Thanksgiving Songs Poems and Chants. Old Turkey and the Chick

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Transcript of Thanksgiving Songs Poems and Chants. Old Turkey and the Chick

  • Thanksgiving SongsPoems and Chants

  • Old Turkey and the Chick

  • Many ThanksIm thankful for the things Ive got.Not thinkin bout things I have not.So I just really need to say,Thank you in many different ways.Im thankful. Muchas gracias!Oh yes, Im thankful. Merci Beaucoup!Im thankful. Spasibo!Oh yes, Im thankful. Domo arigato!

  • I am so thankful for this world each day.Ive got so many thanks I need to say.Oh yes, Im thankful. Mahalo!Oh yes, Im thankful. Dank je wel!Im thankful. Vielen dank!Oh yes, Im thankful. Grazie!Its not hard to say, thank you.I am so thankful.

  • Simple GiftsTis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be freeTis a gift to come down where we ought to be.And when we find ourselves in the place just right.Twill be in the valley of love and delight

  • When true simplicity is gained,To bow and to bend we shant be ashamed.To turn, turn will be our delight,Till by turning, turning we come round right.

  • A Turkey for ThanksgivingCreate an instrument sound for each character or word.Farmer Farmers WifeTurkeyOwlHorseChickenPigSunny Snowy

  • A Turkey for Thanksgiving

    Once upon a time here was a Turkey who lived on a farm with a Farmer, A Farmers wife, a chicken, a pig, a horse, and an owl. One day as the sun was shining and the snow lay on the ground, the Turkey sat on a rock getting fresh air. The Farmer and his wife where walking through the fields discussing what they would have for Thanksgiving dinner. The Turkey heard the Farmer say, Martha, I think itd be really swell to have that Turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. The Farmers wife said, Thats a wonderful idea. They both walked back to their house discussing all the other things that they would have for dinner. The turkey, who had overheard the Farmer, said, Hot-diggity-dog, Im going to the big house for Thanksgiving diner. He was so excited until he realized how dirty he was. He began to get some snow to clean his feathers in the sun.

  • About the time along came the chicken. When the chicken saw him, he asked What are you doing? The Turkey told him the news about going to the Farmer and the Farmers Wifes house for Thanksgiving. When the chicken heard this, he got a sad look on his face, began to sniff, and turned and walked back to the chicken coop. The Turkey didnt know what to think about the chickens actions, so he began to clean his legs with the snow in the sun.

  • Along came the pig who asked, Why are you getting so clean? Is your mother going to check behind your ears? When the Turkey said, No, Im going to the big house for Thanksgiving dinner. The pig said, Oh no! He got a sad look on his face, began to cry, stuck out his pig leg to shake the Turkeys leg and said So long pal, its been nice knowing you. He turned and walked away slowly, crying all the way to the pig pen. The Turkey did not know what to make of this action. What in the world is wrong with all the animals today? Oh well, sighed the Turkey, who began to clean his wattle with the snow in the sun. About this time the horse came along.

  • Why are you getting so clean? Do you have a date tonight? said the horse. After the turkey told him the news, the horse said, If I were you, Id run away. You know, said the Turkey, The Farmer and his Wife have been feeding me a lot of food lately. I must have gained at least 37 1/2 pounds. I cant imagine why they would want me so big. So, the Turkey and the horse took off across the snowy field under the sun and ran until they came to a big tree where the owl lived.

  • Whooo is making all that noise? When the Turkey and the horse explained the news, the owl thought, Ive got to do something to save my friend. He asked the Turkey, Do you know what the Farmer and the Farmers Wife have for Thanksgiving dinner? Why no, said the Turkey. I assume hay, oats, and maybe some beetle pie. When the owl explained that they have green beans, mashed potatoes, hot buttered rolls, etc. The Turkey exclaimed, Yuck! I dont eat that kind of food.

  • Oh, what will I do? I cant go the the Farmer and his wifes house and be a rude guest. The owl solved the problem by inviting the Turkey, the horse, the chicken and the pig to spend Thanksgiving day with him. So when the Farmer and the Farmers wife came looking for the Turkey, he was nowhere to be found. And it was thanks to the owl, that the Turkey lived to see a bright sunny and snowy Thanksgiving day.