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Transcript of THE DIGGER - Mt Diablo Genealogical Society OCT 2017  · PDF file The Digger Page 3 OTHER...

  • Members of the Mt. Diablo Genealogical Society Board of Directors always strive to make participation in our activities as enjoyable and productive as possible. Embracing change has not been difficult for us, as we’ve modified the approach to general meetings in the past. Addition of a social break including snacks, inclusion of mini-talks, celebrating the December holidays with that meeting focused on a mix of desserts and genealogy, even changing the meeting time have been approaches that have been taken. All of them have met with success and many were brought about through the efforts of our Program Chair at the time, Mary Ellis.

    The latest experiment was the mini-seminar held at our general meeting in July. Gena Philibert-Ortega gave a wonderful presentation, in two parts, covering the usefulness of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) records and images to the family researcher. We asked for attendee response to the different format and it was overwhelmingly positive. That feedback will be useful in assisting the new Program Chair, Karla Henderlong, in planning for the future.

    I hope that you’ll take some time to think about what topics would be helpful to you, how the format of the meetings could be strengthened or anything that would provide a more meaningful experience as a member of the MDGS. Please do take that extra step, attend the September meeting, and share your thoughts with Karla or me. Your ideas help keep our organization relevant. Diane de Golia President

    Mt. Diablo Genealog ical Soc iety


    2016/2017 MDGS Board Members President: Diane de Golia Vice President: Arta Fleming Rec. Secretary: Shirley Thomson Treasurer: John Gilbert Directors: Bill Steinmetz & Margaret Ready Past President: Stan Wells Historian: Bob Wolf Program Chair: Karla Henderlong Publicity Chair & Newsletter: Susan Rush Membership Chairs: Cheryl Sibthorp & Gretchen Hansen Hospitality Chair: Mary Ellis


    P R E S I D E N T ’ S M E S S A G E – D I A N E D E G O L I A

    I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E :

    President’s Message & New Members


    Speakers & Programs 2

    Other Societies & Upcoming Events


    Changes to Find A Grave 4-5

    Family Tree Maker 2017 6

    Roots Magic 7

    Working with No-Tree DNA Matches


    Resources: My Genealogical Will 10

    Membership Application 11

    Volunteer Form & Publicity 12-13

    Calendar of Events 14


    Board Meeting:

    2nd Friday of Month 1:30

    Rossmoor Creekside

    Clubhouse in the Mulligan


    General Meeting:

    3rd Friday of Month 10:00

    Rossmoor Creekside

    Clubhouse in the Club


    Everyone is welcome to

    both meetings.

    Rossmoor Creekside


    1010 Stanley Dollar Dr,

    Walnut Creek, CA 94595

    New members: Sally Nordwall Carol & Stan Scott Janine Vanier

  • July 21, 2017 - Thank you Gena Philibert-Ortega for your fabulous Mini Seminar on all aspects of WPA records, photos & ephemera. You always provide fabulous information & resources. We look forward to your return trip to our group next summer! Gena’s outline is posted on our website

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    September speaker, Kathryn Miller Marshall, Ph.D. Kathryn was Director of the Lodi Family History Center for 16 years. Her Ph.D. is in psychology from UC Berkeley where she taught for many years. She also served as a senior research scientist in Bethesda, Maryland, evaluating the nation’s substance abuse programs for congressional reports. Upon returning to California, she has designed curricula & specialized in California history between 1840-1865. Dr. Marshall does editing of books for

    fellow historians as well as writing books of her own on the Gold Rush era. She is a member of the Advisory Board for the California Pioneer Heritage Foundation, which provides living history re-enactors at State Parks and Preserves Historical sites in California.

    October speaker, Madeline Yanov, formerly of MY Genealogy Services, is the owner of Time Travel Genealogy. She has more than 30 years of genealogy experience; specializing in American research but is familiar with European genealogy; specifically, Irish, British, Slovak, and Russian with a little German on the side. She also has been instrumental in locating and helping to reunite adoptees with their birth parents. In her “other life”, prior to becoming a full time genealogist, Madeline was a paralegal whose

    expertise included the “discovery” for cases. This has helped her in analyzing what to search for and how to find it. She is a weekly volunteer at the Oakland, California Regional Family History Center. Since 2011, she has been an indexer with In 2012, Madeline was elected to the Board of Directors of the Contra Costa County Genealogical Society and in May of 2017 was elected Co-President of that society. She is a member of APG, the Association of Professional Genealogists. Madeline loves traveling around the Bay Area, meeting people and hearing their family stories.

    T H A N K S T O O U R J U L Y S P E A K E R

    P R O G R A M S - K A R L A H E N D E R L O N G

    Date Mini Speaker Main Speaker & Topic

    15 Sep 2017 Martha Whittaker- “California County Records in the State Archives”

    Kathryn Marshall—”Latest & Greatest in Genealogy Software and Databases”

    20 Oct 2017 TBA Madeline Yanov— “Finding Great Grandpa: Or How to Locate Lost Ancestors in 1890 Census Substitutes”

    17 Nov 2017 Terry Richards—”Genealogy Rec- ords in the Oakland Law Library”

    Melinda Kashuba– “Migration to the Gold Rush”

    15 Dec 2017 Time & Place TBA Holiday Dessert Traditions

    S E P T E M B E R & O C T O B E R S P E A K E R

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    C o n t r a C o s t a C o u n t y G e n e a l o g i c a l S o c i e t y — 2 n d T h u r s d a y o f M o n t h 14 Sep 2017 7:00 p.m. LDS Church, 1360 Alberta Way, Concord Janice Sellers “Using Jewish Resources to Find Non-Jewish Ancestors”

    12 Oct 2017 7:00 p.m. TBA

    More info at membership.htm

    S a n R a m o n V a l l e y G e n e a l o g i c a l S o c i e t y 3 r d T h u r s d a y o f M o n t h Latest 10:00 a.m. LDS CHURCH, 2949 Stone Valley Road , Alamo, CA

    Sep 19, 2017 Kathryn Marshall -”The Latest & Greatest in Genealogy Software & Databases”

    Oct 17, 2017 Jan Aherns -“ Workshop—Making a Family Research Video (2 hours)

    More info at

    S o l a n o C o u n t y G e n e a l o g i c a l S o c i e t y 1 s t S a t u r d a y o f t h e M o n t h 11:00 a.m. Moose Lodge, 623 Taylor St., Fairfield, CA

    Sep 2, 2017 Katheryn Marshall -”’s Historic Records Collection & Family Tree”

    Oct 7, 2017 Ronald Cannon -“Documenting & Citing Your Research”

    More Info at

    L i v e r m o r e A m a d o r G e n e a l o g i c a l S o c i e t y 2 n d M o n d a y o f M o n t h 10:00 a.m. at Congregation Beth Emek, 3400 Nevada Ct., Pleasanton, CA

    Sep 11, 2017 TBD Oct 9, 2017 TBD

    More Info at

    U P C O M I N G E V E N T S

    2017 Fall Seminar Contra Costa County GS— Saturday, October 21, 2017 8:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m. Gena Philibert-Ortega, 4 Topics on Finding Your Female Ancestors: Her Name Was Not Known; Wives, Widows, Spinsters, and Mistresses; The Secret Lives of Women; I'm in the Book

    To Register: click on this link


    California Genealogical Society (CGS) Two Upcoming Events: 1) September 23, 2017 Judy Russell 4 Topics Seminar at David Brower Center in Berkeley. • Facts, Photos, and Fair Use:

    Copyright Law for Genealogists • Martha Benschura-Enemy Alien

    • Rogues, Rascals and Rapscallions: The Family Black Sheep

    • ABCs of DNA More information: -the-legal-genealogist-seminar-registration- 33072744469?aff=Website 2) February 11-18, 2018 CGS Genealogy Caribbean Cruise Joined with The Genealogy Guys to host a 7- day genealogy cruise to 3 Caribbean islands. More Information: cruise

    Genealogy: begins as an interest, becomes a hobby, then takes over as an obsession!! Twisted Twigs on Gnarled Branches https://www.event