The Fab Way - January 2013

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At the start of 2013, Fab’s leaders got together for a series of offsite planning meetings. There, we wrote out The Fab Way. It’s a statement of how we work. It expresses our values.

Transcript of The Fab Way - January 2013

  • The Fab Way January 2013Monday, January 28, 13
  • At the start of 2013, Fabs leaders got together for a series of offsite planning meetings. There, we wrote out The Fab Way. Its a statement of how we work. It expresses our values.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Fab aims to be the worlds number one everyday design retailer. We are focused squarely on winning the global online design market.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Being the best isnt easy. This is supposed to be hard. Its supposed to be challenging.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Because of our big mission we are always striving for more. Its never just good enough. It has to be Fab.Monday, January 28, 13
  • The Fab Way is WOW! We dont just do good, or great, we strive for WOW! in everything we do.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We set big aggressive goals and then we focus on hitting them.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We celebrate our successes. Big time. This is hard work. We make sure to take time to acknowledge when our team goes above and beyond and hits big milestones.Monday, January 28, 13
  • But, we celebrate our challenges more than our successes. We focus more on why we suck than why we are great. Taking on our challenges makes us stronger.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We are never complacent.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We are emotional. Thats a good thing. Its part of our core. Fab has personality. And its key to our connecting with our customers.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We back up our emotions with data.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We make mistakes.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat the same mistake twice.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We hire for talent and fit. You need to have both to make it at Fab.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Fab People. Are. Modern. Colorful. Quirky. Passionate. Smart. Dedicated. Fun.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Fab People Get Shit Done.Monday, January 28, 13
  • To succeed at Fab you have to live Fab. You need to have a solid answer to the question: Why Fab? Why, at this moment in time are you meant to work your butt off for Fab?Monday, January 28, 13
  • No assholes allowed. No one is tolerated just because they are smart or aggressive.Monday, January 28, 13
  • No bullies. No one shouts down another voice or dominates the discussion. We listen.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We challenge each other. Not to be jerks, but to spar and to strengthen our convictions through healthy debate and lively discussion.Monday, January 28, 13
  • We only work with people we like to work with and like to be around.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Culture is created by actions, not by meetings or committees. This is our culture. Live it.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Less meetings. More doing.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Were only as good as the products we sell. Everything we do starts with the merchandise and then ows from there.Monday, January 28, 13
  • But, frankly, selling is the easy part. Great product sells itself. We best just get out of the way and focus on amazing service. Sales go up and down. Service lasts forever.Monday, January 28, 13
  • The Fab Way is making people smile. Everyones got a customer, be it external or internal. Ask yourself, will it make my customer smile? If yes, do it. If not, dont do it.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Our Fab formula combines a big vision, clear direction, challenging leadership, incredibly smart and dedicated people, and the best place in the world to work.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Stay humble.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Make it Fab.Monday, January 28, 13
  • Smile, youre designed to.Monday, January 28, 13