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The Eyeopener — March 20, 2013

Transcript of The Eyeopener — March 20, 2013

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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Wednesday, Mar. 20, 2013



After a storm of controversy surrounding a proposed mens issues group on campus, the RSU has formally rejected its establishment

RSU rejects mens group on campusBy Harlan NemerofskyThree Ryerson students whose proposed mens issues campus group was denied by the Ryerson Students Union (RSU) are still shocked by the decision. Argir Argirov and Sarah Santhosh presented their would-be campus group to a panel of seven RSU members on March 15, but were sent an email denying them group status hours later. On behalf of the Student Groups Committee, I regret to inform you that your group has been not approved. Please direct any questions or concerns to RSU President Rodney Diverlus, the email read. Santhosh replied to Diverlus in a follow-up email as to why they were rejected. Diverlus sent an official response Tuesday, outlining some of the reasons the group was not ratified, which he said include a lack of compliance with RSU policies. Diverlus said committee members raised concerns about the groups association, and whether or not they were directly or indirectly associated with the groups A Voice For Men or Canadian Association For Equality. These are groups that are, in some jurisdictions, considered to be a hate group, become known to have profiled women on campuses who speak against them, and they are tied to individuals who not only go out of their way to negate the struggles of women but can also create some problematic discourse on language around the idea of womens rights, said Diverlus. They said that our group could be a Trojan horse in a way that those groups could use our group as a way of getting into the campus and spreading their message of hate, said Argirov, a third-year industrial engineering student. The group, which also included Anjano Rao, says that they had made it very clear that they were not going to threaten any existing womens groups on campus. Weve already emphasized countless times that we are not a mens rights group, were not trying to advocate mens right over womens rights and were not trying to somehow disqualify womens rights, said Santhosh, a secondyear biology student. Instead, they say that they want to stand up for mens health, violence amongst men, education amongst boys, reproductive rights of males, custody battles and other issues. The groups six-page constitution

Left: Anjano Rao, Argir Argirov and Sarah Santhosh, the students who proposed a new mens group. said its goal was to create a progressive and constructive voice and lend representation to any and all Ryerson students concerned with the issues of men and boys. In this proposed group, executive meetings would have been held once every two months, with no fewer than four meetings each year, outlines the constitution. Here at Ryerson, there is a womens centre, but there is no mens centre where guys can talk about their own issues, said Rao, a second-year economics student. Half of the student body doesnt have [as many] student services as the other half. Diverlus compared their group to a straight peoples group and an able-bodied group. He said that there are transgendered centres because transgendered people are being marginalized. We know that oppression and the marginalization of men is something that doesnt exist just like the oppression and marginalization of straight people or white folks in our society, said Diverlus. Santhosh is not sure that this is the case. What they have in mind when they say women are the minority, they


think of positions in power in government and corporations where men usually hold the higher positions. But they dont take into account that... only a very small percentage of [men] are in power, said Santhosh. The group planned to host panel discussions addressing womens rights, gay rights, feminist groups, and race issues. We have no goal to increase mens rights, we just want to have a space to discuss mens issues, said Argirov. Still the group says they will continue to push hard in getting a mens rights group created on campus soon.

There has been little progress on a motion for grad students to leave the RSU

Grad committee secession delayedBy Angela HennessyDespite several requests from the graduate executive committee to the Ryerson Students Union (RSU) to hold a referendum for separation from the union, no decision to move forward will be made until next month. It is insane how much power the RSU has over graduate students, which are a totally separate student body with much different needs, said Ebrahim Poulad, chairperson for the graduate executive committee. The RSU are proving they are not willing to do their job, which right now is to hold a referendum. We want democracy. The graduate committee first put forward the motion for secession in February 2012, but in order for the motion to move towards a referendum, it must be addressed at a board meeting, which so far has not occurred. Though the motion appeared on the agenda of the last meeting, a loss of quorum prevented discussion on the issue. Currently there are roughly 2,500 graduate students to almost 28,000 undergraduate students in the RSU. The complaint from the graduate committee is that graduate students are overlooked because they are so drastically outnumbered. The RSU are using that power in favour of themselves, and this is not fair, Poulad said. The RSU lobbies for the interests of undergraduates and doesnt understand what graduate students needs are, such as, easy access to travel grants. Poulad added that undergraduate students should not have voting power over graduate student issues. I think we need to be separated from the RSU because it would be much better for our student economy, said Faisal Siddiqui, a graduate student who signed the petition for a referendum. The RSU does not treat us fairly at all and our needs are not being met. Separation would mean grad students will no longer have access to RSU services such as the discount TTC metro pass, health and dental plan, funding for grad-specific initiatives, staff resources, or RSU events and programming, said Rodney Diverlus, president of the RSU. I want the discourse to shift to be talking about if the average grad student on this campus is seeing a disconnect between services, Diverlus said. [And] how to make sure that grad students can actually take benefit of their membership within the students union, as opposed to playing into what I will honestly, bluntly say is a personal issue with some of the at-large executives. But Poulad thinks the RSU is delaying the process of approving a referendum. According to Article 7 of the RSU bylaws, if any association of the RSU wants to have a referendum, they must first get a petition signed by 10 per cent of the voters. We have already collected 350 signatures from students saying they want a referendum, which is over the required amount, Poulad said. A split could mean the RSU will lose some of its funding, and not all graduate students want to separate. I think it is undeniably important to have the support and involvement of undergraduate students who can ensure that campaigns are continued year to year, said graduate student, Laine Newman. The next step for the grad committee is going to be decided at a council meeting scheduled for March 25.


Ebrahim Poulad, the graduate commitee chairperson, has lobbied the RSU to get moving on a referendum for grad students to become independent of the union.



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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