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  • THE ENTREPRENEURS RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneurs Radio Show Page 1 of 18 EPISODE #39: MARCUS SHERIDAN In this episode, Travis had an interesting talk with well-known speaker, established entrepreneur, and owner of the successful online, inbound marketing company An experienced trainer and practical speaker, Marcus shares some of his secrets that he has learned through time to all aspiring entrepreneurs. Travis and Marcus talked about a lot of interesting things particularly about Inbound and Content Marketing that Marcus is an expert of. Also they discussed and gave valuable insights on how to create an effective strategy for your content marketing as well as ways on how to start a great marketing campaign. Marcus also emphasized the importance of creating balance in your entrepreneurial as well as personal life, which goes hand in hand in determining your success in life. Marcus Sheridan Inbound and Content Marketing to Increase Your Sales Travis: Hey, it's Travis Lane Jenkins, welcome to episode 39 of Diamonds in Your Own Backyard, the Entrepreneur's Radio Show, Conversations with Successful Business Owners that Grow your Business. Sandra, my co-host is still in the center of Daytona International Raceway. Sandra, I know you're listening, we miss you, get back to us as soon as possible. Today we're talking about inbound and content marketing to increase your sales. So be sure and stay with us until the very end if you can because I have a couple of things that I want to share with you also. And I'll also want to let you know who I'm going to connect you with next week in the next episode. So if you enjoy these free podcast that we create for you, we'd really appreciate it if you'd go to iTunes and post a comment, and rate the show. Now for some quick perspective on the show for our new friends that have just joined us. Even though we're talking or we're having conversations with some of the brightest entrepreneurs and brilliant thought leaders around, I want you to think of this as a conversation between four friends, me, Sandra when she's here, you, and of course, our guest. Now, everyone that we're talking with has found success doing what it is that they teach, and they want to help you by sharing what they've discovered. Now normally, the only way to get this level of personal access to so many high level entrepreneurs beyond having your own show is to join high level masterminds, go to seminars, events and build those
  • THE ENTREPRENEURS RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneurs Radio Show Page 2 of 18 relationships over several, several years. And now through the show, I'm super excited that we get to share these great people with you to fast-forward your success. Our guest today is Marcus Sheridan of Sales Lion. Sales Lion is one of the premier inbound and content marketing companies in the world, training businesses on how to leverage content to build their digital brand, and increase sales directly. So without further ado, welcome to the show Marcus. Marcus: Travis, my pleasure. Certainly great to be here and I'm excited to hopefully offer some nuggets for all those listeners, that massive audience of yours out there, we're going to have a good time man. Travis: Yes, sir. I'm going try to keep our extra guest, my squeaky chair out of the conversation here. By setting still but I'm anxious to go deep with you on a variety of things. Before we get into some of the things that you teach, do you mind sharing your back-story of how you got to where you're at today? Marcus: Yeah, I'll give you the quick 101. Basically, I started a swimming pool company in 2001 with a couple of guys and we're basically, like a lot of companies, we started growing and we were mainly doing in-ground, fibreglass swimming pools. And about 2008, the end of that year when the economy crashed, it really affected out entire industry because nobody could get loans anymore because it didn't have any--most of them are underwater in terms of their home value, right? And so they were big trouble and people couldn't get these second mortgages these home equity loans to get swimming pools. And literally overnight, after the market crashed, the banks were closing, I had a whole bunch of- -I think I have four people withdraw their deposits on contracts. So that was a couple hundred thousand dollars in business that went, and then over the next few months, things just got worse and worse, Up until the point where in January 2009, I was 3 weeks overdrawn in our bank account, we're in huge trouble, and we had to do something differently, we had to do it quick, but we didn't have any money to do advertising. Now withstanding we had to--we just like, we literally had 20% maybe of the market that we had previously because of these financial problems and so that was when I discovered inbound marketing. I happened to discover it through this company called Hub Spot, which we'll probably, we'll talk about today. So I discovered it through them and essentially I thought it was, okay, so if I'm a great teacher online through my website, I will be blessed for my labors and the search engines like Google will send people my way and the people that read my stuff will like me more and hopefully I'll learn the business that way, and so that was like my scientific way of viewing it and that's what happened. To make a long story short, we decided to become the best teachers in the world about in-ground fibreglass swimming pools, and we answered every single question we possibly could about fibreglass pools on our website. And it became the most trafficked swimming pool website in the world within the next couple of years. And it saved our business.
  • THE ENTREPRENEURS RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneurs Radio Show Page 3 of 18 Today, I share those principles, and how they apply to all industries and I do it through my site which is called the Sales Lion, and it's very, very fun and it's great seeing how--this isn't about swimming pools, this is truly about great teaching and great communication and if we do it well, we'll be blessed. Travis: Okay so, in that, I definitely understand where you're coming from, although I want to go a little deeper in some of the things that you talked about there. So, inbound marketing, what does that mean to you, describe that to me. Marcus: Well, we got to look at what it's not, and the way it used to be was outbound marketing, right? So we would send something out to the masses and we hope that it would stick, be at a T.V. commercial, radio advertising, print, all these things we were just constantly trying to jump in front of people as they were driving by, saying, "Stop, stop, stop, listen", right? And that is not the way it's all going because it's interruptive and we've learned to tune out the interruptions. So like with T.V., we got TiVo, now we don't have to watch the commercials, with radio, we have Sirius, we don't have to have the commercials. You can literally go down the list with phonebooks or we just stop buying phonebooks. We stop doing all these things because we didn't want to be interrupted with advertisements. What we wanted to do is we wanted to control as consumers the conversation, when we were ready, learn about stuff and we started doing it from the internet. So the internet or inbound marketing is the process of allowing people to come to you instead of you jumping out in front of them. And the reason why they come to you is because the value of the teachings and the information that's found on your site. Travis: So how do you go from struggling, what you're saying makes sense. How do you go from struggling and how are we going to cover the bills because it's tough to give back that amount of money and not bringing more sales or at least what you're accustomed to bringing in, so that causes cash flow problems. How did you transition that to cover the gap until this ramped up? Marcus: Well, we--I don't exactly remember what was going on in early 2009 other than the fact that we were struggling to get any business Travis, and it was really, really tough. I threw myself into this process of online marketing in our website. And I said I would literally be out during the day as a pool guy at 9, 11:30, 12 in the morning. I was sitting there writing blog articles, asking questions I've been asked that day from prospects. And within the first couple of months I started noticing some pretty significant results because keep in mind, these are things people weren't doing. Pool guys generally didn't see themselves as teachers; they just call themselves as pool guys, right? And so we started shifting this mentality over and it made all the difference, within 6 months there was phenomenal difference. So we just kind of floated by for the next few months, we didn't spend a lot of money though in inbound in marketing, it was just time, it was time to produce the information and put it on our website and do it in way that people said, "Oh, I understand, now I understand the solution to my problem. I understand the answer to my question whatever it was."
  • THE ENTREPRENEURS RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneurs Radio Show Page 4 of 18 Travis: Right. Well, I also, now I'm from the home improvement industry also although that's really not my passio