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Overview of the Thai media landscape as of 2013, and the changes that have taken place in recent years.

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  • 1. Thailands Media Topography

2. Agenda The changing media topography in Thailand Emerging Technologies Leveraging the technology and trends Selecting the right media for the job 3. What is the Media As a PR practitioner the media to me are the news media print, broadcast and online Today the line between that definition of media and entertainment is blurring, but I will still refer mainly to channels that purport to communicate the work of journalists 4. Who Are The Media 5. Who Are The Media 6. A shifting media landscape 7. The Global Warming Effect 8. The Causes 9. Mutual Reinforcement The two factors are reinforcing each other and leading to changes in : How we consume media When we consume media The type of media we choose to consume 10. The Media Landscape TV still commands the high-ground Radio has plateaued but is relatively safe Print media is on the shoreline and very much at risk But the effects of the change are gradual and sometimes not easy to see 11. 1985 - Some Perspective 1985 - 1987 150 newspapers 30 Bangkok-based dailies 5 TV channels 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 275 radio stationsToday Approx. 17 Bangkokbased dailies 6 Terrestial channels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 & PBS Hundreds of cable and satellite channels 204 AM stations, 334 FM stations, approx. 4,000 community radio stations 12. Media Topography Today A Fragmented Landscape Print Newspapers MagazinesTelevision Terrestrial Cable SatelliteRadio Government CommunityThe Internet Social Media Facebook Twitter InstagramSocial MediaContent Providers Blogs YouTube 13. Changing Media Consumers 14. Modern Living Some of the lifestyle changes impacting urban Thais Work/life imbalance Changing home life Political and social divisions Growing cynicism Rapid adoption of technology 15. Media Consumption The changes that have occurred in the lifestyles of Thai consumers has led to profound changes in their media consumption patternsWho reads a newspaper every day? 16. Media Consumption Non-scientific survey for Chula grad students 2012 -Source of daily news2013-Source of daily news Traditional media = 60% TV = 22.2% Online media = 40% Newspapers = 11.1 % -Newspaper consumption Online media = 66.7% Everyday = 40% -Newspaper consumption 1 day/week = 40 >2 days/week 33.3% Online edition = 20% 1 or 0 days/week = 33.3% Online edition = 33.3% 17. Newspaper Consumption Age 100 80 60 40 20 02009 2007 12-24 25-39 40+SES Group 100 80 60 40 20 0Geography 2009 2007Upper Middle Lower Source: NMR Media Index, Nation Multimedia Group100 80 60 40 20 02009 2007 18. Traditional Media - Online WebsiteUIPPVASTV Phutchadkarn511,1913,278,664Thai Rath353,3331,879,378Daily News171,572836,190Matichon151,480555,359Khao Sod117,976572,549Kom Chad Leuk116,883349,922Channel 7109,852343,338Krungthep Turakij98,021264,543Post Today90,303242,442Channel 367,252173,397 19. People Online Destinations WebsiteIP THKapook1,042,523Sanook934,702Mthai724,602Th.Hao609,549Dek-D512,274ASTV Phutchadkarn454,335SiamSport419,546WeLoveShopping330,263SiamZone302,659Bloggang291,673 20. Ad Spending 21. Ad Spending 22. Ad Spending 23. Ad Spending in Mn Baht Media5M 20135M 2012Growth %TV28,28527,3093.6 %Radio2,4512,4510.0 %Newspaper5,9006,094-3.2 %Magazines2,0802,135-2.6 %Cinemas2,4552,982-17.7 %Outdoor1,7111,868-8.4 %Transit1,3291,08422.6 %In Store1,0539738.2 %Internet36323455.1 %Total45,62745,1291.1 % 24. The Quintessential Media Technology 25. 2.87 Million 26. The Ultimate Channel The point is not the device itself but rather its ability access to web-based information including multimedia information (and entertainment) This allows consumers to get both news and entertainment on-demand 27. Mobile Usage in Thailand 72% of Thailand mobile Internet users are below the age of 24. (National Statistical Office - Thailand)NBTC 28. Time Spent With MediaNielsen Thailand Study 2013 29. Time Spent on MobileAppsFire in Top Mobile Internet Trends by Murphy and Meeker 30. The Thai Consumers DayInmobi 2012 31. Media Evolution TV & Radio safe for now but facing increased competition 32. Media Evolution Print media faces the greatest challenge due to the nature of their content 33. Media Evolution The Internet is by its nature constantly changing the explosion of social media is driving media consumption online 34. Riding the Wave For PR and other communications professionals this changing topography has a number of ramifications New channels New audiences New metrics 35. Riding the Wave In Thailand PR is often synonymous with media relations We pitch and place stories in the mediaThis is no longer sufficient 36. Riding the Wave PR content will need to evlove to meet the needs of the consumer and the technology they adopt Writing needs to be short and sharp We need mobile ready content Audio and video will be key Pitches will need to include reference to core demographics 37. Riding the Wave The metrics we use to track progress and demonstrate success will need to evolve beyond counting clips AVE and PR Value increasingly irrelevant We will need to look at metrics like time spent on content, feedback, shares, visitor flows and of course likes. We will also need to understand SEO and Meta-tagging 38. Riding the Wave Create/strengthen relations with new media Monitor and listen Learn their language and protocols Every channel (and site) has its own culture ignore this at your peril Participate and engage Establish a presence (Be The Media) 39. Riding the Wave PR will need to reach out to the Thai Blogosphere 40. Riding the Wave 41. Riding the Wave 42. Riding the Wave PR will need to understand how to leverage Instagram and its celebrities 43. Riding the Wave Leveraging YouTube Create a short video of your executive/expert talking about the topic of your media pitch Recycle existing content re: training material, executive speeches, company/brand events 44. Be The Media 45. Be The Media How to be the Media Establish your own blog Establish your social media presence Tweet Post videos/pictures that youd like the media to use Caveat Once you start you will need to stay engaged 46. Be The Media 47. Criteria for selecting the right media The selection of media for a given campaign, at a minimum, needs to include: Demographics of your target audience Clear and realistic understanding for your audiences media consumption behavior Nature of your brand, product and/or service Amount and type of content you have available Celebrities/spokespeople Budget 48. Thank you