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1. Oneness.Unity.We thank Godfor creating theseamong us. 2. Thank YOU for servingthe Savior by serving us! 3. One BodySo we, being many,are one bodyin Christ. Romans 12:5 4. e pluribus unum:from many, one 5. Our bent is to focuson differences,on the othernessin those around us. 6. In the crossof his Son,God has madeus one! 7. One HeartWith one mind and one mouthglorify God,even the Fatherof our Lord Jesus Christ.Romans 15:6 8. No Place for False HumilityBecause I am not the eye,I am not of the body. 1 Corinthians 12:16 9. No Place for Sinful PrideThe eye cannot say unto thehand, I have no need of thee.1 Corinthians 12:21 10. The Holy Spiritknits our heartsmore and moretightlyin unity and love. 11. Forgivenin our one Lord . . .So we, being many,are one body in Christ,and every one members oneof another.Romans 12:5 12. God worksin us whathe asksof us. 13. One ChurchRomans 12:5 14. To that Church Jesus gaveand still gives giftspeople gifts!(See Ephesians 4:11.) 15. One body.One heart.One Lord.One Church. 16. We thank him! And we thank you!Thank YOU for serving theSavior!