The Apple iPhone 5

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The Apple iPhone 5. Consumerism project by Lise Arsenault Presented to Mr. Marc-André LeBlanc. About Apple. Founded in 1976 Notable people: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak , Tim Cook Headquarters : California , USA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Apple iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5Consumerism project by Lise ArsenaultPresented to Mr. Marc-Andr LeBlancAbout AppleFounded in 1976Notable people: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Tim CookHeadquarters: California, USARevenue (2012): US$156 billion, and an expected revenue of about $52 billion for the first quarter of 2013.Advertising budget (2011): US$933 millionAdvertising for iPhone (2010): US$173.3 million394 retail stores worldwideSource: Official Apple press releasesAbout the commercialPosted on Apples official YouTube channel on September 21st, the release date of the iPhone 5.1.5 million+ viewsDescribed as "The biggest and tallest yet somehow thinnest and lightest iPhone yet. "

About the productThe sixth iPhone"The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone"26.9 million sold in 2012, 2 million of those in the first 24-hours of online pre-order, and 5 million within the first three days in stores.iOS currently has 53.3% of the worldwide mobile smartphone market share.

Sources: Official Apple press releases & BGRAbout the productiOS 6 is not very different from iOS 5The anodized aluminum back of the phone is prone to scratchingThe larger screen makes it difficult to manipulate when using the phone with one handThe new "Lightning port" connector renders old components uselessSources: Official Apple press releases & The VergeLogos" How can something get bigger and smaller? " (Screen hight vs. Weight, depth)Its thinner and lighter, therefore more convenientYou see the phone in action: Flyover, web browsing, movie viewing, etc.

PathosNear the end, they show a picture of a smiling child at the beach.

EthosBy showing off the blackboard in the beginning, it makes the consumer trust their knowledge in the topic ("They must know what theyre doing!")Narrated by Jeff DanielsThe advertisement features a clip from the film "Brave"

Environmental impacts

Source: iPhone 5 Environmental Report

SummarySocial impactsThe phone will push other companies to improve battery life, as well decrease thickness and weight, in order to keep their customers.The demand for desktops and laptops has declined. $14.1 billion in application revenue in 2012, much of which is going to smaller companies and individuals.With every generation, people feel the "need" to upgrade

Sources: MediaPost, ABC, GigaomIs it effective?Apple ads are known to be creative, simple and clever. The "Get a Mac" campaign is one of the most recognised examples.They target demographics that are easy to convince.Their effectiveness is also affected by the i-phoria that new products bring along.Source: Web Pro News