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    At long Iast., r.have got *: thought that. peace. and freedom albGestetne:r going a1d Dlgger urill hr_ome-must be lreserved from f oreignnow be appearing }n this .neTr _ attack, Such'a situatlon cannotr"sharper format". Thls method of, be accepted by a Christian an^ari-printing gives much ryore s,cope chist. 'l'inptiy I have been a littlef,on gnorruth not only in the, Digger ur,comfortable ior some time withhrt in, other jobs that may come Winstanl-eyrs theology. lie rejectsup, We hope you will like it' UJit H.eavbn and heI-I rnd-rich prettyIou have no doubt alneady noilice.d welt any after lj-fe,.the change in the masthmd., this II-e eoirates God with re,a-scn- n9y the.Dlgg"" and Chr=is- irr rd far as it goes- bu+, God-**rtian Anarchist". !Q1le giving much more than j[st ieason". "i ;er"-pride of place to Dlggerr_there sonnally believE, i3 a loving Gcdhre a few consriderations I have who sent Hi-s, son Jesus Chr-,.s-, r'-to clarify. The works.of Gerrard eanth to bridge the cos1i1ic S.-r,'Winstanley while generallly being Tkrat Jesus is the Cirrisr,., t h,: :r:,,-'..'agcepted et seminal to anarchist- hope of salvation and the a7.1.',r'tni'thoubnt, bear some disturbing to'know God. I look forr,^rariL'i'r-,';-nt\aif,s, - For his-+- inre and place *"tio" and re-ura.rding after' 1-e-f'e-,trilipstanley was very lenient in t"]:l,lgeca,t5e I cannot accept tha-u r,h:stblms, of crime and punishment. At life js th be 'alt and the end 4r1'a time i.n England when there were, fif" t o me is not wo:r'th the gameth$e'e hundred hanging off,enses, ii this i-s all there is" So v.rhil-eWinstanley allovus for capi-ta1..-pun- I sive lriinstanley and his Diggerishment fi on3-y three ca6es, Tor moiement f,utl d.ue f,or enlightenmtrIupapig,ts, for c orrupt justices who I have to add the two words that,ttadminister the law f,or money.or make this' paper and thj-s,-philos-rewatrdrt, and for any r,vho- vrould Fl.y ophy rr*ra.t tirby 4trer ?tChrlsti&rt'.'or se-LL-t he fruits of the earth. ai:d.'rranarchislrtl li'ltrile I accept;Capitalisrn in a Digger'_qociety_ Winstanleyts agrarian communali-slorwould g,e.em a capital offense. But I would tii

  • CATHOLIC '1/{ORKER,3I0 iPrrAK0n October the lOth, Pro-jects for Change will- present.

    three people from the. CatholicWorker ir:r Toronto. Chuck andBrit Angus and Julie Egan wil-lbe at the public library onFriday the lOth to speak onChristianity as' Reallzed PoIi-tical Actlvism. The evening i^I'jJ.Ibegin at 7l3O and there wiIL bedonations at the doori. Aniountsover'$t5"00 can be made tax de-d.uctable care of the Pete.rboroughGreen Party. The Toronto Cath-olic urorkers ha,ve be.ensupportive of, the Digger and vreurle aII rnrho can to come out forthis presentation. I know it"wil1. be thought provoking. andam l-ooking forv,rard to meetingoId friends f have only colires-ponded v,iitkr-"

    by the one person reriolutioawitl d+"1, 1/\" faces a deca.denr,,

    , confused and dying r,,rcrld. ?t. - Ammon H.ennacy,

    r lhe Book of, Ammon I




    filt fd6D , ap crlr36ttSfivis;tian anarchism j-s, basedupon the answer of je.s;us to the '| 'Pharis,ees. when he siio that ,/h"without sin uras to cast the first ^. lhl-s is issue no' 12 of thestone; and upon the Ser:mon ot ti.e Piqg:"' A sort of annj'versayyo.Itount which advises the return of llgger appeared every other month6;,i-ro"-evii and rhe *I_:i* issues and has nog appearedthe other crreet


    T:e. f,ood bank aL ZL9 Iluntensureet", Projects for Changa jisgroiting" At least tl:e need for

    *ib is, growing, Quite, a. fevr Sfolks now come to the foo.d bank Ylhose f,evr bad days before the r[irelfare: or uLleflploymelt cheo,ue is due, .looking for s;ome asSist- *ance.n A drive i"s, on to get more,i

    ccods for t he. bank" Confainers +are being set up in several_ hford stores,'the first beine t[]:e Harvest'House at 68- CJErge] lI. Cr-rston:e.:i',:, of the.s;e is'bcrils ootrt ,'u nci,!lli.c,l o.f orrr" ii3;,,-,:; anci that they rr.rav hei.p by Y::)-,-cI(ang up a coup-J i o.f :iems (,rf' canned or drie.d rgacG; alrng v)vrj-th thei-r sl';ci::ir:-ii;;, &r1ci d:-oo a-;li.-:sc ir

    -,u. tl:c c::iia- Ln rr"3; pio-v *. Cer.i. l.f an.;oi- ji .:,:--r'r,., I ; l-:-ke r.oiit:riri a': asil uc:e.::-orl ihcrr may d-o.o bjt r-lroppir:,; :irtc the s,icre ai2l-J Hunter srre-er rir,;st aj'fer:noons"A.q r"rel-l-, donaticns ol/er .$i5. wil-Ir::;iC''"'3 a tax reJ:.-pt. ca,re ofl;te Fete.r:borcu,El: C:.een Par-r,y-l r, i-s hoped N.:,a.t al L f.rreads, anda-Ll- '-"rho care f or' Ulie--:' brothersr"irl- sisters in neec wlll- be gen-rii U.l).r t


    Dear Kenny:Ivluch love) pe.ace and divlne

    anarchy to you" Hope you got thelssue, threes which h,ie-r.e sent,lFlerets a ccuple o,f fours (issuef,our? that must mean we tre almostestabllshed) o Do r,rith them wha,tyou wi11,, At last" i have t i-me in the Lazy sunmer sun andmail off the various pinches tovat-ious, people" o . it would b e won-derful to gat,her everyone iato oneplace and share our visions andsupporl, Slowly, slowJ.y. The.?rReclaim the ci-tytt action went\rery r,'.ell,-. and another is nlanned/pug" fourj

    " l{e tve cione variousC,0. rrrorkshops at various gather-ings and festivalls, and the re-

    sponses have been quite haerten-:ing" Ficoing to bring out a fair-].y siu-:s:a;:tia]- i nti"oductory pam-phl-et ,rr-i-thi '.^ do spread theword, thoui;h j-t rs. quite an" Ii!'j-li send you the re.sul-t.s"

    Ln the rire;nt,i:ne-. we?rc movingio a hous:,nr, co'.op :i-n Birminghara.1a t-l.r;rrfh t,i.= .l,c;rcLon adC.r" sti]'Lholds f,or naiJ-) , as part of a NewUirivers:'.t;v- nr:c jec,i -' a,bout whichthere 'oiii-i. be rroi'e i-nt'o. in issuefrve- (-:.tts al.mos,t t:-me for our ann-i''rersanl' e r.'l-LLi.onI ). E:icitementiwrii: and ent,l:us.ias,m f,or lifeabouncfs" Lo;e to everyone in Can-ada., keep turning the worldupsld-e d o',nli.


    -!ord. ^I percj.r:re my sou.I deepiy (pjncl:r of Sal-t is an

  • SE1WINAR ON NON V]OLENCE0! S.eptember the 10th, Fr.Charlie lvlcCarthy held a seminar

    on Christian Non-violence. Itwas well- attended wlth about 55people taking part f,or the wJroleweekend. The. presentation vraswell put togethen,by Henry Kasaubzuba and friends; and Fr. Cha.rlieI4ras c ontroversi"al, witty andthought provoking as usual,EiLms hrere shown on thebombings of Hiroshima and nagasaki.and on the situatlon iLn SouthAfrica. I'{any contacts; &fld friendswere made. Rather than go intodetail- about what rrasr said, I amreproducing a small excerpt fromFr. Charl-iers Stations 0f TheCross of N.onviolent Love. T.l:isand othen pamphlets are availablefor one dol-lar each f rom PatFerrone, 23$ Harris Ave., Need.hamMA. AZ-92.

    CLOTHES i',IAKE THii MAI.{lt0lothes raake the manl?r Bi-llions

    od' ctollarsi are spcnt yearJ-y inaffirmation of this belief" Fortens of tens of mil-lions being fuist1rle ils an essjentia.l ingrediJntof being human. People 5re ins-tantly judged by what I hey v,rearoWestern Christianity has founcl itacceptable. to ignore hunran beingsin dire. need of foodr ffie dicine., -shel,ter and educa.tion while. s,pentl-ing God knows how nuch mone,y onfashj-on. The highesi Chris.tianboly day, Easter, has become inlarge part a celebration of un-needeci c lothes" ?tIf cl_othe s makethe manrt Lhen new cl-othes make.the rrnew man?tl All this is ofcourse a world of destructiveand psuedo,-Christianlty.

    Clothes, do not make the man orwoman. Mercy, forgiveness, Iove,compassion and truth rnake humanbeings what they are supposed tobe. 0n jucigement day the Son ofMah will not ask, ??How often wereyou in style?rt He siII t e.11 us,when we re.sponded to hl;-man misery

    and when we did not. That theresurrection should become an ex-cuse to oamper and religlousLylegitimize the a rtif icially cre.-ated need of fashionablenessltrhile ignoring the wor'lds -:suffer-ing is an abomination. To be airfashlon plate?, in a world whereone pertlon dies every nine seconGbecause his or her pl-ate is emptyis s candalous.

    There was nothing tastefuL ortactful about Jesus I crucifixion,He was beaten brutally and strippednaked as hundreds of millions ofother oppressed people have beenover the centuries and are beingtoday. The vested powers of thisworld always strip naked thosethey wish to control, humiliate,delagitimize., dj scourage and des-troy, for if clothes, make the manor woman, the abs.enee of themmeans the ?rthingt? before them j,'sa subhuman non-rrerson, To hidefrom the Christ, stripped of hi-sgarments is to hide from the re-ality of the cross cf non-violentlove which requiresr that alI begiven and ass,umes, that all r^rilllbe taken if r,rre are faithful,-" Mus,tJesus be wil.ling to be strippedof his garments i-n order to bringthe vrorld to holinessr? l,{ustFrancis of Assisj- have his familyturn from him? Must Dorothy Dayleave her husband? Must EdithStein have her life torn from herat Auschwitz? Yes, they and wemust be stripped of all if wechoose to live Christs cross, ofnon violent love all the way to;the place of skulls



    Itve jus;t finished readingAnerican Splendour by HarveYPckar. Harvey Pekar r,vould be acomplete nonentity, Iiving inCl i:-relannd: v,rorking at a lorlvrevel govirrnment iob, but forone thing. HarveY Pekcr writes':and publishes comj-c books' Thecomic books he writes, however arenot of the usual- super hero,esc.rpist pulp that we see on then.3,rsstands', Pekars stories aren1.s -ly a bout himself or of hisfi iend.s and acquan1,ences as theygo abou-t their ordinary lives.T'i.ri;::e is in -fact very li-ttleacl.i o:: in a.ny of his stories,the only action