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The Bayous and Case Studies. Brandon Hartley. Water Elements. Houston Texas contains 22 various types of water elements. These consist of Bayous, Bays, Creeks, Reservoirs, and Rivers . Current Park. Several Parks are located along each water element. Current Park. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Bayous and Case StudiesBrandon Hartley

Water ElementsHouston Texas contains 22 various types of water elements. These consist of Bayous, Bays, Creeks, Reservoirs, and Rivers.The ElementsAddicks ReservoirArmand BayouBarker ReservoirBrays BayouBuffalo BayouCarpenters BayouCedar BayouCedar CreekCypress CreekGalveston BayGreens BayouHunting BayouJackson BayouLittle Cypress CreekLuce BayouSan Jacinto RiverSims BayouSpring CreekSpring Gully & Goose CreekVince BayouWhite Oak BayouWillow CreekCurrent ParkSeveral Parks are located along each water element.Addicks ResevoirBear Creek ParkCullen Park*Langham Creek Park*parks under developmentArmand BayouArmand Bayou ParkBay Area ParkClear Lake ParkClear Lake Hike & Bike TrailsCurrent ParkSeveral Parks are located along each water element.Barker ResevoirGeorge Bush ParkThe Hidden Gardens ParkBrays BayouArthur Storey ParkBraeburn Glen Tennis ParkBraeswood Pkwy ParkGus Wortham ParkHermann ParkMacGregor ParkMacGregor PkwyMason ParkSpulock Pkwy ParkStein Family ParkCurrent ParkSeveral Parks are located along each water element.Carpenters BayouBeltway 8 Sports ParkChannelwood ParkCedar BayouCeday Bayou ParkCedar BayouCeday Bayou ParkCurrent ParkSeveral Parks are located along each water element.

ETC.Future Projects (Buffalo Bayou)Several projects are planned along the various waterways throughout Houston Texas. Groups have formed to promote these projects in order to not only preserve the Bayous, but also the city itself.The Buffalo Bayou Partnership is one such organization that has taken it upon itself to promote improvements along the Buffalo Bayou. This organization has worked with several consulting firms around the world in order to create projects that will help beautify the bayous as well as respond responsibly to the environment.Current Parks (Buffalo Bayou)There are currently 14 parks along the Buffalo Bayou.

The ParksMemorial ParkBuffalo Bayou ParkSabine-to-Bagby PromenadeSpotts ParkSam Houston ParkSesquicentennial ParkAllens LandingJames Bute ParkGuadalupe Plaza ParkTony Marron ParkHidalgo ParkTerry Hershey ParkHogg Bird SanctuarySpring Branch ParkCurrent Parks (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou)

Urban DevelopmentMaster PlanFuture Projects (Buffalo Bayou)Future urban development plans are planned along the Bayou system. These developments are meant to draw people back to the neglected Bayou system and encourage an active use of the area. Flood management will be handled by widening the cross section of the Bayous themselves to allow for greater water control.Canals would also be used to direct flood waters away from downtown Houston.The bayous themselves not only be widened, but modified to allow for different flood stages. Meaning that the Bayous walls will be modified into various sections which are able to handle various stages of the flooding process. (this will be shown in a image later)Future Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou)The group also wants to bring back the ecology that has been lost over the past years to overdevelopment and lack of environmental responsibility. In order to do this, the group hopes to create new wetland habitats that will bring back native wildlife as well as help clean the water.Green Fingers will filter the water naturally before it enters the bayous, thus making the environments more inviting both people and wildlife.Future Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou)Like previously discussed, flood management is a major concern when talking about the future development along the bayou system in Houston. In order to deal with this problem, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership has created three ways that they intend to alleviate the flood problems related to the bayou system.Direct floodwater through by creating supplementary channels that bypass problematic configurations.Consolidate bridges to reduce impedance on the flow of the floodwater through the bayous.Increase conveyance capacity of the bayous by widening and channeling the bayou banks.Future Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou)As previously stated, the group is also planning to improve the overall appearance of the bayou system to draw back visitors. This will be done through landscaping which will add more green space and natural environments along the bayous themselves. Projects (Buffalo Bayou) Projects (Buffalo Bayou)

Flood MapsIn order to better understand the areas of concern during massive floods, FEMA made flood maps that help show what areas are in and near flood plains. The following images are the maps which were created by FEMA

25Flood Maps

Addicks Resevoir Maps

Armand Bayou Maps

Barker Resevoir Maps

Brays Bayou Maps

Buffalo Bayou Maps

Carpenters Bayou Maps

Cedar Bayou Maps

Clear Creek Maps

Cypress Creek Maps

Flood Maps

Greens Bayou Maps

Hunting Bayou Maps

Jackson Bayou Maps

Luce Bayou MapsSan Jacinto River

Flood Maps

Sims bayouFlood Maps

Spring Creek Maps

Spring Gully & Goose Creek Maps

Vince Bayou Maps

White Oak Bayou Maps

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