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  • 1. THAI PONGAL Ysabel Deborah

2. WHAT IS PONGAL?A harvest festivalcelebrated by Tamil people at the end of the harvestseasonIt is a four-day festival generally from January 13 toJanuary 16Thai Pongal is primarily celebrated to conveyappreciation and thankfulness to the Sun as theprimary energy source of agriculture and goodharvests. It is one of the most important festivalscelebrated by Tamil people in the Indian state of TamilNadu and Sri Lanka 3. WHAT DOES PONGALMEAN?In Tamil, the word pongal means"overflowing" and signifies abundance andprosperity.On the day of Pongal, there is a symbolicritual of boiling fresh milk in a new claypot at sunrise. When the milk boils overand bubbles out of the vessel, peopleshout "Pongalo Pongal! 4. BHOGI PANDIGAI1ST DAYThe first day of Thai Pongal.On this day, people discardold things and focus on newbelongings.People assemble to light abonfire and discard old andused possessions.Houses are cleaned, paintedand decorated for a festivelook. 5. PONGAL PANDIGAI2ND DAYThe second day of Thai Pongal is the main day of the festivaland eponymously named Pongal. It falls on the first day of theTamil month of Thai and usually on either January 14 or 15.It is celebrated by preparing a sweet dish of boiling rice, alsoknown as "pongal", in new clay pots. The dish is traditionallycooked at sunrise, and the rice is later topped with sugar, ghee,cashew nuts and raisins.The moment the milk boils over and bubbles out of the vessel,the tradition is to shout "Pongalo Pongal!", add freshlyharvested rice grains in the pot. Tamils consider it a good signto watch the milk boil over as it connotes good luck andprosperity. 6. PONGALDISHPeople also preparesavories and sweetssuch as vadai,murukku, andpaayasam, visit eachother, and exchangegreetings. 7. KOLAM/RANGOLITamils draw kolam orrangoli on their door steps,consume sugar cane,prepare sweetened rice,milk and jaggery in newearthen pots and dedicatetheir work to the sun god.Elders in the family presentgifts to the young 8. MAATTU PONGAL3RD DAYThe third day of Tamil Pongal is calledMaattu Pongal and is a day intended tocelebrate cattle and thank them fortheir favour in farming.People bathe their cattle, paint theirhorns with colorful paints, decoratethem with garlands and place kumkumon their foreheads.The cattle are fed a mixture of vennpongal, jaggery, honey, bananas, andother fruits. In rural Tamil Nadu,adventurous games such as "Jallikkattu"or "taming the wild bull" are features ofthe day. 9. The women then pray for the well beingof their brothers and for their brother-sisterties to remain forever strong likethe family of crows. 10. KANNUM PONGAL4TH DAYFamily reunionVisiting family membersand friendsBrother attributiontowards sisters 11. THANK YOU! 12. WORKS CITED; Prasad, R. R. (1996).Encyclopaedic profile of Indiantribes. Discovery Publishing House. p.183. ISBN 978-81-7141-298-3.Retrieved 3 January 2012.