The FIVE Biggest Social Media Mistakes

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From the type of content you share to the frequency of your posts, they'll do a deep dive into the things most businesses do wrong when it comes to their social media effort, and give you suggestions to avoid making those mistakes. Plus they'll look at companies doing it the right way and identify the tips and tricks you can use so that your company’s social media presence becomes a shining example of what to do. For questions or details email or call 312.731.3149.

Transcript of The FIVE Biggest Social Media Mistakes

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The FIVE Biggest Social Media MistakesAnd How to Avoid ThemPresented by: Leslie Vickrey, CEO and Founder Michelle Krier, VP Marketing and Digital Services

www.clearedgemarketing.comQ&A on TwitterWe want to hear from you...Send us your questions or comments via Twitter, and well address them during this session as time permits, or afterwardsInclude the following hashtag #SmallBizWeekYour tweet will show up in our conversation, and be open for the public to viewwe look forward to replying to your messages from thereAlso, follow us at: @CrainsChicago@lvickrey@michellekrier@clearedgemktg@ITABuzz

2@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekITA Affinity PartnerClearEdge helps ITA members stand out from the crowd and win new opportunities. Through the following services, we help ITA members improve lead generation, expand brand reach, build name recognition and enhance relationships:

Branding & Messaging Digital/Interactive/Social Media Public Relations CampaignsSales Collateral Event Support


@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekAgendaFive Biggest MistakesHonorable MentionsCase Studies in Social MediaTrunkClubEmPowerHRDiscussionFinal Questions4Thank you to our case study participants!

Trunk Club: Joe Jarvis@TrunkClub

EmPowerHR: Pat Cerone@EmPowerHRpro@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeek5 Biggest MistakesNot knowing your social targetsImplementing a scattered strategySharing without listeningPutting the wrong person in chargeMaking poor content choices

5@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekNot Knowing Your Social TARGETS6?Mistake #1@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekWhos Your Target?Have You Defined Your Social Media Audience by Site?Customers/clients Where are they active online?Key media Where are they active online?Job seekers Where are they active online?Employees Where are they active online?

Conduct Market Research: What You Need to KnowAre your key audiences on social media?Where are they?How do they interact with brands in the social media space?What kind of content do they respond to?

7@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekFollow the POST Methodology8

People. What kind of clients and prospects do you have? Where do they spend time online?

Objectives. What are your goals for using social media? Gain insights? Activate raving fans? Brand awareness?

Strategy. How do you want to change your relationship with your community over time? What do you hope to get out of these relationships?

Technologies. What applications should you use to reach your audience? Source: Forrester Research@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeek9Social Media Demographics: Age

Source: Blog@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeek10Social Media Demographics: Gender

Source: Blog@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekITA Survey ResultsQ: Which social sites does your business use most?


123@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeek Do you know your targets social media habits?12Targeting QuestionsAre you able to analyze the social media activity of your targets?@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekImplementing a Scattered STRATEGY13Mistake #2@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekWhy You Need Social Media StrategyNeed to be able to measure progress, success and ROIWith no plan, there is nothing to measure

Need to allocate RESOURCESWho can contribute?

Need to know whos RESPONSIBLELeadership and accountability are vital to any marketing or technology project

Need to establish SOCIAL MEDIA OBJECTIVES for all business groupsMarketing brandingSales leadsHR candidatesR&D product/service insight

14@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekWhat Your Strategy Must DefineWHY the business is engaging social media?

15WHAT the business wants social media to accomplish?

HOW each of those goals will be achieved.

@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekFacebook is the most important social media lead generation tool for B2C MARKETERS 77% acquired a customer through Facebook60% acquired a customer through company blogs

LinkedIn is the most important social media lead generation tool for B2B MARKETERS 65% acquired a customer through the professional network60% acquired a customer through company blogs 43%Facebook 40% Twitter

Data Source: Hubspot, February 2012 16Conduct Research: Lead Generation Example@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekITA Survey ResultsQ: What is the main reason your business uses social media?


@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekITA Survey ResultsQ: Whats next on your social media agenda?


@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekITA Survey ResultsQ: Does your company have a social media policy?


@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeek Does your company have a social media strategy?20 Social Media Strategy QuestionsDoes your company have a social media policy?What are the biggest challenges in developing social media strategies and policies?@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekSharing without LISTENING21Blahblah..blah. Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blahBlahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah. Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah. Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blahBlahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah. Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Blahblah..blah.Mistake #3@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekSharing without ListeningToo much focus here

Not enough focus here


@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekSharing without ListeningSocial media is about connecting With clients/customersWith prospectsWith mediaWith partnersWith employees

If youre not listening, you are losingFansOpportunities to improve and get ahead of the competitionSuggestions from customers, insights into product/service trendsBusiness leads

2363% of B2B marketers are either vaguely aware or not aware what is being said about their companies online

Source: Penton Marketing Services 2011 B-to-B Marketing Needs Survey@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekWhat to RememberCommunity



The four key benefits of social media for users:


1234Source: Steve Nicholls, Rethink Social for Your Supply Chain," Supply & Demand Chain Executive

@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekCritical Listening TipsCheck regularly for comments and tweetsRespond!Follow the conversationswherever they goCompetitor sitesBlogsIndustry groups and publications25

51% of best-in-class companies use website social sharing tools, compared to 36% of average firms while 49% use keyword-based social media monitoring, compared with 39% of their more average peers. Aberdeen Group 2012 Study: "B2B Social Meeting Marketing: Are We There Yet

Is anyone listening?I have a great ideaI dont like.Very cool.@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekListening Tools26

@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeek Does your business struggle to listen via social media?27Social Listening Questions

Have you gained business insights from customers/clients on social media?

What keeps you from listening?@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekPutting the WRONG Person in Charge28Mistake #4

@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekIs Your Social Media Specialist Right?Questions You Need to AskHow well does he/she know the company and its products/services?How seasoned is he/she on the job and in the industry?How well connected is he/she across your organization and customer/client /partner base?Whats his/her social media background?Whats his/her digital marketing background?Has he/she been trained?What qualifies him/her for the role?

29Remember: Social media is user friendly but not easy!

@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekWhat Knowledge Should a Social Media Champion Have?30

@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeekWhat Traits Should a Social Media Champion Have?Love spending time online Extremely comfortable with social media as a private user and a business user

Excellent communication skillsWriterEditor

Good at making connectionsAble to communicate and engage people of different backgroundsAble to engage audiences and identify what is important to them

31@lvickrey @michellekrier @CrainsChicago @ITABuzz #SmallBizWeek Do you have a social media ma