The Bret Tin Burg Campaign

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Transcript of The Bret Tin Burg Campaign

  • 8/8/2019 The Bret Tin Burg Campaign


    TheBrettinburCampaig A Warlord Setting

    By James D. Ripley&

    William A. Barrett

  • 8/8/2019 The Bret Tin Burg Campaign



    Table of ContentsList of Tables2Introduction3The Campaign Goal5The Fighting Company5

    Troop ConstructionFighting Company Rating....Spells

    Discipline Checks..............6The Rout Check

    Post Battle Sequence.7InjuriesAllocate ExperienceRoll on the Exploration ChartSell BloodstoneUpkeepNew RecruitsHire Famous Adventurers

    Update Your Fighting Company RatingFamous Adventurers22Scenarios26

    Defend the FindSkirmishBloodstone HuntBreakthroughStreet BrawlChance EncounterTreasure ChestOccupyAmbush

    Optional Rules38

  • 8/8/2019 The Bret Tin Burg Campaign



    List of TablesDifference in Fighting Company Rating Experience Bonus...6Heros Serious Injuries Chart8

    Heroes Advancement Roll10

    SA Table11

    Soldiers Advancement Roll12

    Bloodstone Shard Chart13Exploration Chart14

    Magical Artifacts Table19

    Bloodstone Sell Chart20

    Scenario Table26

  • 8/8/2019 The Bret Tin Burg Campaign



    Introduction Arems Journal Day 1

    Forty days ago the city of Brettinburg was rocked by a massive earthquake. Reportstrickled out as survivors fled. Too few escaped. They told of a series of small quakes leadingup to a massive explosion. After the explosion the city lay in ruins, flattened or crumbling.

    That much is for certain.What is less certain is what caused the explosion, and what the long term effects of the explosion are. Many of the survivors were hysterical when they found their way intonearby towns. They described friends and family going insane, turning on each other. Theytalked about choking red clouds, and magical crystals littering the city.

    At first, the powers in Taltos sent small bands to Brettinburg to investigate thecatastrophe. As soon as those bands returned, they all called in reinforcements. Before long,the valleys surrounding Brettinburg were embroiled in all out warfare as powerful Warlordsattempted to block each other from occupying the city.

    As usually happens in Taltos, once the battle lines are drawn Mercenaries are hired to go in and do the dirty work. My company was contracted to sneak through the blockade

    and make our way into the city. Theres a bounty on what theyre calling Bloodstone. Anominous enough name. Its supposed to be some sort of a small, glowing red rock of somesort.

    Turns out that Bloodstone has a variety of uses. Mages can use them for their magic.Smithies can use them to make powerful weapons. Demand is through the roof, and if I canget in and out alive and find enough of these stones, Ill be set for life! Unfortunately it seems that everybody else has the same idea.* * *

    Arems Journal Day 17 Last night we made our first push into the city. What a hellish place! Even at noon it

    was like a red dusk with the haze that has settled over the city. The buildings are all

    crumbling, the streets are littered with debris and corpses, and there are scorch marks allover the place. We didnt manage to find any Bloodstone, but we ran into a pack of Darkspawn. They came out of the haze and took down three of my men before we even knewthey were there! After a furious skirmish we withdrew. The spawn let us be once weretreated, which was odd. They usually pursue you, but it seemed like they had somethingmore important than bloodshed on their minds. Very odd behavior.* * *

    Arems Journal Day 22This morning, early, an Overlord troop passed our camp on their way into

    Brettinburg. And that was after the Elves passed in the middle of the night, and the Nefsokar sent their mummies in. Seems everybody wants the Bloodstone. Ive issued orders for all of

    the men to carry extra rations and gear with them when we go back into Brettinburg. Withthis many people searching for Bloodstone, Im not sure we can afford to keep going in and out. We may have to camp in the city and fend for ourselves. One way or another I willmake myself a rich man because of this job.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    In Taltos, power is everything. With enough power, you could do anything. And power was just what Darik held in his hand. A shard of stone, glowing faintly red. It waswarm to the touch, and Darik could feel its power coursing into his flesh.

  • 8/8/2019 The Bret Tin Burg Campaign



    Sir! Darik shouted, clutching the stone close to his chest as he picked his way out of the crumbling tower he had found the stone in. Sir! I found one!

    Dariks captain stared intently at the stone. His eyes gleamed as he imagined thewealth that even this single stone would bring him.

    Excellent work Darik. Tell the others to meet up in the square here. Were heading

    back to camp. Darik turned to find his companions, prickling his soldiers instincts. His group wasnot alone in these streets. Darik slinked into an alley and peered down its length. Wassomething moving back there? Suddenly he heard a shout behind him, and turned to seeanother group of searchers grappling with his captain. They were trying to steal the stone!

    Darik gritted his teeth and dove into the fray. In Taltos, power is everything, and Darik would die before he let go of the power he had just claimed!* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Durgam Deepmug grunted as he hefted his axe out of the vampire he had just slain.Keeping his weapons at the ready, he darted back through the broken doorway he had chased the vampire through and rejoined the fray in the street. The early morning sun gave

    just enough illumination to light the scene: skeletons and dwarves swung and chopped madlyat each other amidst the screech and clash of metal striking metal. Durgam lunged at a nearby skeleton, cleaving its arm with his axe as he swung down

    upon its bony skull. The undead crumbled, but another stepped up to take its place. As he parried its blows he heard the cruel incantations of a Necropolis mage attempting to cursehim. As the spells black fury raced towards him, a red bolt zinged past his shoulder and scattered the ray. Margara Firetongue stepped to Durgams side, shouted and held her mailed fist high in the air. With a rush of intense heat, a hammer-shaped missile zoomed through the air and crashed into the Necropolis mages chest, dropping him to the ground.

    As he faltered, the skeletons collectively retreated. A dwarf across the street took aimand sent a crossbow bolt into the necromancer, and his life seeped out of his wounds. Theskeletons fell to the earth with a clatter. Victory!

    Striding over to the necromancers ruined body, Durgam kicked him over and rifled his pockets. Three glowing gems! The small stones would fetch a ransom on the market.

    Bloodstone, as the gems were called, was the reason Durgam had come to the ruined city of Brettinburg. The King needed money to finance the wars, and considering that killingskeletons was part of the war in the first place, it made sense to Durgam to kill skeletonswhile finding these precious gems.

    Ever since Brettinburg had exploded in a catastrophic earthquake and fire,adventurers had been finding Bloodstone in the ruins. Demand was high for these potent magical gems, but the competition was tough. Durgam knew he had what it took to go toe totoe with whomever or whatever - stood between him and the Bloodstone.* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *The once grand city of Brettinburg is the setting for this campaign in the world of Taltos.Thanks to a series of earthquakes, Bloodstone was raised from the depths and is now primefor the taking! Do you have what it takes to comb through the ruins of Brettinburg and claimall of the Bloodstone for yourself? Or will you just become another footnote in the history of this once fair city? Only time will tell

  • 8/8/2019 The Bret Tin Burg Campaign



    The Campaign GoalThe goal of this campaign is to have the highest amount of Bloodstone accumulated at theend of a predetermined number of rounds. Dont forget that after every battle you will needto rebuild your forces, so keeping Bloodstone may not be as simple as it seems! It isrecommended to play a minimum of 5 rounds before declaring the winner. But, your playing

    group can reach a consensus on the number of rounds. It is totally up to you!

    The Fighting Company Troop ConstructionWhen beginning a fighting company, you may build a force up to 500 talents (talents akapoints). If a model costs 25 points, it now costs 25 talents. You will have an opportunity tosearch for treasure that is worth talents at the end of each battle.

    You must designate one troop leader as your Fighting Company Leader. You do not have tofield a warlord if you do not wish.

    Standard troop building rules apply to your fighting company. Troops are still constrained tothe minimums and maximums. No troop may ever exceed its leaders maximum. No leadermay exceed the maximum number of elites that he/she can normally hold.

    You must observe the chain of command rule.

    For the purposes of experience, treat all soldiers of a specific datacard in a given troop as agroup.

    Leaders, Elites and Solos are considered to be Heroes for the purpose of these campaign rules.

    Soldiers are still considered to be Soldiers for the purpose of these campaign rules.

    Throughout the entirety of these rules, when you see the word warrior, it is referencing toany and all models that are in your fighting compan