The Food Pyramid

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The Food Pyramid. Grains. Dairy and Protein. Fruits And Veggies. Fats and Oils. Credits. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Question #1How many servings of grain do we need per day?A. 1-2 servings per dayB. 0 servings per dayC. 6-11 servings per day D. 8-9 servings per dayCongratulations! You got them all right! Back to the Main MenuCREDITSIncorrect!Go Back and Try AgainFats and OilsSTART HERE

Nutritional FactsThere are two types of grainsRefined grain which are processed to remove parts of the grainWhole grain which has nothing removed from the grain. Whole grains have more fiber which is good for you!

Question #2How many servings of whole grain do we need per day?A. 6-11 servings per dayB. 3-6 servings per dayC. 1 serving per day D. 12-14 servings per dayIncorrect!Go Back and Try Again