The Big Game: You vs. Malware

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With the average cost of a security breach at $3.5 million, you can’t afford a bad security strategy. See the most common defenses against malware and learn the one approach that has no weakness.

Transcript of The Big Game: You vs. Malware

  • 1. Demystifying Security: Win.The Big Game:You vs.MalwareDemystifying Security is an informative series about cyber security and its impact on your business.

2. It's the big game. 3. It's Your Companyvs Malware. 4. With $3.5 million at stake. That's how much the average data breach costs a company. Poncmon Institute 2014 Cost of Data Breach Global Analysis 5. It's the game youcan't afford to lose. 6. So study your playbook. 7. Play #1: Anti-VirusObjective:Block known malware infectionsf""""""""""'"""""'"6.: (7%. companysensitive !data 8 2-Cunvuvvm- 8. Play #1: Anti-VirusWeakness:New malware variants go undetected. ~*Z", s , .; r,4}= * W., , ,. }:; . .: L"< sensitive company datal. ... .._. _.. ._. ... ... ... ; 9. Scouting Report:Anti-VirusAnti-virus (AV) software is inherently reactive.It only discovers infections after they occur.It is unable to detect the newest malicious codes,creating the need for constant updates. - More than 80,000 new malware variants are being released into the wild everydayMalware writers are using polymorphic techniques to constantly avoid detectionOnly a handful of the 40+ anti-virus products will know about the malware attacking your computerfi 3 3 .1 3 -2 $9. 3..~_' . '.. ... Q. _v'. ~.. .' X. ..-_i-. _-. -. 10. Play #2: Firewall Objective:Block all inbound threatsa ti 1sensitive company data 11. Play #2: FirewallV. . . ..H v . ..U C a d n u 0 b t U 0 9 n .H u d P.b a VI e m U V S S e n k a msensitive company 12. /. ~/''~: ".- . } J 4 Q ' I x5%- Scouting Report:FirewallFirewalls effectively create a barrier around the network,but are ineffective in protecting users since they block only inbound attacks. Outbound activities such as web browsing still leave you vulnerableEmail attachmentbased attacks often penetrate firewalls 13. Play #3: Web GatewayObjective:Stop access to malicious websitescom pany dataI:ram 1: _'. sx~wu: surv1aunn: :a. ~s.4-: z:ausc. :ew. .. vuL-:1.-. pe.E -_, ; A 14. Play #3: Web GatewayWeakness:Only blocks access to known malicious sitessezisati-tress COliipafiy datain 2 . E l i f; ... ..: .:.~' 15. Scouting Report:Web GatewaysWeb gateway solutions selectively block web access to known malicious sites.Their effectiveness requires a proactive blacklist of untrusted sites. -- Employees remain exposed to new and unknown threats. -- Web Gateways may prevent the browser from accessing nonmalicious sites. 16. Play #4: DDP I PWObjective:Keep malware 100% removed from sensitive data. c'r. .-.7.; ..sensitive companydata 17. Play #4: DDP I PWAction:Applications are run in a separate virtual container.Malware attacks that container. sensitive company data 18. Play #4: DDP I PWWeakness:NONE.Malware attacks to the virtual container are destroyed.Your data is never in danger. company 19. T g/ / : .., ._. . Scouting Report:DDP I PWDell Data Protection I Protected Workspace is an entirely new approach to malware prevention:Applications are launched in a contained,virtual environment.All malware is stopped in this container. 0 The tainted environment is quickly destroyed. o A new,secure environment is restored within 20 seconds. 20. The winning play: DDP I PW 21. Security is a game you can win at.Protecting yourcompany's data doesn't have to be complex.You just have to make the right call. 22. Learn more about your winning play against malware. DDP I PWDownload Whitepaper )