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  • The Bottomline July 2007 IssueHong Kong Division

    Presidential Message

    Dear members and students of CIMA Hong Kong Division

    It is with great pleasure that I write to you during the first week of my Presidency of the Hong Kong Division.

    I would like to thank Peter Choy FCMA for his third term as President from 2006 - 2007. During Peter’s Presidency CIMA has achieved many milestones including a strong relationship with HKICPA and other professional bodies in Hong Kong. During the year CIMA Hong Kong Council was invited by HKSAR to take part in two Trade Missions to Mainland China. Both of these missions are reported on in this newsletter. Through these missions CIMA members have had the opportunity to network with Mainland Chinese companies, government departments and Universities with the view to promoting CIMA.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kenneth Chan FCMA as area representative to CIMA Council in London and his recent re-election to this position. Kenneth has provided the CIMA Council with up-to-date strategy information from the Council and has taken the lead role in the preparation of a proposal for a new regional structure.

    During my term as President I aim to:

    • Provide membership service to all members in Hong Kong by promoting continuing professional development that supports members in enhancing their professional competence and also develop a technical agenda which ensures that the CIMA voice is heard in all spheres of influence, and which supports members in their career development.

    • Develop strategies of student recruitment and support, especially in Tertiary Education Institutes through providing a recruitment support framework in partnership with employers and educationalists that promotes and encourages competent students to become members. Also encourage student enrolment at tertiary education institutes through scholarships and course subsidies.

    • Enhance the CIMA brand. CIMA members are highly regarded for their management and accounting competence and professional standards and it is of great importance that we uphold this reputation. Through the Trade Missions held in Mainland China last year CIMA has successfully made connections with Mainland Chinese companies and organizations. In the year ahead we will continue along this line to promote our image and build on our recognition as the authoritative voice on financial and business management issues in the region.

    Last but not least I must emphasize that the success of the Hong Kong Division is very much dependant on the contribution from all CIMA members and therefore I will strive to strengthen communication among all members throughout my term.

    Hong Kong Division is very well positioned for the future and I look forward to working closely with the divisional staff, council members, committees and all CIMA members to take our success to the next level.

    Yours sincerely

    Michael Chan FCMA President, CIMA Hong Kong Division

  • CIMA Hong Kong contacts

    CIMA Hong Kong 23rd Annual General Meeting 2007

    2 Bottomline

    President Michael Chan FCMA presents Immediate Past President Peter Choy FCMA with the Past President’s Medallion.

    Peter thanks outgoing Councillor Mr Andy Lee for his contribution to the HK Council

    Peter thanks Immediate Past President Paul Yeung for his contribution to HK Council

    Michael Chan thanks Peter Choy for his three terms as President, first in 2002 and again in 2006.

    Hong Kong divisional council 2006/2007

    President Chan Yui Lung, Michael FCMA

    Deputy President Cheung Wai Yin, Leo ACMA

    Vice President Chan Kin Lok, Paul FCMA

    CIMA Council Member, Area 15 Chan Kai Chi, Kenneth FCMA

    Immediate Past President Choy Chak Wa, Peter FCMA

    Treasurer Ho King Lam, Kingston FCMA

    Council Members Cheng Sau Ying, Irene ACMA Iu Tak Meng, Teddy FCMA Lam Yuen May, Amy ACMA Li Wing Sun FCMA Pang Cheung Hing, Alex ACMA Pun Kwok Wing, Jimmy FCMA Sze Tak Chee, Sidney ACMA Tsang Fan Fung, Andy FCMA

    Communications committee

    Chairman Ho King Lam, Kingston FCMA

    Committee Members Chan Nap Tuck, Anthony FCMA Cheng Loi, Sammy FCMA Ho Wai Ming, Harry Kee Ying Sum, Sam ACMA Lam Suet Fun, Katy Suen Sen Yung, Daniel Tsui Ming Yan, Kevin Wibowo, Novianto

    By Invitation Dr Agatha Fraser

    Editor Margarret Fidow ACMA

    Staff contribution Juliee PL Tan Kieran Lam

    CIMA Hong Kong Division Suites 1414-1415 14th Floor, Jardine House Central, Hong Kong

    T.: +852 2511 2003 F.: +852 2507 4701 E.: [email protected]

    Disclaimer: CIMA reserves the right to grant permission to reproduce articles. Opinions expressed in the Bottomline are the authors’ own and do not necessarily represent the policies of their employer or CIMA divisional council. CIMA accepts no responsibility for views expressed by contributors. The publisher reserves the right to refuse, cancel, amend or suspend any advert or insert. No liability is accepted for loss arising from non-publication, incorrect or late publication of any item. The inclusion of any advertising material does not imply that CIMA endorses the product, service etc advertised.

  • CIMA Hong Kong 23rd Annual General Meeting 2007

    On Wednesday 20th June, Mr Michael Chan FCMA was elected as the President of the CIMA Hong Kong Division for 2007-2008. The Deputy President Mr Leo Cheung ACMA and Vice President Mr Paul Chan FCMA were also elected as Honorary Officers for 2007-08.

    The Chairman for the meeting, Mr Peter Choy FCMA and outgoing President announced that a total of seven members were to be elected to the Council with two vacancies serving a two year tem and five vacancies serving a three year term. The elected members are: Mr Kingston Ho FCMA, Mr Teddy Iu FCMA, Mr Jimmy Pun FCMA, Dr Li Wing Sun FCMA, Dr Sidney Sze ACMA, Ms Irene Cheng ACMA and Ms Amy Lam ACMA.

    Outgoing President Peter Choy stated ‘It was indeed my honor to be CIMA Hong Kong Division President for 2006-07. As you all know this is my third term as President and I am appreciate the work done our Area Representative Mr Kenneth Chan and our Divisional Manager Juliee and her secretariat team who has given a lot of support in the last year’.

    Mr Michael Chan thanked Peter Choy and Paul Yeung FCMA, Immediate Past President for their excellent

    2007-2008 CIMA HK Council L to R back: Mr Andy Lee, Mr Teddy Iu, Mr Alex Pang, Ms Amy Lam, Mr Andy Tsang and Dr Li Wing Sun L to R front: Ms Irene Cheng, Mr Kenneth Chan, Mr Peter Choy, Mr Michael Chan, Mr Paul Chan, Mr Paul Yeung and Ms Judy Vulker (Interim Divisional Director) Absent: Mr Kingston Ho, Mr Jimmy Pun, Dr Sidney Sze and Mr Leo Cheung

    L to R: Mr Robin Ching, Mr Patrick Yeung, Mr Joseph Lai and Mr Kenneth Chan

    leadership over the last 2 years. Long serving Council members Dr Joseph Yau FCMA and Mr Andy Lee FCMA were acknowledged for their contribution to CIMA’s success in Hong Kong.

    New President Mr Michael Chan also noted that there were many challenges for CIMA Hong Kong this year and he would focus the work of Council on member services, particularly in relation to networking with other members in Mainland China, increasing brand awareness through improving employer relationships and improving student services.

  • Visit to Zhengzhou

    CIMA Hong Kong Division was invited by the China Council for International Investment Promotion (Ministry of Commerce Bureau) to join the Second Expo Central 2007. The event was held from 25 - 29 April 2007.

    CIMA was the only Accounting Body in Hong Kong to be invited to join the event. The other group of Hong Kong delegates (HK Trade Development Council) was led by HKSAR Chief Executive Mr Donald Tsang. As delegates were scattered throughout the Southern Part of China, we began our journey from 3 different places (Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou).

    On April 25, we met the Assistant Minister of Commerce Chen Jian together with the delegation from Hong Kong Commerce, Industry & Technology Bureau and business circles who came to Zhengzhou to attend the Expo Central China 2007, capital city of Henan Province.

    After the ceremony, we attended the Central China Business Summit 2007 together with Vice Premier Wu Yi, Minister of commerce Bo Xilai, HKSAR Chief Executive Mr Donald Tsang, Macao Chief Executive Mr Edward Ho.

    During the Summit, we met Ms Zhao Lei – Director Investment Group, Mr Wang Hui – Deputy Director – General of EAD, Head of Commercial Office, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Ms Yvonne Choi – Permanent Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology, The Office of the Government of the HKSAR in Bejing, Mr Thomas Tso – Director and Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Shanghai Mr Patrick Chan Director.

    Later in the afternoon CIMA IPP Paul Yeung and Mr WS Li (an ex-CIMA HK Division Council member) attended a visit to the Henan University of Finance and Economics on the afternoon of 27th April (Friday) in Zhengzhou (provincial capital of the Henan Province).

    We were greeted by the Head of the Accounting Dept, Professor Zhe, and Director of Foreign Affairs Office, Mr Yuan Dong Li. Having briefed both of them about CIMA and our desire to understand more about their institute, we were led to a conference

    room where a grou