The Aeneid From the Age of Heroes to the Age of Imperial Rome

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Transcript of The Aeneid From the Age of Heroes to the Age of Imperial Rome

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  • The Aeneid From the Age of Heroes to the Age of Imperial Rome
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  • History vs. Legend Roman tradition = Romulus founded Rome Greek tradition = Aeneas founded Roman people Romulus and Remus become Aeneas descendents
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  • Timeline of Events 1184 Fall of Troy 1176 Aeneas founds Lavinium 1152 Alba Longa is founded 1152- 753 Alba Longa 753 Rome 753- 509 Kings
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  • Alba Longa City in Italy founded by Iulus, the son of Aeneas Iulus is also called Ascanius Aeneas father is Anchises
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  • Alba Longa
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  • Livys Rome Roman ancestor Who today shall call the wolf their foster mother? Propertius
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  • Vergils Rome New kind of hero Shoot first, ask later Trojan Aeneas, are you slow?
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  • Aeneas as Hero Speeches in Livy Visual Imagery Aeneas is shown the future
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  • Augustus 31 BC
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  • But now, back to our story Aeneas is pius Pietas Household gods Dido
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  • Aeneas Duty Leave Dido Found a new nation Put politics before passion
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  • Book Three Aeneas takes to the open sea with his father, son and household gods Buries the Trojan Polydorus (evidence of Aeneas piety) The gods warn Aeneas he cannot stay on Crete
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  • Book Three Aeneas finds Andromache, widow of Hector Helenus shows Aeneas the Tiny Troy Aeneas receives the prophecy that he will eat his plates The death of Anchises
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  • Book Four Aeneas is in Carthage Queen Dido falls in love with him Juno has a plan
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  • Book Four, the Dido Dilemma Dido resists fate She is caught between Juno and Venus Comparison with Cleopatra and Medea What is Vergils stance on excessive emotion?
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  • Book Four Aeneas and Dido are married Mercury comes to Aeneas Aeneas sets sail Dido kills herself
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  • Book Five Aeneas sees a big fire as he sails from Carthage Holds funeral games for his father (pietas) Palinurus falls overboard
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  • Book Six Aeneas encounters the Sibyl He lingers in front of the Temple of Apollo He sees many things, including the story of Icarus and Daedalus
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  • Aeneas visits the underworld Aeneas must see Dido for himself Words are ineffective Fathers see sons die Parents bury their children
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  • Conclusions Spectacle Violence Fate Why does Aeneas exit through the gate of false dreams?