Thames Valley Oil Tank Specialists

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How to carry out DIY checks on you oil tank installation what you need to do to extend the life of your oil tank and ensure it is safe and leak free. Tips from the Thames Valley's leading Oil Tank Installation and emergency oil tank experts..

Transcript of Thames Valley Oil Tank Specialists

  • Thames Valley Oil Tank Specialists
  • Annual Oil Tank Maintenance Check that your tank is free from overgrowing foliage and detritus.
  • Leakage Check the Tank outlet and pipe work for any Oil leakage.
  • Check the Base Check that your plastic Tank is fully supported on a sound level base.
  • Inspect the Tank Check plastic Tanks for cracks or whitening of the plastic.
  • Repaint Metal Tanks Paint your metal Tank on all sides at least every 2 years.
  • Remove Water Remove any water in the Tank with an absorbent Tank sock.
  • Clean Filter Ensure the Oil Tank filter is cleaned at least every year.
  • Strong Oil Smell If you can smell oil stronger than normal, check if the Oil Tank is leaking.
  • Call The Experts For further advice on Oil Tanks in the Thames Valley area contact the local specialist at:
  • Moore Tank Services
  • How to Contact Us By phone: 01494 611327 Email: [email protected]