The Figured World of Dark Souls

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Transcript of The Figured World of Dark Souls

  • The Figured World of Dark Souls

    Basic Conventions and Rules for the Figured World of Dark Souls


    To start, if you don't have souls, you're dead. Not everyone can get souls because they are not strong enough, so they sell things in trade instead. If you die, you will come back to life, but eventually you will go hollow and become insane. You can reverse this process by finding a Bonfire and offering an item known as humanity in order to, unsuprisingly, become human again. It is not permanent, so dying again will start the hollowing process.

    Other conventions include always having a weapon, always respecting the area around a bonfire, and never killing another sane undead. Violating any of these makes you a threat and a menace automatically to anyone else and you will be shunned or looked down upon.

    Everyone is expected to know about the hollowing process as well as what needs to be done to fix, and everyone should know who the enemy is. Most people will take shelter within a covenant or group of people to help them survive.

    Aside from these basic rules and conventions, people don't trust each other and don't get too close. Romance is the farthest thing from what you should be thinking about and will probably get you killed if you make any tries at someone. and...


    Reflection: I lost some footage here, so I make up for it by writing in some of it. I Never knew how much that can throw you off your rhythm. Luckily, it was not a very long or very key video.

    Comment [f1]: Good introduction but it was not clear to my understanding. Who are the actors of this figured world.!Basic-Conventions-and-Rules-for-the-Figured-World-of-Dark-Souls/c1tgx/D24D42F0-E53A-4ACE-B98E-048E5D367986!Basic-Conventions-and-Rules-for-the-Figured-World-of-Dark-Souls/c1tgx/D24D42F0-E53A-4ACE-B98E-048E5D367986

  • In this observation, we meet the Sisters of Chaos and discuss the importance of the First and Second flames. The first flame gave everyone their lord souls and powers as well as brought the Dark Soul into existence. No one knows how the First Flame started, just that it is incredibly fortunate for them. However, as the years go by, the First Flame begins to weaken. The gods attempt to recreate the flame and assign the Witch of Izalith to do it for them, but something goes terribly wrong and the fire consumed her and all her witches, turning them into demons. Essentially, they tried to play God and now the world has demons in it. Shortly thereafter, the entire structure of command in Lord ran collapsed and hollow undead and demons ran about killing any survivors. Three of the witches escaped, however, 2 only half turning demon and a third untouched. Quelana, the only untouched survivor, became the mother of pyromancy and taught her followers how to use it. I would say this is only importance because of two things: one, pyromancy is the manipulation of your soul to create f was...


    Comment [f2]: Who are these sisters of chaos. Please explain their functions and in your figured world.

    Comment [f3]: Please review this sentence, I didnt understand it while reading

    Comment [f4]: The sentence has a little problem. Please review.!Observation-3/c1tgx/5A058A58-8E57-45C0-A087-EB12E2CEDD6A!Observation-3/c1tgx/5A058A58-8E57-45C0-A087-EB12E2CEDD6A!Observation-3/c1tgx/5A058A58-8E57-45C0-A087-EB12E2CEDD6A

  • Interview with KingSeeker Frampt


    -Tell me about your covenant, your standings beliefs and any leaders in your covenant.

    "I serve the Great Lord Gwyn as an advisor and a friend. We believe that the lords and lord souls are humanity's only chance at peace and that we must preserve it at all costs. We are lead by Gwyn himself, but his four head knights also possess some power."

    -Explain to me what (The Abyss) is.!Observation-3/c1tgx/5A058A58-8E57-45C0-A087-EB12E2CEDD6A!Observation-3/c1tgx/5A058A58-8E57-45C0-A087-EB12E2CEDD6A!Interview-with-KingSeeker-Frampt/c1tgx/75DED5C6-ACEE-4E03-A7AF-C6237F656A83!Interview-with-KingSeeker-Frampt/c1tgx/75DED5C6-ACEE-4E03-A7AF-C6237F656A83

  • "The Abyss is an evil place where those who would see Gywn fail lie in wait. The Four Kings of New Londo, who once shared power with the Great Lord Gwyn fell for the lies of the abyss, and now their city lies under a banishment of water and magic, forbidden to see the surface and to keep them from spreading their lies. It expands evermore, and unless we stand against it, it shall consume all in its path."



    Observation 2


    Reflection: Lots of info on some things, but my thoughts are still scattered, may go back and edit this like crazy.

    Continuing from last time, I make my way to the next actor in our figured world. Solaire, warrior of sunlight. Solaire is interesting simply because his mission is to "find his own sun" and become like Gwyn. Essentially, he has delusions of becoming a god in some respect. He states that time is not normal in the land of Lordran, where people come and go from each other's worlds actively. These other people can be summoned with the use of a white soapstone that inscribes your summon sign on the ground. This acts as both a multiplayer component as well as a key artifact for many other undead in Lordran. Instead of always being a stranger, one can got to a friends world and help them there. In addition, worlds can be invaded by dark spirits whose goal is simply to take your souls. The two observations I draw here are that one convention, at least for the way of white, is to help others, but the convention for darkwraiths is to steal as many souls as possible to become powerful and interrupt Gwyn's system.

    Comment [f5]: What does this phrase find his own sun mean.

    Comment [f6]: To be very sincere, I didnt understand what I read even though it was good. I think everything was on your video, but I didnt have all the time to listen to them.!Interview-with-KingSeeker-Frampt/c1tgx/75DED5C6-ACEE-4E03-A7AF-C6237F656A83!Interview-with-KingSeeker-Frampt/c1tgx/75DED5C6-ACEE-4E03-A7AF-C6237F656A83!Observation-2/c1tgx/A56B90AB-CB38-4BBF-ADA2-E0A718EA6523!Observation-2/c1tgx/A56B90AB-CB38-4BBF-ADA2-E0A718EA6523

  • Please watch the next video: crazy....


    Homework Response 4/Observation 1


  • I had a lot of fun doing this bit, but I realized I have to do a bit more organization when it comes to narration. In the two videos I have here, it isn't terrible, but you can tell I have a hard time keeping up with what I am doing in the video. I'll have this remedied for the next set, and hopefully fix any other small details that need tweaking.

    I take just a short few minutes here to examine the information given by the introduction of the game. There is a lot to go on here, and I will do my best to explain it all.!Homework-Response-4Observation-1/c1tgx/AA58203D-02CD-46F1-A3C0-CFD7D95D4DE2!Homework-Response-4Observation-1/c1tgx/AA58203D-02CD-46F1-A3C0-CFD7D95D4DE2

  • First, the world of Lordran, the game world, was initially filled with never-dying dragons. The narrator says that fire then came into existence and with it, life. You can see all the humans crawling towards a huge wall of flames. Within these flames are the souls that make them human. Almost immediately after this, we see knights and witches and undead working to together isn't...


    Homework Assignment 2


    I read an essay about figured worlds and literacy practices whose purpose was to define it in a new and improved way. It definitely helped me draw the line between artifacts, actors, and literacy practices, otherwise, it was very confusing and didn't really add much because we went over much of that in class. Regardless, I have a plan already for what I am going to do, and I know already what I am looking for in my figured world.

    According the very fancy reading, I could summarize the definitions of actors as people who do things in certain communities (figured worlds) according to that communities customs and norms and interact with other actors.

    Artifacts are similar, but are objects or ideas used to symbolize something or be meaningful in some way or use that belong to a discour