The Fifth Republic: The Socialist Era

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The Fifth Republic: The Socialist Era. Georges Pompidou President, 1969-1974. Pompidou presidency: space & speed. Arianespace SA. TGV. Pompidou presidency: modernizing P aris. Centre Pompidou . Les Halles. Pompidou presidency: modernizing Paris. Montparnasse Tower. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Fifth Republic: The Socialist Era

The Fifth Republic: The Socialist Era

The Fifth Republic:The Socialist Era

Georges PompidouPresident, 1969-1974

Pompidou presidency:space & speedArianespace SA


Pompidou presidency:modernizing ParisCentre Pompidou

Les Halles

Pompidou presidency:modernizing ParisMontparnasse Tower

expressway on the right bank of the Seine

Valery Giscard dEstaingPresident, 1974-1981

Francois MitterrandPresident, 1981-1995

Decentralized power workers new rights to bargain collectivelyraised the minimum wageincreased family subsidies and old-age pensionsdeath penalty abolishednew prisons built to alleviate overcrowdingnationalized major banks & large industriesNational Front:Jean-Marie Le Pen & Marine

cohabitationFrancois Mitterand

Jacques Chirac

Mitterrand building legacy

Louvre pyramidI.M. Pei (1989)Mitterrand building legacyGrand Arch of La Defense

Bastille Opera

Jacques ChiracPresident, 1995-2007