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Thai Festivals. By..... Mrs. Atitaya Pimpa Foreign Language Department Sa School. Nan. Objectives. Students able to tell about Thai Festivals. Students able to ask and answer about Thai Festivals. New Year's Day / วันขึ้นปีใหม่. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thai Festivals

Thai FestivalsBy.....Mrs. Atitaya Pimpa

Foreign Language DepartmentSa School. Nan.

ObjectivesStudents able to tell about Thai Festivals.Students able to ask and answer about Thai Festivals.New Year's Day / New Year's Day is in January.

Thai children Day / Thai children Day is in January.

Teachers Day / Teachers Day is in January.

Thai Army Day / Thai Army Day is in January.

Chinese New Year's Day / Chinese New Year's Day is in February.

Valentine's Day / Valentine's Day is in February.Its not Thai Festival.

Makabucha day / Makabucha day is in February.

Chakri day / Chakri day is in April.

Songkran Day / Songkran Day is in April.

National Labour day / National Labour day is in May.

Coronation day / Coronation day is in May.

Royal Ploughing / Royal Ploughing is in May.

Visakabucha day / Visakabucha day is in May.

Asalabucha day / Asalabucha day is in July.

Buddhist Lent day / Buddhist Lent day is in July.

H.M. The Queen's Birthday /

H.M. The Queen's Birthday or Mother Day is in August.

Vegetarian festival /

Vegetarian festival is in October.

End of Buddhist Lent day /

The End of Buddhist Lent day is in October.

Rama V 's day / Rama V 's day is in October.

Loy Krathong day /

Loy Krathong day is in Nevember.

H.M. The King Birthday / Father Day

H.M. The King Birthday or Father Day in in December.

Constitution Day / Constitution Day is in December.

Christmas Day /

Christmas Day is in December.It is not Thai Festival.

New Year's Eve /

New Year's Eve is in December.