The Bocce Banter

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Transcript of The Bocce Banter

Bocce Club Mission Statement
The mission of Bonita Bay Bocce is to promote the play of
organized Bocce and to foster a spirit of friendly
competition in a highly social environment.
President's Message
February has been, and continues to be, a busy month for Bocce. The Battle of the Sexes and the Women’s tournament are already past and the Men’s tournament is quickly approaching at the end of the month. All very fun and exciting
events. I want to recognize all who have contributed their time to make these events happen. The Bocce Board of Directors, especially Tom Covelli our Tournament Director, and the other event volunteers, including the guys who make sure the courts are ready for you, and the referees who stand in the hot sun to insure you have a fair measure. Without our volunteers these events wouldn’t happen so please reach out
to them with a well deserved thank you.
Just a reminder ......... Please take the time to see the Defibrillator training on our web site. It could save someone’s life. On the wall at the Bocce court pavilion by the message board is a red box. That box contains a Defibrillator. To learn how to use it go
to Click on the word Resources in the top row of the homepage and you will find a Defibrillator training video. Coordinators, you may want to inform your league members regarding this information or take your Ipad/laptop to the courts when you play
See you at the courts!
1. This is a double elimination, single player event open to all male Bonita Bay Bocce Club members.
2. Each player signs up as an individual.
3. All players must be available on both days.
4. A random draw will be used to determine playing schedule/placement.
5. A double elimination bracket system will be used to determine winning player.
6. Maximum number of participants will be 32 men.
7. Event will be held on Wednesday, February 26 and Thursday, February 27.
8. Starting time schedules will be announced
after random bracket drawing has been completed.
9. Contact Dave Williams [email protected] or Tom Covelli [email protected] if you have Tournament questions.
10. Registration ends on February 21st.
Men's Tournament Registration
1st Place Neil Albert , Tournament Chair Dave Williams & Runner-up Tom Covelli
It's Coming In March!
Bizarre, eccentric, flaky, freaky, off-the-wall, outlandish.
But most of all it's fun!
Team registration will begin on March 1 with
an end date of March 18. Registration information is posted in the Events section of the Bocce Website (
• An adventurous team captain representing his/ her daring team will register for all their fun- loving team members.
• These intrepid teams consist of 4 conspicuously unconventional Bocce Club members (no restrictions on the ratio of women to men on each team).
• Thrill-seeking teams can be formed in any way (by league, community, age, IQ, degree of flakiness, eccentricities, or whatever).
• Daring individuals who don't have a team but want to participate are also invited to sign up. If you don't have a team we will try to find one quirky enough for you to play on.
Tournament Structure
• Maximum of 36 goofy teams and 144 daring players.
• Each of these thrill seeking teams will play at least one 12 point game against a team of equally brave opponents to be determined by a random draw.
Gonzo Game Format
• These adventuresome team players will compete throwing the balls differently on each turn.
• Gonzo type throws are still To Be Determined (Examples are listed below (yup ---
they are a bit unusual --- and other suggestions are welcome).
1. Use opposite hand
3. Multiple pallinos on court (points closest to each pallino).
4. Throw with obstacles on the court.
5. Points scored by being furthest from the pallino.
6. All shots are bank shots. 7. Throw 2 balls at the same time (either by one
freaky player or two).
Other crazy, weird and unusual throws are being considered to challenge the kooky players rolling them.
The day promises to be a Gonzo good time!
Events Held
After an initial postponement due to rain, the annual, ever popular, Battle of the Sexes took
place on February 8. Sixteen teams of men and sixteen teams of women battled in this spirited, fun-filled day of bocce.
The weather was chilly but the lady's teams started out on fire. Five out of the first six matches were won by the women. It didn't
stop there. Throughout the morning and early afternoon the women continually kept the pressure on as the Battle continued. Hard fought battles and comebacks were
commonplace as each side demonstrated their well honed bocce skills. Those watching were treated to one great roll after another.
Finally, in mid-afternoon, the ladies sealed their first ever Battle of the Sexes victory by winning their ninth game. The men
continued to rally but fell just short. The final Battle Tournament score ended with the Women's teams winning 9 matches and the Men's teams winning 7 matches.
Winning Team Pictures In Order of Finish Are Shown Below
Battle Gals
Crossings Crew
Sandpiper Swingers
Spectators lined the courts throughout the day
rooting for their favorites.Cheers and smiles, oohs
and ahs, and the spirit of the day filled the air.
At the completion of the Battle a Potluck for all Bocce Club members was held at the
pavilion and courts. Pulled-pork sliders were served with the many scrumptious dishes and desserts provided by those who attended. A great Battle, followed by a delicious Potluck,
equalled a truly wonderful Bocce Club event. A big thanks to all who volunteered to prepare the courts, referee the matches, set
up, serve, and clean up at the end of the day.
Why the Men Lost the Battle !
# 10. The women violated US Bocce
Association recruiting rules.
# 7. The women used the NE Patriot’s video
cameras to spy on men’s practice sessions.
# 6. The Grand Nanas reminded us of our second
grade teachers.
least 10 years younger than their male
chocolate chip brownies.
# 3. The men’s best teams were told to report to
the Spring Creek Court by a “Rachel from
Card Services” robocall.
the sun into our eyes.
# 1 Reason The Men Lost -- Climate Change!
Enough said!
Women's Tournament
Coming off their victory in the Battle of the Sexes, 24 women participated in this year’s Women’s Tournament. On the mornings of February 12th/13th twelve teams competed in the double
elimination event that featured great bocce play and a lot of exciting matches. Many of the competitors were first time tournament players and all performed well. In the hard fought finals,
June Cousineau and Gloria Johnson claimed first place over the team consisting of Mary Mach and Mary Alice Wexler. The luncheon to be held after the awards ceremony was postponed due to a necessary playoff match that concluded too late in the afternoon for the planned luncheon to be appropriately celebrated and enjoyed. The luncheon was rescheduled and held the following week at the Bonita Bay Club.
Special thanks to Mary Ann Galluccio, Phyllis Crockett, Morna Fornier and Diane Sweeney for organizing the tournament. Appreciation also goes to Larry Brenner, Jack Miller, and Bob Newberry for their efforts in grooming the courts for play each day. And thanks to all the referees who took time out of their schedules to make the tournament a success.
Schwerer, Carol Rogers, Beverly Moss, Maureen
Campbell, Bev Schnurbush, Diana Winters, June Zegel,
Bobbie Kittredge, Eileen Covelli, Mo Colbert, Phyllis
Crockett, Sarah Knestrick, Karen Bothwell, Mary Anne Galluccio, Yvette Arsenec-Weir, Sylvia Weiss, Suzanne
Mooney, Pat Gorno, Mary O'Fallon, and Nancy Hayden
Do You Know Your Bocce?
February's Trivia Questions
1. The oldest bocce club in America is the Aquatic Park Bocce Club, which was founded by Italian immigrants in ________?
A) Chicago B) New York
C) San Francisco D) St. Augustine
E) Boston F) New Orleans
2. Which famous artist did a painting titled “Il Gioco Delle Bocce.” ?
A) Da Vinci B) Matisse
C) Picasso D) Michelangelo E) Dali
3. What are the two main versions of bocce ball?
A) Volo and Raffa B) Volo and Pallino
C) Raffa and Bolo D) Bolo and Strappa
E) None of the above
** Answers found below
The Crew That Keep Us Rolling
After the heavy rains and windstorm on February
1st and February 7th left the Riverwalk bocce courts flooded and covered with tree debris, the
CMC (Court Maintenance Commandos) sprang into action to get the courts in playable condition quickly. Our thanks to Jack Miller, Dave Williams, Larry Brenner and Bob Newbury.
We are always looking for volunteers to assist with the various Bocce Club activities. The upcoming Men's Tournament and Gonzo Bocce events will still need assistance.
• Volunteers to take event pictures for the Banter and
preparation morning before start of event.
• Helpers to assist with event set-up.
• Helpers to assist with activity at tournament
conclusion (set up, serving, clean up).
Send an email to one of the addresses below stating which event(s) you'd like to help with and the assistance you'd like to provide.
Dave Williams --- [email protected]
Tom Covelli --- [email protected]
Diane Sweeney ---- [email protected]
Ken Zegel ----- [email protected]
Woodstock 50th -- Dinner & Dance -- January 27
Learn To Play Bocce Workshop
The second Learn to Play Bocce workshop proved to be as every bit as successful as the one held on November 1, 2019. Twenty-six Bonita Bay
residents signed up and, demonstrating the significant interest in the game of bocce, thirty- two people showed up to learn more about this increasingly popular activity.
Dave Williams led things off as he welcomed the attendees, informed them about the content of
the workshop, what they would experience, and the various aspects of the Bocce Club.
After the introduction the attendees were broken up into groups and assigned to one of the three bocce courts. There the volunteer "teachers" gave them hands-on instruction as to the rules, etiquette, and techniques of the game. Then it was time to roll and put this information into
action as each person was given the opportunity to reinforce what they had been shown. Each roll brought about questions that reinforced the learning process. Obvious and on-going improvement was easily observed as each person was able to share this bocce experience.
Many thanks to the following bocce "teachers" who helped instruct "students": Nancy Hayden, Mary Ann Galluccio, Diane Sweeney, Art Johnson, Neil Albert, Hank Gempeler and Tom Covelli.
The two Learn to Play Bocce workshops, one in November and the January one just held, saw 82 Bonita Bay residents participate. Most left this
experience ready to play more bocce and many have chosen to join the Bocce Club so they can enjoy both the sport and the other various social aspects this Club provides.
Dave Welcomes and Informs!
Neil Showing The Way!
Diane Explains It All !
Tom Calling the Shots!
Decisions! Decisions!
Looking Good!
Celebrating Woodstock's 50th - Bocce Style
Nostalgia ruled the evening at the recent Bocce Club dinner-dance held at Back Water Jack's on January 27th. Feelings of Woodstock's “peace and love” could be felt throughout the room as party goers dressed in tie-dye and love beads grooved to the music of Dave Tecce. There were rave reviews for the delicious buffet and the
venue provided a unique opportunity for mingling and dancing. With such positive reviews, we will probably party again there next year. Your ideas and help will add to another successful event. So, with that in mind, if you would like to join the
Social Committee, please contact Mary Calabrese at [email protected]