The Azure Open Source Opportunity - ... The Azure Open Source Opportunity What is Open Source...

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Transcript of The Azure Open Source Opportunity - ... The Azure Open Source Opportunity What is Open Source...

  • The Azure Open Source Opportunity

    What is Open Source software?

    The OSS market opportunity

    The Microsoft Open Source story

    Open Source solutions on Azure

    Microsoft Cloud Workshop program

  • What is Open Source Software

  • What is Open Source Software

  • The Market Opportunity

  • OSS is being used everywhere

    “Linux took over the Web. Now, it’s taking over the world” –, Aug 2016

    ‘498 out of 500 of

    the world’s fastest

    supercomputers now

    use Linux’ – ZDNet,

    Nov 2016

  • OSS Market Potential

    * Source: Forrester’s Global Business Technographics ® Software Survey, 2015. Base: 3,530 global software decision-makers.


    Billion! IaaS/PaaS Cloud Market Opportunity

    In FY18

  • The Microsoft Open Source Story

  • Open Source Momentum at Microsoft

    Dead and buried: Microsoft's holy war on open-source software

    “Years ago, Microsoft's CEO described open source as a

    cancer. Times have changed. Just ask 22-year Redmond veteran and open-source

    proponent Mark Hill.”

    Charles Cooper

    Redmond top man Satya Nadella:

    'Microsoft LOVES Linux‘

    Neil McAllister

    Microsoft: the Open Source Company

    “This is not your dad’s Microsoft”

    Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols


    “Azure Container Service is different

    and offers the broadest hint yet

    that Microsoft wants to build real

    products with open source, not

    merely leverage it where it's


    Serdar Yegulalp

    How Microsoft is Shifting Focus to Open


    Swapnil Bhartiya

    Ubuntu Linux now on

    Windows Store (for Insiders)

    What fell sorcery is this? Andrew Silver

    Microsoft Rolls Out Linux Support in SQL Server 2017 Release


    David Jones

  • Open Source Solutions on Azure

  • Open Source Solutions on Azure





    Databases &


    App Frameworks

    & Tools


    PaaS &


  • Microsoft OSS technology partners




    Big Data

  • Microsoft Cloud Workshop Program

  • Microsoft Cloud Workshops

    What is a Cloud Workshop?

    Hands-on sessions for you to help your customers

    create a ‘go-to-the-Cloud’ plan.

    Educational, thought-provoking and practical 1: few

    sessions to help them go from knowing where they

    want to go to knowing exactly how to get there.

  • What is Open Source Software

    Your ultimate goal

    Accelerating your business by building a pipeline of

    better-informed and qualified potential customers

    which convert quicker.

  • What are the benefits to you?

    Drive business growth by

    building a better pipeline

    which converts quicker.

    Business growth

    Show your thought

    leadership and gain the

    status of a trusted advisor.

    Trusted advisor

    Collect customer insights

    that will help you offer/sell

    better solutions.

    Customer insight

  • Topic examples

    Generic or vertical specific:

    • Containerisation

    • Linux development

    • DC migration

    • Test & Development

    • PaaS

    • Big Data

    • App development


    • ½ or full day hands-on workshop

    • 1: few session (around 10 attendees)

    • Head by a cloud expert (no sales representatives)

    • Inspirational white-board session could include demos, case studies...

    What is expected from you How Microsoft assists

    • Assistance with demand gen through AMs/AEs, TSS/ISS, paid media

    • Option to use Microsoft venues

    • Option to have a Microsoft speaker

    • Some funding available to cover operational expenses

    • Drive demand to the workshop

    (around 10 people in each)

    • Deliver the workshop

    • Follow up with attendees

    upon completion

    Who is invited?

    Business decision makers: CTOs, CIOs, CSOs, etc.

  • How we can help

    For demand generation, hire a

    cloud specialist for the day, book

    a venue etc.


    Option to use Microsoft facilities for

    the workshop delivery (Paddington,

    TVP, Edinburgh)

    Microsoft venues

    Assistance with demand generation: our account

    managers, telesales, inside sales, and paid media

    will help drive attendance to your workshop

    Marketing assistance

  • What do we expect from you

    To drive demand generation

    and follow up on leads.

    Marketing capabilities

    Be able to share a reference,

    a showcase, a demo, etc.

    Proven solution

    Organise workshops on topics

    you can really deliver on.

    Delivery capabilities

  • Cloud Workshop registration

    Complete and submit

    the workshops proposal form:

    Proposal form A PO will be sent after approval.

    A member of the team can assist you with

    Microsoft venue booking and catering

    arrangements if needed.

    Purchase order (PO) Invoice Microsoft, by submitting the

    following via the Online Invoice Tool:

    Proof of execution

    • A photo of the workshop

    • List of attendees: name, company, role, industry, marking

    those that have progressed 20% into the sales cycle

    • Copy of the registration link/Invitations you sent out

  • Next steps

    Sign up for the Cloud Workshop program here

    Contact me at [email protected] for introductions to the OSS Technology Partners

    Register for the Open Cloud keynote session at Future Decoded at

    Find out more here - opensource/

    Keep up to date here - mailto:[email protected]