The Dangers Of Aggressive Driving

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Transcript of The Dangers Of Aggressive Driving

  • The Dangers Of Aggressive Driving

  • As per the annul report FHWA, there are 900 fatal cases and 200,000 injuries occurred as a result of aggressive driving.

  • Aggressive driving is also known as road rage that involves the behavioral issue while driving.

  • In most cases, these aggressive drivers face a heavy amount of fine or short jail terms.

  • What Are The Most Common Forms Of Aggressive Driving?

  • Any type of driving that creates a risk on the safety of driver as well as other people in road considered as aggressive driving.

  • Some most common form of aggressive driving ---

    :- Tailgating :- Racing

    :- Improper passing :- Speeding

    :- Not obeying traffic :- Tailgating

    :- Suddenly lane changing without any indication

  • Type of aggressive driving:- :- Distracted Driving :- Reckless driving

    :- Aggressive driving

  • Distracted Driving :-

    Distracted driving happens when driver is distracted with some reason and un-wantedly make mistakes on the road.

    This state of mind can affect the security of other road users as well as some times property can be hampered.

  • Some drivers deliberately drives in such a manner that cause safety risk and harm to others.

    Reckless Driving :-

  • As per studies, this driving condition is fragile and involves a pattern of behaviors that causes aggressive driving.

    Aggressive Driving :-

  • As per studies, 50% drivers even admitted that they frequently follow aggressive driving in neighborhood when needed.

  • How Dangerous Aggressive Driving Is?

  • Speed driving is the most common reason for most of the accidents.

  • When a driver crosses the posted speed limit over 50mph, that leads to uncertain accident and that can't be deniable on road.

  • As per studies, aggressive drivers kill 2-4times more people than drunk drivers.

  • In some countries these drivers get a jail term after passing certain limits and in some countries the driving license get

    suspended and revoked permanently.

  • What are the consequences of aggressive driving for 3rd parties?

  • The 3rd parties though get a monetary relief on current & future medical expense but they also suffer mental &

    physical pain, loss of income and problems in relationships.

  • What are the factors that make people to drive aggressively?

  • Anger & frustration :-

    Anger & frustration is the main issue with some drivers that leads to aggressiveness and uncontrolled behavior.

  • As per studies, there are 2 types of personalities who are keen to follow aggressiveness in driving.

    :- Antisocial :- Competitive

    Personality Traits :-

  • There are other factors that encourage the driver to go for aggressive driving like road design, vehicle technology etc.

    Other Factors :-

  • Aggressive drivers only can prevent this problem by taking their time when driving and following the traffic rules like others.