The ABC's of Dad and Me

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  • 1. The ABC'sofDad and Me

2. Dad, For Fathers Day, I wanted to give you this book about everything we love.Thank you for all youve taught me and for being the most awesome Dad I could ever hope for.I love you so much! Your Team Golf Tournamen-ent Partner Forever, Taylor Fathers Day 2009 3. Ais for Austin

  • Austin is where we first met and you took me home with Mom.

4. Bis for Baseball

  • I love going to Baseball games with Dad!

5. Cis for Golf Cart

  • Riding in the golf cart with Dad at work!

6. Dis for Driver

  • Dad hits it REAL far like Tiger Woods!

7. Eis for Everyday

  • Everyday with Dad is special!!!

8. Fis for Family

  • Mom, Dad and Taylorand soon baby sister!

9. Gis for Grandma

  • Grandma spoils me rottenand I love it!
  • Shes the best!

10. His for Air Hockey

  • Grandma never lets me win!

11. Iis for Irons

  • Theres ironsand wedgesand driversand puttersand woods.Dads gotem all!

12. Jis for Jumpers

  • I love to jump with Dad!

13. Kis for Kevin

  • Thats my daddys name!

14. Lis for Lemonade

  • Lemonade at the golf course is soooo good, Dad!

15. Mis for Mardi Gras

  • Throw me some beads!!!!

16. Nis for Night Time

  • My favorite time to play with Dad!

17. Ois for Oregon

  • Where Dad was born and raised!
  • GoDucks !

18. Pis for Putt Putt

  • We always hit hole in ones!!!!

19. Qis for Quiet

  • I love napping with Dad in my big boy bed!

20. Ris for Real Spider Man

  • Real Spider Man works with Dad at the golf course!

21. Sis for Sassy

  • Our favorite big red dog!

22. Tis for Big Tom

  • Big Tom is the best!

23. Uis for Uncle Tommy

  • Dad and Uncle Tommy are so much fun!

24. Vis for Victory

  • GO TECH!!!!!!

25. Wis for Waffle Cone Wednesday

  • Dad and I go to Waffle Cone Wednesday at TCBY.Its my favorite day of the week!

26. Xis for eXtraordinary

  • Thats my Dad alright!

27. Yis for You

  • You are the greatest Dad ever!

28. Zis for Zoo

  • Dad took me to the Zoo in Portland.
  • It was so much fun!