The Epidemic

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Transcript of The Epidemic

THE EPIDEMICI knew it when I met him. I knew it when I started dating him. Iknew it when I married him. To make it short, I always knew it. And itnever bothered me anyway. OvertheyearsI'vetriedtomakehimeathealthyfood,suchasfruit and vegetables. If you want to binge, eat good stuff at least, I spurred him on.e turned a deaf ear to it though. !huck goes cra"y for #unk food.$ou don't need to be %instein to understand how he reached &'(pounds in less than ten years. !huckstruggles tomove, he can't drive, he can't even washhimself. )ow I'm his wet nurse. *e tried with surgery, but he startedbinging again. I'm afraid I'll starve, he said.ThereIwent nuts+ Iwent tothebackyard, Itookashovel anddeliveredblowshereandthere. Ismasheditontheground, ontheflowerpots, on the table. %verywhere. !huck's hunger is out of control, it's a true obsession. It haunts hismindeverybloodydayofhisbloodylife.Today'snot goingtobedifferent. ereIaminthekitchencookinghisbreakfast, chocolatepancakes soakedinchocolate syrupandsprinkledwithchocolatechips. I turn on the T- seeking some company and right away I reali"ethere's something wrong.All the T- stations are airing non.stop newscasts. They're cryinghavoc. A mysterious epidemic is spreading fast around the area. /ustlike in a horror movie, they recommend to stay inside in order to avoidany kind of infection. I badly put the pancakes on the plate and go upstairs to bring themto !huck. e's lying on the bed as usual. !huck0 I shout while I'm climbing up. !huck0 1id you getit2 *hat2 *hat happened, Alma2 Oh0 ere they are, my pancakes, he says relieved. They say there's a lethal epidemic around here. If infected, youdie. *e have to stay locked inside. *hat2 3or how long2 Oh my 4od0 And what 'bout food2 Theydidn'tsayhow longit'll last.Thecellar is full, wehaveenoughsupplies. Thankthecouponsthat allowmetosatisfyyourhunger0Three weeks pass+ the 5uarantine goes on. I can't stand my husband anymore. e's in constant need of food, Iwant to kill him. I'm not kidding. I can't take it anymore, he mumbles from the couch, sweatylike a pig. 6e neither. And, I'm sorry to say, our supplies are over. Onlyfruit left.*hat2 *AT2hesuddenlypulls himself together. I'mgonna starve0 1o something, Alma0 !huck freaks out. *hat do you want me to do0 I burst out irritated. They'll helpus, we #ust need to wait.e gives me the evil eye, then goes back to the old movie on T-.)ow !huck sleeps and finally I can rest. I've been spending mynights on the couch for months, he has taken up the whole bed. 1opey,I see through the dark a huge shadow hanging over me. I need to eat... gimme food, you stupid woman0 !huckthreatens me in a fury as he holds tight the poker. I never saw him likethis.3rightened, I decide to pander to him. I go to the kitchen and comeback with some apples, which I offer him. I don't like fruit0 he grunts fiercely.7cared, I let the apples fall down, while I fall back. As he licks hislips, he comes closer ready to hit me.