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The Bedford Clanger is an independent arts & culture listings magazine and features the best of Bedford.We are passionate about our town and want to share the joy.

Transcript of The Bedford Clanger January - March 2014



    JAN-MAR 2014ISSUE 2



    Book tickets at Central Bedford Box Office Further details and more shows at 01234 718112

    Private PeacefulWED 8TH JAN | 7.30PM MON 3RD - TUES 4TH MAR | 7.30PM

    The Reduced Shakespeare CoDracula

    SAT 8TH FEB | 7.30PM

    Book tickets at Central Bedford Box Office Further details and more shows at

    our venue, your theatreSituated in the grounds of Bedford School TheatreBedford

    The horrors of war and the joyfulness of life are

    bound up together in this magnificent show



    The Complete

    Word of

    God (abridged)

    The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced The Reduced

    The Complete



    JAN-MAR 2014


  • JAN-MAR 2014


    Drink and Draw sessions youre sure to meet her!

    Wed love to hear from you, so if youve got a local event planned, are raising money for a great cause or have some interesting art, music or theatre news: let us know! Contributions and guest blog posts are always welcome.

    Finally, thank you for your ongoing support of the Clanger: your enthusiasm and positive feedback are what makes The Clanger such a brilliant project to work on.

    Erica, Alice & Team Clanger

    We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and like us are looking forward to the year ahead. Our new years resolution is simple: to continue to improve the Bedford Clanger and to make sure that it is your definitive arts, culture and whats on guide. We are cramming more into the publication and we post additional content to our blog every week. Make sure you follow us on twitter (@bedforclanger), join our Facebook group and check out our blog (www.thebedfordclanger/ to keep constantly up-to-date with the low down on our town. The blog features exclusive interviews, news and whats on updates, so you really dont want to miss it.

    This season sees the romance of St Valentines Day and our cover illustration is by Clanger designer Kristina Bullen. Kristina is also a member of the Circus of Illustration (@wearethecircus), so if you head along to one of their

    Happy new year!



    Editor: Erica Roffe @bedfordclangerAssociate Editor: Alice Smith @aliceandsarahFront cover illustration: Kristina Bullen @kristinabullenDesigners: Adam Boreham & Kristina BullenPhotography: Graham Watson @grahamshootsMusos: Richard Smith & Lloyd Lugsden @phaffandpotterFilm: Paul Hutchinson @bedfordfilmfestCulture & Theatre: Paula Walker @pauliwauli2The Listing: Beverly Jo Burridge clangerlisting@gmail.comEditorial Intern: Sarah CowleyGreat Bedfordian illustration: David Litchfield @Le_David_TinkerThe Last Word: The Reverend Sharon Grenham-Toze @glamvicar Erica Alice

    Its a clanging good read!


    down for orders, as well as small runs for local businesses.

    New t shirt designs will be introduced for 2014 plus there will be other items available including tea towels, tote bags, art prints and more. Exciting times agogo!

    Want to keep up with all the Stuff agogo developments? Then sign up to their monthly newsletter at and for exclusive offers and news and check You can also join the online Stuff community on Facebook & Twitter.

    I love to be the person who they turn to and ensuring that I remain positive with the children makes me a very happy person too. I really enjoy gaining the childs trust which can be a very long process. We watch them develop from frightened little ones who have lost all their confidence, to children who know who they are and where they belong. We provide a sanctuary for a child in need and that is a very fulfilling and enriching experience.

    We have taken on many kinds of foster caring emergency care where a court has ruled that the child cannot remain with the parent for even one more day. On those occasions a child will arrive with just a small carrier bag of possessions, a baby will often have nothing at all. They have no idea where they are going or how to handle what has happened to them and we have to reassure them and make them feel at home and safe as quickly as possible.

    One of the biggest keys to being a successful and happy foster family is the agency that you choose. Through Alliance Foster Care we have been able to meet other families with looked-after children. They honestly care about the children - they always know their names and who they have lived with and their background. They remember our names and experiences and offer full training that is on-going and structured in a way that will work with a foster parents responsibilities.

    For more information about Alliance Foster Care, contact Mandy White-England, Alliance Foster Care - 01604 879373 or visit their website:


    JAN-MAR 2014

    Stuff Agogo have got selling clothes down to a tee ;)


    Thought about fostering? Then read on...There are a number of agencies working tirelessly to give children a happy and caring home. Among them is Alliance Foster Care, who shared this case study of the Baker family:

    I had always wanted to look after children who needed the love and time I was confident that my husband and I could give. I knew we could provide a stable upbringing and that stability is key to caring for children whose lives have become different to their expectations.

    Rory from Drenge was even spotted wearing a Stuff tee at one of their recent gigs...

    As well as selling online, stalls have started to pop up at schools, festivals and empty units across the Shire. The screen printer has been steadily cranking up and

    T-shirt news!Since Stuff Agogo launched in June, theyve built up a solid fan base, which continues to grow as T shirt orders come in from all over the UK (from people they dont even know!). Ground troops have scattered flyers far and wide - including Philadelphia and Japan.


  • 5JAN-MAR 2014

    This is one aspect of Bedford that I cant wait to use more of...

    Aspects logo is unveiled...

    Aspects held a competition amongst Bedford schools to design a logo for the new look leisure park, and here is an exclusive sneak peek at the winning idea:

    Laura Dwyer of Lincroft Middle School designed the beautiful logo, which incorporates both the riverbank location and the entertainment venues. She has worked with a professional design team to develop the idea from her initial drawing to a polished logo; which really sums up the transformation that's on the cards for Aspects!

    The Futures

    Bright for Aspects!

    Proposals include an extension and refurbishment of Cineworld to incorporate more 3D screens and a luxury seating cinema, the addition of three new restaurant/cafe units, and a major overhaul of the appearance of Aspects to make more of its connection to the river and Priory Park. The final planning decision will be made early in the new year, but plans have already been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the public, who are keen to see Aspects become a bigger

    and better leisure destination, and make the most of its beautiful riverside location. The extended cinema would make use of the existing Zapp Zone building, and the bar building which is currently vacant would become two of the restaurant units, with another one being added alongside it to create a third. The idea is to make Aspects a very family friendly, riverside destination to encourage people to enjoy their local cinema and restaurants rather than travelling further afield. With over 660 free car parking spaces, and plans to make more of the existing cycle /footpath along from the embankment; the new Aspects is going to be easily accessible, bigger and so much better. We cant wait!

    Exciting plans are afoot to make major developments and improvements to the current Aspects Leisure Park!


    complete, meaning the all new Bedford bus station is scheduled to be open in time for Christmas 2014.

    Mayor of Bedford Borough, Dave Hodgson, said: It is excellent news that the first phases of the bus station redevelopment are now open to the public...we will soon have a gateway to the town of which we can all be proud.


    JAN-MAR 2014

    Im not sure the level of sun in that mock-up is particularly realistic...

    Whether youre a regular bus user or not, youve almost certainly got an opinion on the state of Bedford bus station. Long viewed as a pretty grim gateway into the town, it is great news that the 8.8million redevelopment is gathering pace.

    The new surface car park at Greyfriars provides 142 parking spaces while the public toilets under Allhallows multi-storey car park have been completely refurbished, offering significantly improved and modern facilities.

    Work on the bus station building itself will start early in 2014 and includes the complete demolition of the existing bus station structure and the construction of a new, modern and sleek building. The works are expected to take 40 weeks to

    Bus Station hails a new


    the time to concentrate upon my health I decided to enrol in my first year of A Level studies at Bedford Sixth fo