THE ACTIVE FIBER - IPG including remote cutting and welding as well as directed energy. Representing...

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Transcript of THE ACTIVE FIBER - IPG including remote cutting and welding as well as directed energy. Representing...

  • IPG Photonics announced the successful test of its new ten kilowatt single-mode fiber laser, a world record in an industry laser. The unique laser produces 10.1 kilowatts of single-mode power through a single fiber at total efficiency exceeding 23%. IPGs new kilowatt laser has multiple applications including remote cutting and welding as well as directed energy.

    Representing the latest development in the power scaling of IPG Photonics patented high-power single-mode fiber laser technology, the lasers optical scheme consists of a fully-integrated MOPA (master oscillator power amplifier) with an output delivery fiber 1.5 meters long directly spliced into the booster amplifier. The Companys ten kilowatt single-mode laser, the YLS-10000-SM, is the worlds brightest industrial CW solid state laser given the combination of output power and virtually perfect Gaussian beam-quality at 1070 nm emission wavelength. Developed by its subsidiary IPG Laser GmbH, the YLS-10000-SM is a turn-key package that offers a small footprint and record efficiency wall-plug.

    The ten kilowatt fiber laser builds on our prior success with the five kilowatt single-mode lasers we introduced last year stated Dr. Valentin Gapontsev, Chief Executive Officer of IPG Photonics and an inventor of the new laser. We designed a new state-of-the-art power amplifier to overcome thermal limitations, avoid higher order modes and non-linear effects, despite the enormous power density at this output level he added.

    Industrial customers can now use fiber lasers for applications which were not previously possible with other lasers, such as remote cutting and welding without expensive assist gases in the infrastructure, automotive, aerospace and shipbuilding industries said Bill Shiner, Vice President of Industrial Markets. Mobile applications such as bridge construction and repair and ship and airplane paint removal can now take advantage of higher output powers in a mobile and robust laser package to increase the distance to the work piece.

    This industrial product also has applications in tactical directed energy markets. The combination of ten kilowatts of output power with near-perfect beam quality and the inherent reliability, efficiency and ruggedness of a fiber laser in a compact package is a compelling solution for a variety of tactical directed energy applications.

    For more information contact Mike OConnor, (508) 373-1271 or [email protected]

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    T H E A C T I V E F I B E RIPG Photonics Successfully Tests Worlds First

    10 Kilowatt Single-Mode Production LaserWorlds Brightest Commercial Solid State Laser Enables New Applications


    Ablation Characteristics of Silicon

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    IPG Photonics Laser Survives High Speed Highway Crash

    IPG lasers are known for their durability and ruggedness and have survived months of service in theatre in HumVees and one high power unit recently survived a high speed highway crash! Figures 1 & 2 show an IPG fiber laser after suffering a highway accident in which the trailer carrying the laser flipped and the laser hit the highway (inside a Conex) on its side at approximately 60 mph. Although the laser frame and power supplies were ruined by the impact, all 34 M66 optical modules survived the crash and have been successfully tested at full power meeting all specifications (Figure 3). Thankfully, no one was seriously injured in the crash.

    Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3


    U P C O M I N G E V E N T S

  • Ablation Characteristics of Silicon for 532 nm Fiber Laser

    The fabrication of advanced solar cells with high conversion efficiency frequently requires technologies such as back contact formation, buried emitters or edge isolation. These processes are best performed by the application of laser technology in one form or another. The issue then becomes the selection of an appropriate laser that best performs a given process. This is often determined by extensive testing of lasers with various laser characteristics since the performance and materials interaction of a given laser are not generally established. IPG has characterized the performance of certain lasers for the PV industry. Work has been performed to establish the removal rate of Si by pulsed lasers operating at 1064 nm and 532 nm and under a variety of operating conditions such as peak power, average power, scanning speed and number of scans. The data enables engineers to determine the relevant laser parameters for a given target process with a reduced requirement for testing.

    Tennessee Rand 2009 Automation Technology Expo

    Tennessee Rand (TR) is a leading North American supplier of automated welding systems and a full service automation integrator with core competencies in advanced welding system design, high-quality weld fixtures, robotic integration, process automation, and on-going service & support. Based in a state-of-the-art 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with additional service, support and sales offices in Canada and the US, TR has the capability, expertise and resources to build a broad variety of equipment ranging from dedicated welding cells to fully integrated in-line systems.

    During the week of May 18th, Tennessee Rand hosted the 2009 Automation Expo at their facility in Chattanooga, TN. The Expo promoted advanced manufacturing technology through live demonstrations and practical applications of robotics, lasers and CNC machining. Newcomers to this technology were provided a firsthand look at the manufacturing processes of the future, showcasing the latest technology for current users, and demonstrating to regional manufacturing companies that this technology is available locally in Chattanooga. The Expo also featured a seminar taught by Randy Paura of IPG Photonics, with information on fiber laser technology, remote laser welding, laser optics and weld process monitoring.

    As a centerpiece of the demonstrations, an IPG 4 kW fiber laser was on display, featuring a HIGHYAG RLSK scanning optic for remote welding, with Precitecs Laser Weld Monitor (LWM) with system integration and tooling by Tennessee Rand. The Expo, attended by over 50 regional manufacturers, was considered very successful and interest in laser

    applications was overwhelming. With recent announcements such as the construction of the new Volkswagen manufacturing facility, the construction of automotive supplier facilities such as Gestamp, the ground breaking for Wacker Chemical, and the expansion of current manufacturers such as Alstom, Chattanooga has become a hotbed for advanced manufacturing. Tennessee Rand is proud to work with companies such as IPG to promote and integrate these technologies both locally and throughout North America.

    Article written by Don Peters, Executive V.P., Tennessee Rand.

    IPGs New 532 nm Green Pulsed LaserFig. 1: Si wafer being exposed to different laser

    parameter to determine material removal rate as a function of laser output and laser beam exposure.

    The results of this work will be reported at a workshop of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, in Vail, CO, August 9-12.

    Kuka Robot- HIGHYAG TR Protype Tool

    Laser Cell with HIGHYAG and IPG Laser

    Automation Technology Expo help at the Tennessee Rand facility.

  • PRODUCT SPOTLIGHTFeaturing Everything New & Enhanced

    750W Peak Power 150W Average Power

    Plug & Play Design Water-Cooled

    Pulse Energy > 15J M < 1.1, Single Mode

    19 Rack 3U 200-240VAC

    750W P k P

    NEW Quasi-CW Fiber Laser

    IPG Photonics offers a full line of high brightness diode laser products in the 800-990nm wavelength range. The line is

    starting with 90m chips on Submount (CoS), the G-Cos and S-Cos series, up to 13 Watts at 9xxnm or up to 7 Watts at 8xxnm.

    After fiber coupling those chips in single emitter or multi emitter configurations, IPG is offering the iPLD series with powers up to 50 Watts at 8xxnm or up to 100 Watts at 9xxnm in a 105um core fiber. All of those fiber coupled products are specified with a NA < 0.12, the highest brightness available in the market. Optional features include an SMA connector termination, wavelength stabilization or an integrated fiber laser feedback protection.

    By combining these diode lasers, IPG also proposes high power diode laser modules or complete system solutions with power from 100 Watts to up to several kWs out of a small

    core diameter fiber for direct diode laser applications like material processing.

    IPGs semiconductor products division is the largest vertically integrated high power single emitter based diode laser manufacturer. If you have an application where a diode laser could be used, we will help you find the right diode laser solution.

    For more information, please contact Tom Babcock in North America at [email protected] or Franck Leibreich at [email protected]

    Featuring Everyt


    starting with 90m chips on Submount (CoS), the G-Cos and S-Cos se

    Diode Laser Products Update

    NEW 500 Watt Pulsed Fiber Laser

    Introducing the YLP-HP-50/100/10/500, IPGs NEW High Power Pulsed Fiber Laser. With an average power of 500 Watts, peak power to 83kW, variable pulse duration from 25ns to 200 ns and 50mJ energy, the HP laser allows for high ablation rates greater than 40 cm/s. The compact 19 rack design allows for easy integration into edge deletion production lines for thin film solar modules. Available with either square or round delivery fibers, they both provide flat top beam profiles that guarantee high ablation rates.

    Ultra Compact High Ablation Rates Plug &