Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving — ”µ½Œ...

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Transcript of Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving — ”µ½Œ...

  • Thanksgiving day

  • Thanksgiving thanksgiving harvest to settle to grow desease Iroquois Indians corn crops to hunt to fish bountiful

  • barley beans pumpkin Civil war charitable stuffed turkey herb-flavored bread cranberry cranberry jelly mashed potatoes ham

  • 1. Who were the people that started the celebrating of American Thanksgiving? 2. Could they grow harvest immediately at the New World? 3. What were they taught by the American Indians? 4. Who participated in the first feast of Thanksgiving? 5. What was the first date of Thanksgiving?

  • When is Thanksgiving celebrated?What is the meaning of Thanksgiving Day? 3. What are the traditional dishes on Thanksgiving? 4. Who were the Pilgrims? 5. What are traditional Thanksgiving activities?

  • 1. Who cooks the holiday dinner?2. At what time to people come to their house to celebrate?3. What time do Mathew`s mother and sisters get up at the last Friday in November? Why?4. What holiday occasions do the members of Mathew`s family take part in?5. Why do pupils wait for the holiday impatiently?

  • TTurkeys, tablespreads, together,HHappiness, homes,AAunts NNieces, nephews, KKind-hearted kin,SSurely GGourdsIIndians VVery IImagine NNever forget ,GGiving thanks.

  • T is for turkeyH is for Hurry, Im hungry!A is for Auntie, N is for NativeK is for kitchen, S is for silverware.G is for GrandmaI is for inside.V is for vegetablesI is for ice creamN is for never G is for Grandpa