The Buckingham Palace

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Transcript of The Buckingham Palace

  • 1.In the center of LondonBetween The Green Park, Hyde Park and St. Jamess Park

2. In 1837 it became QueenVictorias official resident 3. Headquarters of the MonarchyThe offices of the Royal HouseholdUsed for State entertainingBanquets, lunches, dinners, receptions and the Royal Garden Parties 4. 77,000 square metres of floorspace775 rooms Lavishly furnishedPaintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, ClaudeSculptures by Canova and Chantrey 5. 40 acres 30 different species of bird More than 350 different wild flowers 6. Millions of tourists Opened from August to September Guards Buckingham Palace Garden The Queens Gallery 7. Full-dress uniform of red tunics and bearskinsProper name is Guard MountingGuard the official enteranceTakes approximately 45 minutesEvery day at 11.30am in summerDuring the time, the band plays music 8. Provides royal transport for the Royal Family Used for special occasions 9.