The Eyeopener — March 19, 2014

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The Eyeopener — March 19, 2014

Transcript of The Eyeopener — March 19, 2014

  • Volume 47 - Issue 21March 19, 2014

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    I just want to go home

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    New RSU prez denies U of T campaign allegation P3

    What to know and where to go when youre looking for a place to live P6

  • 2 Wednesday March 19, 2014


    Wednesday, May 24, 2012

    Recognizing the outstanding achievements of an individual in an administrative role, who advanced the mission of Ryerson University through outstanding dedication and excellence in providing services, participating in,

    or leading teams and demonstrating Ryerson values.

    Presidents Blue and Gold Award of Excellence

    Frederick Alexander Pernell

    RYERSON AWARDS Celebrating Excellence

    Sheldon Levy President and Vice-Chancellor

    Congratulations to our award recipients who exemplify service, leadership and

    research excellence at Ryerson.

    For more information on Recognition & Awards at Ryerson, please visit

    PRESIDENTS BLUE & GOLD AWARD OF EXCELLENCEAnthony Ivan Joseph, Office of the Vice-Provost StudentsMonica Mckay, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    One-Stop Course Readings Service TeamKelly Abraham, University Business ServicesKraigen Brown, LibraryMichelle Chen, LibraryOphelia Cheung, LibraryFlora Hon, LibraryKelly Kimberley, LibraryRisto Leivat, University Business ServicesAnn Ludbrook, LibrarySteven Marsden, LibraryAleksandra Rybak, LibraryFangmin Wang, LibrarySally Wilson, Library

    ALAN SHEPARD EQUITY, DIVERSITY ANDINCLUSION AWARDMarwa Ahmed, BASc candidate, Occupational and Public Health - Public Health and

    Safety, Faculty of Community Services

    Heather Willis, Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    Nika Zolfaghari, MASc candidate, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Yeates School ofGraduate Studies

    Transitioning at Ryerson TeamCarey Barker, Human ResourcesDarrell Bowden, Office of Equity, Diversity and InclusionJessa Chupik, Human ResourcesMyra Lefkowitz, Human ResourcesEmily MacIntosh, Human ResourcesLaurie Stewart, Human Resources; Positive SpaceStephan Tang, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education; Positive Space

    LINDA GRAYSON LEADERSHIP AWARDPeter Higdon, Ryerson Image CentreBruce Piercey, Communications, Government and Community Engagement

    LARISSA ALLEN EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE AWARDJohn Hannah, Office of the Vice-Provost Students

    MAKE YOUR MARK AWARDJoseph Amankrah, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of

    Engineering and Architectural Science

    Anne-Marie Brinsmead, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing EducationIrene Campagna, Ted Rogers School of ManagementHamza Khan, Office of the Vice-Provost StudentsGraham Pearson, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science Stephan Tang, The G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education; Positive Space

    SARWAN SAHOTA RYERSON DISTINGUISHED SCHOLAR AWARDCandice Monson, Department of Psychology, Faculty of ArtsBala Venkatesh, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of

    Engineering and Architectural Science

    COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH AWARDHabiba Bougherara, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of

    Engineering and Architectural Science

    EARLY RESEARCH CAREER EXCELLENCE AWARDSeth Dworkin, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Faculty of

    Engineering and Architectural Science

    KNOWLEDGE MOBILIZATION & ENGAGEMENT AWARDColleen Carney, Department of Psychology, Faculty of ArtsJanet Lum, Department of Politics and Public Administration, Faculty of Arts

    SOCIAL INNOVATION & ACTION RESEARCH AWARDMarco Fiola, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Faculty of Arts

  • 3Wednesday, March. 19, 2014 NEWS

    Rajean Hoilett campaigning at the University of Toronto.coURTesy THe vaRsiTy

    While campaigning for friends at the University of Toronto, in-coming Ryerson Students Union (RSU) president Rajean Hoilett allegedly misrepresented himself as a U of T student, according to an article published on the cam-pus newspapers website.On March 13, The Varsity, U

    of Ts student-run newspaper, published an article investigating claims of outside student execu-tives helping current vice-pres-ident of equity and presidential hopeful, Yolen Bollo-Kamara, campaign at the schools St. George campus.Among the executives from

    York University and Ryerson en-couraging U of T students to vote for friends running for executive positions in the University of To-ronto student union (UTSU) elec-tion under the slate U of T Voice were Melissa Palermo and Hoi-lett. Like members of the RSU, Bollo-Kamara is a member of the Canadian Federation of Students Ontario (CFS-O).Titled, U of T Voices use of

    RSU, YFS campaigners draws criticsm, the article says that a student journalist who identified themselves as a Varsity reporter approached Hoilett for an inter-view. The article also says that Hoilett initially identified himself

    as a U of T student before admit-ting he was a Ryerson student.Hoilett denies these claims,

    adding furthermore that the jour-nalist never identified themselves as a reporter.I didnt identify as a U of T

    student. I was asked if I have a T-Card which is their equivalent to our OneCard, Hoilett said. I said Im a Ryerson student, Im helping out a friend. I declined to do an interview and that was the article that was published.Joshua Oliver, The Varsitys

    editor-in-chief, stands by his pa-pers story.When Rajean was first ap-

    proached by a reporter who said they were working for The Var-sity, he said that he was a U of T student but didnt answer any other questions, Oliver added. Reporters at The Varsity made

    efforts to contact Hoilett before the article was published, but still have not received a response.Rajean didnt take the op-

    portunity to respond when we reached out to him, Oliver said. If he disagrees with what the reporter said, he never commu-nicated that to us and I have no reason to believe that what the reporter said isnt accurate. This is the first year that The

    Varsity has sent out their writ-ers to report on the campaigning for the union, after yearly reports

    that Ryerson, York and other CFS-O students are helping to campaign. Oliver told his reporters to cov-

    er the campaign, introduce them-selves as a reporter and interview everyone they saw campaigning.Both Hoilett and Palermo said

    they used their vacation time to help campaign. RSU executives get two weeks vacation allotted each year. Hoilett said he took about three or four days of per-sonal time to help.Yolen is a friend of mine and

    Im excited that shes running for president of her students union, Palermo said. When she asked me if I could help campaign, I told her I would be glad to take some personal vacation time to support her. Both RSU members were seen

    on Tuesday, March 11 and on Wednesday, March 12 at polling stations around the U of T cam-pus.But while bringing off-cam-

    pus support to help campaign is permitted under U of T election rules, misrepresentation is not.On March 13, the chief return-

    ing officer (CRO) received a com-plaint that presidential candidate Bollo-Kamara and vice-president of internal and services candi-date, Cameron Wathey, violated election procedure codes.According to the CROs rul-

    The Hub Cafeteria set to rise up the Podium Ryersons executive chef announces plans to revitalize eating space and menu options in Hub

    By Brooklyn Pinheiro

    The Hub cafeteria will be getting a long awaited expansion according to Joshna Maharaj, assistant di-rector of food services and execu-tive chef at Ryerson.Plans to renovate The Hub for

    September are underway as part of Ryersons initiative to improve food services on campus. Maharaj would not grant specif-

    ics of the renovations as the details are still in the planning stage.We are planning to improve

    The Hub to better serve the needs of the Ryerson community and whatever we do will be consis-tent with the other improvements youve seen regarding food on campus, said Julia Hanigsberg, vice-president of administration and finance at Ryerson. The idea to improve The Hub

    is not new, and comes at a time when Maharaj, who was hired in August, is in the midst of reform-ing Ryersons food services. Maharaj has made attempts to

    purchase locally grown food and make more meals from scratch. The new Hub will allow Ryer-

    son to create more menu options with those ideals in mind.The cafeteria will also better

    meet the needs of students with

    dietary requirements including vegetarian, gluten-free and halal options. The Hub is currently only using

    one third of the space that is avail-able. The other two-thirds will be opened up by demolishing an ex-isting wall. The new size will bring a market-fresh feel, Maharaj said.Its very important to Ryerson

    that the physical space for food service mirrors the food we are serving which is wholesome, af-fordable and made with care, Maharaj said.The foods good here but

    theyre understaffed, the lines take a long time, said Rachel Boere, a first-year creative industry stu-dent. Maharaj encountered this com-

    ment during a food service town hall meeting last Wednesday. She acknowledges that this is also a concern they are working on and hope to alleviate it with the new

    equipment available in the reno-vated Hub, which will also better serve the staff.Food served in the new Hub

    is going to be brand-free, 100 per cent made from scratch and locally sourced, according to Kevin Booth, district manager of Chartwells, Ryersons food ser-vice provider. Chartwells became Ryersons food service