TGI Group Corporate Presentation. TGI Group Overview  TGI Group is an European based...

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Transcript of TGI Group Corporate Presentation. TGI Group Overview  TGI Group is an European based...

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  • TGI Group Corporate Presentation
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  • TGI Group Overview TGI Group is an European based multinational investment and holding company with diversified interests and investments in Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of Benin, Morocco, UAE, South Africa, China and several other emerging markets
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  • TGI Groups Vision To accomplish wealth and wellbeing by creating opportunities for growth and development
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  • TGI Groups Mission To gain genuine insight into the needs of consumers Respond to consumers need for better products and services, which enhance the quality of their life
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  • TGI Groups Strategy Invest in emerging economies and add value to locally available resources Grow market share in a responsible, sustainable and profitable manner Fulfil our consumers needs through innovative means, today and tomorrow
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  • TGI Groups Reach AFRICA Over 20 Locations within NIGERIA, Republic of Benin, Ghana, South Africa and Morocco WORLDWIDE UAE, India and China
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  • TGI Groups Product Categories Please see next slide taken from TGI Groups old slide for Product Categories. The Categories have been updated based on the website and missing brands
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  • TGI Group Overview TGI Group in Nigeria CHI Ltd ORC Fishing Cormart Ltd W/A Cotton Limited Romson Oilfield Services CHI Pharma Fruit Juices Dairy Beverages Snacks Poultry Farming Healthcare and Engineering Products Trawlers Aquaculture Poultry and Meat Processing Seafood Processing and Exports Industrial Raw Materials Home Care Manufacturing, Distribution and Supply of Ingredients and Chemicals Sale & Export of Cotton Ginning Agro Chemicals Tractors Specialty Oil Production Chemicals and Chemical Management Services Hardware and Consumables Environmental Project Management Services Manufacturing and Distribution of Healthcare products TGI Nigeria Culinary Condiments Other Packaged Foods Tomato Outgrowers Spice Manufacturing
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  • Missing Brands in the old PPT NIGERIA CHI RETAIL Retail Stores INDIA - Tropical Industries International Manufacturing of Kitchen Fittings NIGERIA CHI FARMS Agro-allied Operations Marketing and Sales of Drugs, Vaccines and Chemicals Sales, Installation, Servicing and Repairs of Agro-allied Equipment and Machines Manufacturing of Fruit Drinks and Fruit Juices NIGERIA Master Marine Services Limited Dry Docking Steel Fabrication Blasting and Painting
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  • MayFair Marketing South Africa Vink Corp Dubai West African Cotton Ghana KIMIX Chem. Co. China Center Point Ghana Fludor Benin Vegetable Oils Pellets Chemicals Raw Materials Agro Chemicals Building Mat Animal Feed Real Estate Commodity Trading Manufac turing TGI Group Overview TGI Group in Other Countries
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  • TGI Groups Brand Profile
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  • CORMART, LAGOS Manufacturing, Distribution and Supply of World-class ingredients and chemicals to a host of industries from Paints and Personal Care Products to Confectionaries and Pharmaceuticals Hygiene and Disinfectant Solutions for the Beverage Industry and Manufacturing of Home Care Products
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  • CHI Limited, LAGOS CHI Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company that has diverse business interests in everything from Food to Healthcare and Engineering Products It offers a wide range of high quality, healthy and refreshing fruit drinks, fruit juices and a range of dairy products that are popular among Nigerian customers
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  • CHI Pharmaceuticals Limited, Lagos CHI Pharmaceuticals Limited has a widespread presence in Nigeria both as the leading distributor in the industry, as well as an emerging major manufacturing giant of Pharmaceutical products It is an exclusive agent of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world CHI Pharmaceuticals has its own production and distribution brand called SUPRAMULT
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  • ROMSON, Lagos Romson Oil Field Services Limited provides technical support, supply and management services to the oil producing and servicing industry in Nigeria and other oil-rich regions. Romson with its strategic collaboration with global companies, provides state-of- the-art technologies and innovative solutions to this growing sector
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  • ORC, Lagos ORC FISHING & FOOD PROCESSING LTD is involved in shrimping and fish trawling to meet the needs of consumers in France, Portugal, Spain, Holland, North American Market and other nations of Europe ORC exports over 1000 metric tonnes of shrimp per year besides other fish types. All ORCs vessels and processing plants are EU approved. ORC is affiliated to Manufacturers Association of Nigeria Export Group, Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and Nigerian Trawler Owners Association
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  • MASTER MARINE, LAGOS Master Marine Services Limited is a marine engineering company involved in the construction, repair, maintenance, overhauling as well as dry docking services for Trawlers, Supply Boats, Ferries, Ocean Going Tug Boats as well as Barges Its Apapa base consists of Fabrication and Machinery workshop and a 700 Metric Ton Floating Dry Dock.
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  • WACOT, Lagos West African Cotton Company Limited is one of the largest producers and exporters of cotton in the region WACOT is engaged in cotton ginning, selling of cotton lint to textile mills, export of cotton lint, gin motes and textile mill wastes Its ginnery in Funtua has a capacity of over 50,000 metric tonnes per season and WACOT has been able to reach farmers in over 12,000 hectares with its outgrower schemes
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  • FLUDOR, Benin Fludor manufactures cottonseed oil and pellets for consumption in Benin as well as for other countries FLUDORs Miscella refining facility is amongst the latest and the best worldwide FLUDOR has a processing capacity of 100,000 tonnes of cotton seeds per year It can also produce 10,000 to 12,000 tonnes of oil and 24,000 to 34,000 tonnes of pellets
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  • CHI Farms, Lagos CHI Farms runs highly productive and sustainable farming operations with sophisticated facilities spread across 200 hectares CHI Farms also has a meat processing capability of up to 20 tonnes of smoked chicken per month It also offers a whole range of different sausages and hamburgers for leading fast food outlets in Nigeria
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  • TGI Nigeria Ltd., Lagos TGI Nigeria Ltd. is TGI Groups FMCG arm in Nigeria with a focus on highly competitive & growth intensive sectors: Culinary, Condiments & Other Packaged Foods It caters pan-Africa and its business model is based on the principles of Insight Driven Strategic Marketing backed by an efficient Sales, Distribution and Logistic infrastructure
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  • Tropical Industries International, INDIA TGI Groups foray into the Indian Kitchen Fitting sector with a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility under commission It has a strong network of Distributors and Dealers in India to distribute its products Its client list includes some of the leading Real Estate brands in India
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  • CHI Retail, Lagos Chi Retail operates with the goal to provide Nigerian Customers the most freshest food products in a modern, hygienic and pleasing environment It guarantees freshest produce with Chi guarantee at competitive prices The Chi Retail Stores are self owned and operated