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  • 8/8/2019 The Casa Bulletin - August 15, 2010


    The Church of Our Lady of the Angelshe Church of Our Lady of the Angelshe Church of Our Lady of the AngelsAt the Franciscan Renewal Center5802 E. Lincoln Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85253480.948.7460 www.thecasa.orgAll are Welcome!

    The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryAugust 15, 2010

  • 8/8/2019 The Casa Bulletin - August 15, 2010




    We, the Roman Catholic Bishops in Arizona, commend Judge Susan Bolton for enjoining some of

    the more problematic provisions of SB 1070.We hope that reaction to her ruling will be expressed only in peaceful and legal ways.

    As Bishops in our respective dioceses, we know that in practically every parish there are familiesthat have been living with the fear and anxiety generated by SB 1070 that they might be torn apart.The situation of these families might be that one parent is a citizen and that the other is not in ourcountry legally. Or, the situation might be that some children in the family are citizens and that abrother or sister is not here legally.

    Our hearts go out to these families. We know them to be good people who work hard and whocontribute to the economy and to the quality of life of their communities.

    We will continue our advocacy against the provisions of SB 1070 and will monitor theimplementation of the provisions allowed by the ruling.

    We will continue to advocate for comprehensive reform of our nation's immigration laws.

    Our advocacy is predicated on our beliefs that:Illegal immigration is bad for our nation. It is not good for us to not know who is entering ourcountry.

    Our international borders need to be secured and we need to be protected from drug smuggling,weapons smuggling, human trafficking and violence.

    There must be a process - but not amnesty - for persons who have entered our country illegally

    to pursue legal status. This process must have proportionate consequences for the act of illegalentry, consequences that would include fines, learning English, and going to the "back of theline" to seek citizenship.

    Our nation needs a program that would allow needed workers to enter the country legally. Thisprogram must include protection of workers rights.

    The tragic consequences of the failure of our nation's political leadership to enact reform of ourimmigration system have included the deaths of thousands of people

    Migrants - women, men, children in desperate circumstances - have died trying to enter ourcountry. U.S. citizens have died because of crimes committed by drug smugglers, people smugglers

    and weapons smugglers.

    We pray for those who have died and for their grieving families.

    And we pray that our senators and representatives will put aside their partisan divisions and go towork immediately to fix the broken immigration system.

    Most Rev. James S. Wall Most Rev. Thomas J. OlmstedBishop of Gallup Bishop of Phoenix

    Most Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas Most Rev. Eduardo A NevaresBishop of Tucson Auxiliary Bishop of Phoenix

  • 8/8/2019 The Casa Bulletin - August 15, 2010


    Franciscan Renewal Center the Casa de Paz y Bien 3We Are Here for YOU...

    Schedule for Counseling Support Groups

    Monday 6:30pm-8pm: Divorce & Separation/Relationship Endings

    Tuesday 5:30pm-7pm: Grief Support Group

    6:30pm-8pm: Depression Support Group(Meets every other week: August 31, September 14 & September 28)

    Wednesday 6:30pm-8pm: Gestalt Therapy Support Group

    An appointment is not required forthe support groups listed above.

    Individual sessions are available mornings, afternoons and evenings, Monday through Friday, and requirean appointment. To make an appointment, please call the Counseling Ministry at 480-948-7460, ext. 133between the hours of 8:30 am and 12 Noon. If you know of someone who is looking for help, answers,guidance or just needs someone to listen, please suggest our counseling ministry.We welcome all who are interested in attending.

    Judith McHale, MA, LPC, DirectorCounseling Ministry, Franciscan Renewal Center

    Arizona Catholic Conference Voters GuideThe 2010 Voters Guide for the upcoming primary election is available at Included in the Catholic Conference voters guide is all the information that is in theregular voters guide put out by the State. Pursuant to Internal Revenue Service requirements for churches andnonprofit organizations, this document does not endorse candidates or indicate our support or opposition to thequestions. The voters guide, however, is an excellent source of information on the candidates' positions on currentissues that may be reproduced in your churches. Early voting for the August 24th Primary Election began July30th.

    Thank you, Rob DeFrancesco, Director of Communications, Diocese of Phoenix

    Newcomers Ministry & Casa Information TableBeing hospitable goes beyond just saying "welcome." The Newcomers Ministry & Casa Information Table inthe Hospitality area is a resource for anyone who might be new to the Casa, or just want more informationabout any of the many facets of this wonderful place.For the past five years, the Newcomers Ministry has hosted the Casa Information Table in the Hospitalityarea, and guided the very popular Casa Tours. We are seeking new members to assist with this ministry, weneed more help. Anyone who is a member of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels may serve in thisministry, especially those with the following qualities:

    A smile and a genuine love for peopleThe ability to communicate in a friendly, outgoing mannerA sincere willingness to serve the Casa community, and to become informed about the Casa and its manyofferings.

    Responsibilities include serving at the Casa Information Table just once a month, following Mass, for about30 minutes. Additionally, members are encouraged to assist with leading a Casa Tour. In this process, ourministers become "experts" on the Casa, including its history, facility, administration, etc., as well as currenthappenings.Members of the Casa Newcomers Ministry serve as a bridge into the community one person at a timeperhaps even becoming spiritual companions or friends of the people they meet. Please call Tom or ChrisBenscoter at 480-203-3242 (Tom) or 480-650-6021 (Chris), or email to You may also leaveyour name at the front desk. Thank you!

  • 8/8/2019 The Casa Bulletin - August 15, 2010


    Franciscan Renewal Center - Faith in Action 4A Message from the Director:

    Last Christmas when we collected food

    for the people at the Franciscan

    missions on the Apache Reservations,

    we also collected some books for a new

    library at the mission Church in Cibecue.

    The small library is now established and

    the children are enjoying the ability to check out

    books as well as story times. Below is a thank you

    note from Anna and Fr. Eddie. If you are getting rid

    of any childrens book, please think of this project.

    You can drop the books off at the front desk and let

    them know that they go to my office.Thank You CasaCommunity!We now have an afterschool program onWednesdays withstory time and extrahelp with reading.We are so grateful toyou and the Casacommunity for makingthis happen. We keepyou all in prayer.

    With gratitude,Anna and Fr. Eddie,St. Catherines

    Church and theCibecue Community

    In September, 1999 a British filmmaker named Jeremy Gilley launched the film project: Peace One Day.This was the beginning of an experiment to find out whether he could persuade the governments of our worldto create the first-ever global ceasefire/nonviolence day with a fixedcalendar date: PEACE DAY.He traveled the world to build the case for creating such a day. Meet-ings were held with global figures such as then UN Secretary GeneralKofi Annan and the Dalai Lama as well as individuals whose lives had

    been profoundly affected by violent conflict. On September 7, 2001,Jeremy achieved his goal.The History of Peace Day: The original UN International Day of Peace was created by Costa Rica in 1981,however the date of the Day moved from year to year and no one was being asked to stop fighting. In Sep-tember, 2001, Jeremy and a group of friends achieved the first stage of their goal at the UN General Assem-bly by giving the International Day of Peace a fixed date and making it a day of global ceasefire and nonvio-lence. Individuals can achieve great things and Jeremys idea had been accepted by all the countries thatmade up the UN (189 at the time). They adopted a Resolution, a document that asks every individual onearth to observe and commemorate one day of PEACE every year. The date chosen was: September 21Peace Day.Please join with us on that date to commemorate Peace Day. More details to follow.

    What Will YOU Do To

    Make PEACE

    on September 21, 2010?

    Were gearing up for the fall 2010 start of the JustFaith Program. For more information on Just Faith,please attend an Information session on August22nd (after all the morning masses) in Ventura, PiperHall.

    To help those interested with their final discernment onwhether or not now is the time to take part in JustFaith, we are offering a Discernment Meeting inSerra on Aug. 30 from 6:30-8:30 pm . RSVP if youhave not yet done so.I offer another testimony from a past Just Faithparticipant:"We are all travelers on the journey of life. Just Faithopened a new road for my travels. The road exploredpowerful social issues such as poverty, hunger,racism, immigration, peace, justice, and environment. Idiscovered many