkey. Turkey is a common delicacy which many families in Malta and Gozo consider for their Christmas get-together. Both our butcher counters in Portomaso and Gozo stock an ample selection of turkeys in many sizes be it free-range or fresh. Enquire now to secure the best turkey your family deserves.

    Join us for our visit to Magro FoodsFor this issue of the foodie we have teamed up with Magro Brothers to promote their new range of dairy products under the Hanini brand. Magro have happily placed an invitation to all our customers for a free factory tour. This includes a tour of their brand new Farm Fresh facility where Hanini dairy products are produced. The visit will be held on Wednesday, 17 November 2010 in the morning. Please enquire with one of our supervisors, Edric (Portomaso) or Franco (Gozo), to book your place. Places are limited.

    Thank You DorisWe would like thank Doris Azzopardi from Pieta for the feedback she submitted about our Summer BBQ2GO offer. She has won 100 in FREE shopping from Arkadia Foodstore. Doris is a big fan of our foodstore as she also shops at our foodstore in Gozo when visiting over the weekend.

    Suggestions for 2011This is our 6th and last issue for the year 2010. the foodie has been an interesting and challenging experiment for us at Arkadia Foodstore. We are sure that there is plenty of room for improvement to make our publication more useful and handy for our customers. We have quite a few ideas ourselves to make the publication better for 2011. But we still want to know your thoughts on how the foodie can make a bigger difference to you and your cooking. Therefore submit your suggestions by e-mail to Time is ticking. We cant wait to put together our first issue of 2011!

    Produced by:Arkadia Marketing Ltd.Fortunato Mizzi StreetVictoria, GozoT: 2210 3000 | F: 2155 8331E: /

    Where to find us:

    GOZO Arkadia Commercial Centre, Victoria, GozoOpen Daily from Monday to SundayMon-Sat: 8AM-7PM | Sun: 9AM-1PM

    PORTOMASO Church Street, St. JuliansOpen Daily from Monday to SundayMon-Sat: 8AM-9PM | Sun: 9AM-8PM

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    the wine corner

    MERLOT: 10 Fun Facts For FoodiesWhile Merlot has lost some of its luster over the past few years when compared for example to the trendy Syrah, there is much worth knowing about this important grape. Check out our 10 fun facts prepared for you.

    1 It resembles a monthers faceOne interesting but weird thing about Merlot is how to recognize it in vineyards. Its all in the leaf you see. Due to the five overlaping lobes of the leaf, and the rounded hollow at the base of each lobe, the Merlot leaf is said to resemble a monsters face!

    2 My little blackbird The name Merlot is said to derive from the old French word for little blackbird: merle. Many people believe this is probably due to the blue/black color of the grape, but others believe its more likely that this sweet, early ripening grape saw more than its fair share of scavenging blackbirds.

    3 It is a member of the Bordeaux family Merlot is part of the family that includes the many grapes referred to as Bordeaux varieties. In fact, researchers believe that Merlot is the offspring of one (Cabernet Franc) and the sister of both Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenre.

    4 It dates back to 1784 The oldest known mention of Merlot dates from 1784 and was written by a local official in the Bordeaux region. To this day, Merlot continues to be the most widely planted grape in Bordeaux, and one of the most commonly planted wine grapes the world over.

    5 It was involved in a case of mistaken identity Until the early 1990s, the Chilean wine industry mistakenly sold a large quantity of wine made from the Carmenre grape as Merlot.

    6 Merlot is grown from New York to New Zealand In addition to France, Merlot is an important wine grape in Italy (its the fifth most-planted grape!), as well as California, Romania, Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Turkey, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, Croatia, Hungary, Montenegro, Slovenia, and our little Malta.

    7 The French banned it in the 1970s Merlot accounts for more than 50% of the total plantings in Bordeaux, where it is frequently used to add richness and softness to a wine, making it the perfect partner for the more tannic, leaner Cabernet Sauvignon. After enduring many problems through the 1950s (frost) and the 1960s (rot), the French authorities banned the planting of merlot in Bordeaux between 1970 and 1975!

    8 It found fame through the French paradox Merlot rose to fame in the U.S.A. after 60 Minutes aired the famed French paradox report that claimed to prove red wine could be part of a healthy diet. The fact that Merlot produces a soft, fruity wine made it instantly popular.

    9 It comes in white In Switzerland, Merlot accounts for nearly 85% of the wine production in Ticino, where it is often made in a light white Merlot style. After Merlot sales crashed in the some wine regions like North America, several producers began producing a sweeter style of white Merlot, much like the wines sold as White Zinfandel, to take advantage of the un-needed Merlot fruit.

    10 It pops with plum, prune and pepper Merlot wines are generally fairly rich and soft. Classic descriptors for Merlot wines include black cherry, plum, prune, cocoa, coffee, mocha, green pepper, green peppercorn, and dried herbs.

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    Whens the last time you were called Hanini?Hanini Noun; used as a term of endearment or affectionate form of address. A particularly lovable or pleasing person or thing.

    And lovable it is! Magro Brothers have done it again. The new range of Hanini products and not just to be loved, but also, for all Gozitans, to be proud of. The famous Gozo cheeselets have gone a step further.

    This fantastic new line of dairy products being produced in Gozo by Farm Fresh Ltd is now available to the public. For several years, Magro Brothers have researched and developed

    this new exciting range of products. Gbejniet, Ricotta and a cheese spread made from Gbejniet, in a plain and a peppered version, are produced on a semi-commercial scale.

    The ricotta is made the Maltese way, using cow milk rather than whey (the Italian way). All the milk being used for the Hanini range is pasteurized and coming from EU-approved dairy farms.

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    Cassata Siciliana with Fig &Chocolate PancakeRecipe prepared by Karl CassarSous Chef at Basilico, The Waterfront Hotel Gzira

    Serves 4

    Ingredients200g Mixed Candied Peel120g Caster Sugar200g Chocolate chip2 tsp Cinnamon500g Hanini Ricotta250g Green Marzipan1 Ready-made Sponge2 Gelatin Leafs

    1 Pancake (ready-made)3 tbsp Chocolate Spread5 Chopped Dried Figs

    MethodMix the candied peel, Hanini ricotta, sugar, chocolate chip, cinnamon in a bowl mix well. Place the gelatin leaves in water, until they start to dissolve, place them in the ricotta mixture and mix thoroughly. In a ring, place a first layer of sponge, place the ricotta mixture fill up 3cm height and finish off another layer of sponge. Place in fridge for at least 12 hours.

    Roll out the pancake, spread the chocolate and place the chopped figs. Roll out like a Swiss roll, and refrigerate for 2 hours. Take out the ring with ricotta, remove the ring and roll out the marzipan thinly, cut into circles to cover the top of the cassata, slice the pancake into 3 sections.

    Place the cassata on the side of the plate, on the other side place the pancake on top of each other and drizzle odd with some chocolate sauce. Garnish with dried apples, and dried fig shavings.

    It has taken a good 80 years to make a long lost family dream come to life. The original founders of the Magro Brothers Company had set out to go into business by producing evaporated milk. Not being granted the license due to complications, they used the machinery to go into the tomato evaporating business. Two generations later, brothers John and Michael Magro have achieved the original goal of their father, and here is Hanini and the new range of, still to grow, dairy products.

    There is also a new range of delicatessen products, which include a salad of pickled vegetables and a tuna dip, distributed under the Three Hills Brand.

    The direction for Magro Brothers is freshness indeed!

    Did you know ?The Hanini brand name is a historic t