The colourful life of a student - 50 photos brief

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Transcript of The colourful life of a student - 50 photos brief

  • The colourful life of a student

  • The colourful

    life of a student

    byThomas Cavagin

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  • Laundry

    What the fuck did you do to my towel? Your cleaning that, mate.

  • Shelf space

    Why are there three Donnie Darkos?

  • Commuting to uni

    Its so cold I think my hands are going to fall off. I think I can actually

    see them starting to die..

  • Bathroom time management

    How can you shower for so long? Thats disgusting.

  • Breakfast

    Its 4pm, but its still breakfast if theres bacon and eggs, right?

  • Cooking

    Has this gone off? Smell it for me.

  • Distractions

    Are you still doing work? I just found a video of Patrick Stewart

    high on youtube.

  • Putting your stuff away

    Youve had my mug for 3 weeks now, fucking clean it and put it back

    you dirty bastard.

  • Micromanaging bills

    If you dont put the money in by tomorrow I will literally hit you with

    my fist.

  • Hanging out

    Why would we want to play monopoly? Are you literally from the


  • Washing up

    Thats not my plate, you used it last. You used that last too. Im not going

    to clean your shit.

  • Plant decoration

    Id rather some aloe vera around the place than shitty boxers just

    lying around.

  • Bedroom decoration

    I dont know man, I just saw some lights and thought it be better than

    just a poster of. a pair of tits.

  • Television

    Buzzcocks again? Standard.

  • Getting home after nights out

    Mate. Mate. Thats not your house.

  • Working

    Mate, what are you even doing? What is that?