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The Epic, The Epic Hero, and The Epic World of. A Reminder: Epic Narrative Elements. Focus on Heroes and Heroic Actions. Heroes can be female or male, tragic or epic. Non-Natural/ Supernatural elements Glorification of the Past Battles Long Formal Motivational Speeches - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Epic, The Epic Hero, and The Epic World of

Focus on Heroes and Heroic Actions. Heroes can be female or male, tragic or epic.Non-Natural/ Supernatural elementsGlorification of the PastBattlesLong Formal Motivational SpeechesCouncil of Gods/ Great Leaders/ Divine InterventionVast SettingEpic Invocation and Statement of ThemeCommon Names/ PlacesUnder WorldReligionNostaliga

A Reminder: Epic Narrative ElementsBegins In Medias Res with the sudden heroic action of the character Lightning fighting soldiers of Cocoon on an exportation ship full of Gran Pulse contaminated Cocoon citizens to be relocated (presumably) from the upper world of Cocoon into the underworld Pulse.Epic Narrative Elements

A Long Narrative Is accessed at certain points in the quest, written across the screen, spoken by the interaction of characters, and visually presented during story action and battle scenes. All of theses elements make the narrative more immersive.

Epic Catalogue In addition, the narrative mythologies of lands, actions, and characters are recorded and accessible during game play at each stage via a side menu and set in chapters.

Epic Narrative Elements

Vast Setting Explorations of the worlds Cocoon and Gran PulseUnderWorld Gran Pulse (seen as more chaotic and supernatural whereas Cocoon is a world created within the upper atmosphere of Pulse and is portrayed through myth as an Eden of safety and human civilization.)

Epic Narrative Elements

Humans are expelled from the paradise world (Cocoon) created by a supernatural creature for fear that certain humans have been tainted by the underworld Gran Pulse.Religion and Biblical themes

The Maker creates Gran Pulse, humans, and Fal'Cie to guide influence over humans and "control" history and then disappears. Fal'Cie are powerful, but limited by their nature, so they grant "chosen" humans powers so long as humans do "missions" for them. They are either Cocoon FalCie or Pulse FalCie.ICieare humans chosen to do the bidding of a FalCie Humans that don't complete their mission turn into zombie monsters called Cieth. If they complete their mission they turn into crystal (supposedly a good thing, a kind of immortality, according to the FalCies, but the humans prefer to simply remain human.)Human Grand Councils are secretly run by FalCie though they say they have little day to day involvement with human government.

Council of Gods/ Great Leaders/ Divine Intervention

Barthandelous, a servant of the maker, is nostalgic for the age when the Maker remained on Gran Pulse. Wishing to cause the Maker to return he creates Cocoon that is supported by the FalCie Orphan and plans to destroy Cocoon and humans.Humans inside Cocoon fear another attack by Gran Pulse (one that partly damaged their flying paradise many years ago) and are nostalgic for a return to innocence.

Religion and NostalgiaGives the game narrative an additional immersive element. This can be seen as an advantage for deepening and passing along cultural values of the epic narrative in way that could have more successful elements than traditional oral and written epics such as Gilgamesh and the Iliad. Multiple player third person perspectives that can be semi-controlled Lightning- the main protagonist of the game, a former soldier and older sister to SerahSnow Villiers- Serah's fianc and leader of NORA, a paramilitary groupOerba Dia Vanille- l'Cie from PulseSazh Katzroy- a civilian pilot and father to a young boy, Dajh Hope Estheim- young exile of cocoon looking for revenge on Snow for his mothers death.Oerba Yun Fang- l'Cie from Pulse who is working with the Sanctum's Cavalry branch.Epic Heroes of Final Fantasy 13All of the previously listed heroes participate in a cyclical journey or quest, faces adversaries that try to defeat them and returns home significantly transformed by his/her journey. .

Epic / Tragic HeroIdentity/Self and Warrior Skill are ImportantSpecifically, the heroes learn that the fate given as destined by supernatural beings can be fought against when supporting one another, their family of outcast ICie. All heroes originally start their quest in search for family and friends rather than specific political or world affiliations. In the end it is the love between them all and the sacrifice of Vanille and Fang inn particular that keep both Gran Pulse and Cocoon from destruction.Love vs. War If epic hero illustrates traits, performs deeds, and exemplifies certain morals that are valued by the society the epic originates from, these heroes not only value battle and love of world, but above all love of each other.

Epic Themes/ Recurring SituationsThat Drive Plot Amnesia (Vanille and Fang forget they have been through the same struggles years before), A hero corrupted by an evil force (Fang and Vanille corrupted by the destructive force Rangnarok. However, they use it for preservation in the end), Mistaken identity (Fang, Vanille, Hopr. And Barthandelous), Self-sacrificeEpic Themes/ Recurring SituationsThat Drive Plot (continued)