The Digger and Christian Anarchist #14

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Transcript of The Digger and Christian Anarchist #14

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  • CI{RISTIviAS : TH1J SOilGREI'4/IIN.i THE,iA.[viE

    h.r r,{o--r-rlIl]

    0nce agai-n Christmals is a.l_rnostupon us, anci two separate bodiesof


    people will tr"y to spoil ourcelebration. The firs'r,- i.s thecapilallst robbers ivhc will buryour celebration under ions ofgreed and glrtz, and the secondis those who moan and gi"umbieand bitch aboul the commercialism^? i ! 1rol 1l a 11 and not even lrir i6finci a sign of goodness in it.Every yea,r at this t ime, I startto_psyche myself up ro enjoy theholy day. Yorr see I am detbnn-ined not to let either of these.groups ruin my Chrislmas"

    \,1'hen I was a boy, Christmaswas the best thing that happenedall j,rear (apart f iorn su,nmer'hoi-ida,rrs), the rncst erciting andbeautlful party of celebrationand singing and givlng a nC r"ecei-ying a!.d visibing of er/ery year"I still remember as a small "'co1,' ofseven or eight that ma:ry ofmy 'r,oys were handma Oe by my Dadand p?inted by miu lr,lorn. Shinningin redsr greens and silv::s, madefrom wood" they ias'[ed for [he feeling of io-;e that r^ra,sbuilt into Nhem still l_as.ts, i\littl-e 1a ler vu.hen noney ivasn?tso s carce, there lvould be onerea1l-y special i ifti 1ne yesj- ahr:ge geology set wiih mlnerat_s anci?"oH:i;i 1x5"ff

    "?f, 3"*i3:: ;',',flil$,,icent castle of t in wiih ii.obin-Hordand the Sherrif fithi,ing it out onthe living room rug. For years If ecgived a parcel er"rery yea.r f romEngland and one l/ear it conta.ineda_brave knrght on pr.ancing s'beedall in ]ead and it rvighed aboutfalf a_ pound and if I haC it todayit 'rrould be worth a smali fcl,tunel,.:ir:: r. .,,..::,

    For several weeks beforenl.--; ^+-^^ rvrrr- rr url1c1b, l4r " Hussey ou"r musicteacher at school would have usall going thro,.rgh hours of chor_ar lvork for the Christmas concert,Hol^r we sang those carol_s J God r^re'vrere good: we sounded (to ourminds) lite the choir aL Cambrld*ge or Oxf crd i n Flnirl an,..t . I lvishf i ,is s ti rt Jid"'.r,

    "iii' -ii"si"g. rWOUIC lCve to ho"r. i+ .-.1:eme'ber

    ".=o.f,,'83*l;".1at club 35. Seventlr cr maybe ahundred clod hr,.lping r,armers andloggers and iheir wives a]l bravein it1 fitting suj-ts f rom t he[rtnn= no+-^']!aut;11D uaudJ_OgUe, Simple bul de_cent folks crovrding in lo see lhebiggest sirow of the year. Thenaiivit,y scene iillh irs wearingbath towels around our heads fnda fat ianta coming out of a card_board fir.eolace- and a kid rrrithl*o Neeth blacked out singing nal_l-i,:H',.. :in ::'- i;:;e.'fr oil''r;Xi=

    "nas i.ras lcr nie as a l

  • A DISAIil,,tiNG CHrtlSTtiiASby Fr" Ilmmanuel Charles jvlcCar,thyThe spirit of Chri;tnas is

    abOve all Lho cni-.f ---Tr ;- .^^r -,^'

    51'lj ' L O- Pect3C.rL rs nor tne SpiriC :I -.var. ILis the spirit oi joy and meeknessnot revenge anC viotence. Thedecorati.ons, the lights, thetrees, lhe music all come froni

    ?r.d speak to that universal lcng_in6; for. genuine peace on earth.-.

    YeLr lhe_sale of har Loys h.:sincreased 35A,, since L9AZ.- Thet.nlr qol t.-e f Arr: +--.-t/u-\:) beIr-L:lg J-Jr G_u L JJ th.:seduce children into p!_i1,ing hon:icide. G. I " .ioe r. a grot3s que a,ndyicious xillei' th.. ,-r+o.ite ;r rhe

    ";ii-ri"Er"irlii"i,l53'r"continually a big sell er a1, Chr.ist_mas. i,,ie can assurne tha-t this company or another that co:rld r,not care less about the lr.ulh, I ove.n I hnl-i.o^- nfl rni .- I-r,*;

    -rvrrtlu)) ui-rJ urltJ-:i,rli-feast day r.r,ill try to pran:ic oLZe Chri_stmas for a quick buck" It is alsoreasonable to a*ssune that tliey rrillsucceed and that Chr.islian parenbsand chiidren r,^rill. a gain be'had by-the p-agan con artist ol t{oij_ywood'and Madiscn avenue" -

    !lvnatr tnas mearis is t-hat on Ci::ist_mes morning in fronf ci ii.r" Si,ar_.ie_"1' t!" Pr ince of peace, millions oflittle Christian childien wi,r-1 beliving in the mu.rde rous , ha r,e*f j llecicni

    -i + +l^^+ DJr-,rr ru .,r]uL flambo, G.I. Joe, L-,s,machine. guls etc. require Lhem touie.. Tr,. p1.:-^nor:ricicie one :r,r_t turon the mind of homi-cide. B,il tli;homicidal mind is rrot the rnrnd ofa;-i ^+ rtr^is lo entice him cr her into pul_ling on the killer consciousnesswhere conflict is resolrr+ride s I ruct io,, ria';"il:iii;i:"0 Irtff;

    "other party" Indeed to give a, 1{artoy is to nurture him .or her in,uoenjoying lhe subtle but por.rerfulplgasure of the deslr:uclion and hu_miliat,ion of those r,vith whom onedisagrees,

    To those who s&)"r r?lVar toys.are eciucationally and morallynuetral, !! I salr rf That is nott:ue

    - eno yor_i know il" ?r To those

    vrho saI: tflr/ar. t oys alloiv a childto rricariousJ-y experience a hom_icida.l fantasy worl-d and there*fore reduce the possiblity thalhe or she wi}l par-ticiltate insuch acti-rlty outside bf the mind.flto those who say this I say r?Thatis not true and you know it.

    " Iflif ule childreri are'not damaged byp.i"esenting them with toys thrt' Coax t hem inio hcmicidal frnl-rc-i a-t!en ,"ny ,.,o1 presenr rliem #iifr"ilrlihat arouse them wiih lustfuf and"pornograpliic fintasies? We allknow t,ihat the truth is in this m& _ter regirdless ^f hcrv many keptpsychologists and educationists

    tho l^,i: f nrr .orcier to justify the desecrationof the Christ,i-an holy day.

    Jesus said, rfAnyone who welcom_es & little one in my name we1_comes me. But anyone who is anrbst,ac-.1e, to brins d cwn cne ofthese 1iitle onew i,vho have faithin me would be better drolrmed inthe sea wilh a millslone aroundhis neck. Ale-s that there shculdbe obstacl-es. 0bstacles ihere muslindeeC be, but alas fo:" Lhe onei.rho nr^rri-des theni ]r?

    Please Chr isti:_n p?.l enLs giveyouf chiidren onlrr ,,virat Jesuswould give them on his birthday.Pler"o ha r.,.-r t arro rf r\I"-;r ruaJ=, 1-\, 't.l'-

    - - J J v._r rStmaS.


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    INNU U},iDJIT A?TACKrr (-1

    0n iriovembe. 26 tRA A. ''b orough cu,oo,,5.13;. oo;i"tlJ"t:;:'-har:"asment of the fnnu-cf Labr":cior.!y iow level jeC training fii;ht,s.Canada is solicrring to fet a newN-.-T0 tescing an3 triinin[ ceJlr req! Go3se Bay. The Inru 5f i,t'tesinan(Our Land) are nct belng c cr:su_Lts:of course but they are fnu ones -r"rhoare

    "ii:ts sometin:ies t_npiir=. zet"o 1n on hunting carnps a-.-cu,J :IlrIeS per hour often onlv -nphundred or t wo hundred i";t-i";;;t lo ; rDunC . Th i s rcay happur, t.= loften as LZ times irr'two'hcurs.Childr"en and lhe aged are rerrified.The department of fefence itself;ldmits that tire F 4 phantom ll ot::..1. 9u:,lrl{,emir='* ;;;" r.iLi-or _LrU f,o ..].lb riecibles, the paint,hreshold for r,;st peopte. iet ex_1-,-'--+


    lr ^..1 *1- - t , ':1r L{i us r ou_L the lakes , sn-,a1i anint_ial-s die for no reason (scared lodeath cr poisoned? ) anC the cay.ibout,he;e,)eo.;1e de;,end cn h.rve b*lnsc::tteredfcr huncireds lf ir^iIes. Tlieplanes rnvclved ar.r f rom Can: rtaIlrir--i- .-*J ^^-;'- ;

    " *"' vrrrrqr'

    rrlre:n, an-d ,Vest Gerilany. A0Trer,erborough renteci soLind equipinentand broadcast sor:ic booris to thepeo.ole of Pelerborough. and hande,jout leaflets describin3 the silua__ .l-.tion. About one hr-rndr6d leafletswere given out and despitc t,he flrctt,ha t the te chnolo.,y CiCn rt sran,l ui\it rryes a good acti6n. Ther"e vril-i '

    . De 3. meeting cf ACT to discuss thisconcern at the peterborou.,h lt;L l- iclibraryr oB Dec. I (Tues)l in thelg1nt:rge, cali Dave !,:ebster. at ?t+5_t,001 (Projects f oi" Change , ZL9 Hunt,erst. j . '_t"he meeting vrill be ro discussfuture act j_ons, consequences, ideas,=

    r,u o rr.iLs l-s an important matter, as? t,.ay of life is being destr:oyecl.' Iris being destroyed by-gcvernment,Jour. protest wiil Iii

  • ANVA ACTI0ll IN fJTTAt/fA0n Novernber l2Nh, a contingent

    of Pet,erbor-ough peice acrivi;tstravel.l eci to 0t,lawa, fhe nationscapt*ua-L to ;oin hr-rncireds cf rthersI'rom aIl ov,ir 0ntario in d.emc;rstr_clin

    ---i.^ --{ u1116,

    -6.:..rrot Cana,oa rs involve_ment with U. j. v;eapcns testing.

    The acticn look place at Nation_a1 defence Headquarlers. It began-.+ '7.1 tr.clr, /,4) a.m" aS hUndredS Sat inlf-^-+ ^{a rr- -r-r'orlr o^i rne doors and blocked thewiy of ar.riving employees. Sever_?i people dump-d contiiner.s ofblood (both human and :,rtr6t?I ) :ut-side the building, this was tosymbol-ise the blood r.thich wil_1 bespilled through the eventual usecf these horrendous weapons. T,hcsev,,ho dumped blooci we re irnmeciiatervai"resied and charged r,,ilh rnischilflo property. About 25 Otlai,rapoiice officer.s nsoe trrc ?

    -.rsS*vSwhile RClr,tP stood by ever.ready toassist af these violent (non_. -. : , iviolent) terrorists. should gctout of hand. The sit-in, ch5ntingetc. lasted about an hour. Eventil_

    (,!'ood bank ccnt" )The food. bank is not funded in?ny oi;her rvay than by your dona t_ions. .We do nct recieve grantscr l-oans, that is because we hav:n9t sou3hr t,hesc th:-n{s, ,re f ee1that we v;oufd be bindfng ourselvesto state conr-ro1 vrhich ile will notdo. F-ur"ther. we believe that worksOf mefC'f. glr:,rri-,, c.lj,-t-!,- t -, _ r.r-r_J, S.-rr_LOafity Witftne ress i ortunate should come atscme" desr.e e cf' pe'rsonal this way yje make corjimon causew.rth the poor. rv,e tre no betberrthan thelrr we oni,v share i^,hat wen:ve lnd urge ycu to do the same.

    - Food donations should be eithercanned or dried oT in sealed con_t,ainers

    " This is because we .havcno

    ^ref rig:ration. IIe r^/ill rake agifu cf' mone1,. !.ny amount from adol-lar up r^rorlld Uu'greaJl_y oppr"_ci:ted. ')rop by t,he sttr; at ZL9Hunter st. on }icn. ',vi,ed. or Fri_. orSat, An