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Transcript of THE FLEXITALLIC GROUP - Masterpac-Asia · PDF fileTHE FLEXITALLIC GROUP ... pressure, ring...

  • Corrosion Management Sealing Systems


    The Flexitallic Group is the international market leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality, high value industrial static sealing solutions. Flexitallic has a global customer service network of owned manufacturing facilities, manufacturing licensees with over 750 distribution partners in 30 countries. This ensures local demand is met quickly, providing a combination of the highest product quality and outstanding customer service.The varied product offering of The Flexitallic Group includes spiral wound gaskets, semi-metallic gaskets, RTJ gaskets, Kammprofiles, sheet gaskets and dynamic and static packings. Drawing upon the groups rich history and present day values of leadership, quality, service and technology, Flexitallic is at the forefront of developing sealing solutions for industries around the world.For information on the complete range of products visit:


    Internal corrosion and damaged flange faces are responsible for a significant proportion of hydrocarbon releases and can have a major impact on operating costs, particularly on ageing assets. The FRG was developed in direct response to the oil and gas industrys requirement for effective closure on damaged flange faces, with additional corrosion inhibiting properties. A full range of FRG products is now available for use in a wide range of extreme applications.


    FRG products have been designed and developed for ease of installation, even in sub-sea and high temperature environments. Creating a new industry standard in the care of flanges and joints, the FRG range reduces the potential for loss of containment due to corrosion or during maintenance activities. The unique sealing materials developed by Flexitallic conform to even damaged flange faces when sealed, reducing the occurrence of further incidents. This innovative range can also be used on new equipment to prolong the longevity of the asset.


    The FRG prevents corrosion in both new AND ageing assets with our superior sealing technology - Sigma, which conforms to the fl ange face, even if already damaged.

    Restructured Sigma PTFE is bonded to the high integrity metal core providing a leak-free seal and blow out resistance. The bright, easily identifi able FRG has a corrosion resistant, fl uoropolymer coated body with integral bolt holes for easy installation and correct location.

    Superior mechanical integrity allows the use of the full range of torque reducing the risk of operator error or failed repair.

    Flanges can easily be inspected and sealed eff ectively enabling fast, accurate assessment on internal corrosion

    Improve production and profi tability and reduce shut-down risk associated with HSE inspection


    A fi re-safe solution for use by engineers dealing with corrosion damaged fl ange faces, in challenging environments, such as hydrocarbon containing systems.

    Using Thermiculite, our high temperature insulating, fi re resistant material, the FRG-FS is certifi ed to API 6FB providing assurance of its integral fi re-safe nature together with the ability to seal damaged fl anges.

    Has been subjected to, and passed, the stringent and essential API 6FB fi re test which involves testing the gasket in its entirety, not just components

    Utilises our exclusive, high temperature material Thermiculite


    We developed the FRG-RJ for applications utilising high pressure, ring type joints. RTJs are used extensively in the oil and gas industry due to the gaskets longevity and high pressure resilience, however, ring joint fl anges are the most common area for leaks, typically due to corrosion.

    The FRG-RJ is suitable for both topside and subsea applications where improved corrosion resistance or prevention is required. As with all our FRGs, it can also be used on fl anges that have been damaged due to corrosion in maintenance activities.

    Stops turbulent media fl ow to prevent erosion, corrosion and fl ange degradation

    Available in Style R Oval, R Octag, RX, SRX


    In response to engineer demand for a Flange Rescue Gasket for sub-sea use, and analysis of the challenges of this environment, we adapted the FRG with additional functionality to promote safe practice in this environment. The incorporation of an additional identifi cation handle allows easy installation for deep sea divers; the patented snap feature can be left on, or if required can be easily removed.

    All the benefi ts of the FRG - anti corrosion, easy installation, sealing for damaged fl ange faces, reduced maintenance, adapted for sub-sea use

    Incident prevention and easy sub-sea installation with integrated, removable handle

  • Fire Safe for corrosive chemical service, especially alkylation applications

    Ease of identifi cation with problematic connections


    Engineers responsible for critical service applications now have access to the unique benefi ts delivered by the Flange Rescue Gasket range with the FRG-HF.

    Developed for applications where highly aggressive chemicals are used, such as Hydrofl uoric Acid in alkylation processes, the FRG-HF provides the ultimate sealing potential in reducing corrosion activity with the ability to seal already corroded fl anges in maintenance operations.

    The FRG-HF combines the low stress sealing of the fully structured modifi ed Sigma along with the fi re safe graphite faced serrated metal core. This gasket was initially developed for usage in onshore fi re safe environment, sealing fl ammable media under pressure, and was further developed for use in alkylation plants.


    In response to demand for eff ective sealing in LNG and cryogenic service applications, we developed the FRG-CS.The metallic core of the FRG-CS is manufactured from aluminium as standard but can be adapted to match the fl ange/connection alloy, ensuring the materials expand and contract at the same rate, delivering a superior sealing solution.The FRG-CS features the unique Sigma core which adapts to the fl ange face, even when already damaged, to provide excellent sealing potential, preventing corrosion.

    Applications include Liquefi ed Natural Gas production facilities

    PTFE ring allows use of FRG-CS in temperatures ranging from 260C to Cryogenic Service

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