The Cluetrain Manifesto & The Open Brand

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Marketing Tactics & Principles The Cluetrain Manifesto & The Open Brand

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  • 1. Marketing Tactics & PrinciplesThe Cluetrain Manifesto & The Open Brand

2. Last WeekReadings Chris Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger and Rick Levine, "TheCluetrain Manifesto," Kelly Mooney and Nita Rollins, Open BrandMonique [email protected] 3. If marketing is about... Conversation Collaboration CommunityMonique [email protected] 4. And if we believe ClayShirky ... that the web is a network of people who organize themselves Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 5. Then we are talking about...Source: DSearls Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 6. The Cluetrain Manifesto went live April 1999 Written by Chris Locke, Doc Searls,David Weinberger and Rick Levine They felt that a powerful globalconversation had begun And that through the internet peoplewere discovering and inventing newways to share relevant knowledge withblinding speed.Monique [email protected] 7. The Cluetrains Key Points Markets are conversations. Markets are networks of people. Markets make buying decisions by talkingamongst each other. Companies are networks of people. Companies should use a human voiceinstead of corporate-speak. Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 8. What the Cluetrain Manifesto Means for Marketers: People talk. The conversation will go on with or without you. Markets demand transparency, authenticity andtrust. Join your community. The masses are greater than mass media. Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 9. Time for a Quiz8) The Cluetrain Manifesto encourages1) Name one of the authors of the Cluetraincompanies to spend time developing missionManifesto:statements and marketing pitches. True or false?9) What does the Cluetrain Manifesto say about2) When was it written?marketing?3) How many Theses are there?a.Advertising is still one of the best marketing tools.4) The rst Theses is one of the most important b.With the internet, marketing requires morewhat is it? effort.c.Markets want companies to be authentic and5) The Cluetrain Manifesto says that markets transparent.shouldnt be treated as demographic sectors.True or False?10) What can marketers learn from the CluetrainManifesto?6) According to the Cluetrain Manifesto, marketsmake buying decisions by talking amongst eacha.Spend more time studying your marketsother. True or false? demographics.b.Spend more time joining and getting to know7) The Cluetrain states that although people are the community.more connected this doesnt mean that they arec.Spend more time developing your marketingany more powerful or organized. True or False? message.Monique [email protected] 10. 10 Years Later... The Open Brand was written by Kelly Mooneyand Dr. Nita Rollins in 2008 The book is about the power shift frombrands to consumers and how marketersneed to behave differently The lessons of The Cluetrain Manifesto arestill being learned Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 11. The Open Brands Key Points Theres been a relationship shift in the way consumersrelate to products: before, during and after a purchaseconsumers are engaging with each other through blogs,peer-reviews and other interactive ways. Consumers are taking control over the messages thatbrands once controlled. For brands to survive this relationship shift they mustengage with consumers within consumerscommunities.Monique [email protected] 12. 1999: The Cluetrain Manifesto2008: The Open Brand &Here Comes EverybodyToday: Business still struggles with theimplementing these concepts Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 13. Open Brand Asks...(page 12-13) Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 14. What does it mean for marketers?page 21 Worldview of Closed Brands Worldview of Open BrandsTarget Consumers Fosters Communities of ConsumersMonologue DialogueAwareness EngagementPush PullScripted Communication Transparent Communication Request, Periodic Feedback 24/7 Feedback, Input-Focused Created by Marketers Co-Created with ConsumersBrand Management Brand Stewardship Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 15. Its not the tools,its how we use them [email protected] twitter: @boxcarmarketing 16. How is this important to our class? Use your human voice People form social networks Markets are networked environments of people People recognize honesty, transparency, authenticityMonique [email protected] 17. Todays Model is aOld Model was top down networked environment. page 97-98!"#$%& !"#$%&() !"&&%#-./)($)*+,"&(++*$-./& $01234)5166789) *(+#,) In a networked environment (Cluetrain), people form communities and organize themselves (Shirky). They talk transparently (Open Brand) about their experiences. Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 18. The O.P.E.N Brand is: On-demand: Brands need to be accessible,immediate, & ndable. Personal: Brands need to build relationshipswith consumers. Engaging: Brands need to be interactive andprovide meaningful experiences that fosterrelationships. Networked: Brands need to leverage thepotential of word-of-mouth marketing marketto true fans who will spread the word for them.Monique [email protected] 19. What is a brand?brand, branding, branded Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 20. What is a brand? Specic information about an!"#$%&() !"&&%#-./)organization, product or service$01234)5166789)(or even person) thatdistinguishes it from others in themarketplace.*(+#,) A promise about the qualities andcharacteristics that make theorganization, product or serviceunique. Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing 21. Next UpAssignments Complete the Open Brand metric system on a company ofyour choice, not mentioned in the book. Email a copy to [email protected] Chapter 2 and 3 of Friends with Benets