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  • 1. Welcome toTravel Giant Internationalfly above the sky

2. WHO WE ARE?We are a Global Traveling &Network Marketing Companyhaving Its Giant Channel Partnersaround the globe. We believe thatwe have the Giant range of Hotelsand other fantastic productsmeshed with a revolutionarycompensation plan. 3. Contact Information PakistanThe Giant OfficeLost Angels (Peeran-Ghaib) Road,Opp. Jaffery Hospital,Multan, Pakistan.+92 344 444 [email protected] Coming Office 4. Our VisionTravel Giant International is creating more fun, freedom andfulfillment in peoples lives through merging of great lifeexperiences, financial opportunities, learning andcontributions. Our MissionDeliver only realistic, relevant services to its Members, andwill infuse core values of Travel Giant International to ensurethat members have a rich experience and positive foundationfor there marketing career. 5. Our ValuesThese principles steer individuals, and TGI Network as a whole, in theconduct of all aspects of their duties.Honor and Integrity - We are all leaders and must lead by example. Wehave the courage to "do the right thing" and we personally act abovereproach.Responsibility and Accountability - Members of the staff are encouragedand empowered to seek responsibility, and they are given commensurateauthority. Similarly, members are accountable for their actions. 6. Our Values (contd)Continuous Improvement and Innovation - We continually seek betterways to perform our mission, improve our management practices andbecome better leaders. We encourage innovation and new ideas to fostercontinuous improvement.Teamwork - Personnel in all departments including are part of ourcommon cause. Departmental assignment is not an impediment tocontribution to the team.Commitment to Excellence - We do our best and always give maximumeffort. 7. Travel & TourismDid you know that with the advent of e-commerce, tourism products havebecome one of the most traded items on the internet? Tourism products and serviceshave been made available through intermediaries, although tourism providers(hotels, airlines, etc.) can sell their services directly. This has put pressure onintermediaries from both on-line and traditional shopsDid you know that Travel and Tourism is a $1.3 trillion industry in the UnitedStates? If one dollar bill equalled a second of time, then $1.3 trillion would equal over41,000 yearsDid you know that approximately 2.6 million hotels rooms are sold every day inthe United States? That is enough rooms to lodge every person living in SanFrancisco, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Miami, and Denver combined. 8. Home Based Business PhenomenonHome-based business is a $427 Billion a year industry. Thats more than thepharmaceutical industry, food industry, and consumer goods industry -combined! How? Because of the sheer numbers of people in business forthemselves who are now working from home. The extremely low start-upcosts, flexible hours, and the Internet are fuelling the growth of the homebusiness segment. A recent global survey indicates that the average incomefor income-generating home office households is $65,000 a year!!! Accordingto another recent report over 20,000 entrepreneurs grossed over $1 millionoperating from a home based environment. And look at this... Home-basedbusinesses represent 52% of all small companies and provide 10% of thetotal receipts of the economy. Every 11 seconds someone starts a home-based business. Be a part of this phenomenon!!! 9. we cross our firstLAND MARK in Network MarketingTGI has 10,000 members at the time of openingWith a sale of $ 2 million in first week TGI launched in 06 countries worldwide!Pakistan BangladeshSri LankaKazakhstanUAESaudi ArabiaUK NigeriaMalaysia South AfricaAustraliaSingapore 10. gurus of Network Marketing are saying! "Network Marketing is The Perfect Business for the average person tocreate wealth."Network Marketers are Network Marketing: the creating FORTUNES atindustry for people whobreakneck speeds! want to change their lives 11. The Best kept secret in the Business world... Network Marketing! FORTUNE is a Global Business Magazine published by Time Inc.s Money GroupFrom 2006 to 2016, there will be 10 Millionnew Millionaires in the U.S. alone, morethan double the last decade...many will befrom the Direct Selling Industry!Paul Zane Pilzer is a world-renowned economist,and the author of eight best-selling books anddozens of scholarly publications 12. I always knew I was going to be rich. I dont think I ever doubted it for a minute Warren Buffet Billionaire Investor, the Richest person in the World and owns 51 Businesses today, 3 of which are Network Marketing CompaniesThe future of network marketing is unlimited.Theres no end in sight. It will to continue togrow, because better people are getting into it.They are raising the entire standard of MLM tothe point where soon, it will be one of the mostrespected business methods in the world.Brian Tracy Author and Motivational Speaker 13. "If you really want to learn how to be rich,you must begin to know and understand thepower found in networks. The Richest Peoplein the world Build Networks."Robert Kiyosaki Best Selling Author of RichDad Poor Dad and many other internationallyacclaimed titlesA large income is the best recipe forhappiness I ever heard of.Austen, Jane A Prominent English Novelist 14. What you want to achieve in Life! More time with your family Better retirement income Better education for your children Unlimited income potential Be your own boss Pay off your debts Better overall quality of life Income security 15. Things you may do not Like! Stress Risk of job loss Financial pressures Lack of control Debts Long hours at the job 16. Your number one Priority? Extra income Financial freedom Having your own business More time International Trips Personal development Helping others Meeting new people Retirement 17. Our Product and Services Global Appeal Pioneer to Offer FREE Holidays Concept New Category Creator Variety of Ongoing Promotions Infinite scope for extensions True Value of Money 18. What you Receive when you become an IBO 3N/4D Hotel Packages with customized options. All facilities would be of 3-5 star ratings and the offer is exclusive of taxes and processing fees TGI Debit Card (available soon). Once launched, will be available to members Discounts on various travel deals including Hotel Packages Hotel Deals Cruise Tickets Car Rentals Travel Insurance 19. Product PricingWorth of TGI Premium Product! for $250, you will get You own Back Office 24/7 Account Access 24/7 Technical Support Access to Professional Business Tools And many more 20. Components of TGI MLM System1. Revolving Matrix2. Residual Income3. Booking Bonus4. Giant Pool 21. 1All Team members make their way to the top ofCompensation plan through Revolving Matrix systemwhich makes you earn USD 10,000 over and overagain. This system ensures your success and helpsyou to capitalize on the efforts of all team memberspresent in the boards.Revolving Matrix system based on following two boards: 22. Travel Board (Payout: $500)When you join TGI, you get a position When you exit Travel board, you earn aat Level 1 of the Travel Board and as USD 250 commission and an eVoucherthe board fills, it breaks into two sub-worth USD 250, which accounts to a totalboards, giving you an uplift to the nextbenefit of USD 500. The board splitslevel. There are 4 levels in each board,when all positions on the board are filled.and members are pushed up from levelAll that is required for you to qualify is1 to level 4 with a Combined effort sponsor just two people.finally exiting to Giant Board. Its theonly plan in the world, where all teamswork together as one single entity andhelp each other make their way todifferent ranksincluded in theCompensation Plan.Get into your$500Virtual Bank 23. Travel Board When the board fills up, Level 4 position moves to Giant Board Level 4 position earns a startup bonus of USD 500 The Board splits when all positions on the Travel Board are filled up Level 4level 3 level 3level 2 level 2 level 2level 2level 1level 1 level 1 level 1 level 1level 1 level 1level 1 24. Giant Board(Payout: $10,000)When you cycle out of the Travel board, you get a position at Level 1 of the Giant board. Giantboard works exactly the same way as the Travel Board, the only difference being that your levelin the board raises when down lines come and fill up the Giant board. New members cannotjoin Giant board directly. Your rank changes to Silver Associate as soon as you hit the GiantBoard.When the board fills up, it breaks into two sub-boards, giving you an uplift to the next level andthe Associate at Level 4 cycles out earning a mega bonus of USD 10,000 credited to the OnlineWallet instantly. And thats not all, you get a re-entry into the Giant board for you to makeanother USD 10,000 in a revolving fashion. This process goes on and on enabling you to cycleout monthly, weekly and even daily. There is unlimited earning potential. All that is required tocycle out from the Giant board is help two of your down lines come to the Giant Board toqualify you for Commissions. 10,000 25. Giant Board USD 10,000 credited to your Online Wallet instantly each time you cycle Plus a re-entry into the Giant Board Qualified Participants from Travel Board advance to a level 1 Position on to the Giant Board Level 4 The successful Cyclerre-enters Giant Board atLevel 1 position with$ 10,000Level 3Level 3 Level 2Level 2Level 2 Level 2 Level 1 Level 1 Level 1Level1 Level1Level 1 Level 1 Level 1 26. How Boards WorkMatrix Design YouGiant Board Edric Ethen Dene Carl BruceYou are introduced by Alyssa and enter the Travel BoardYou receive your own TGI Back Office and start sponsoring peopleYou introduce Edric and 4 others. Two more are introduced byother members present in the BoardTravel BoardEdric and others you introduce enter your Travel boardAlbertand are placed in your Matrix DesignWhen 8 people fill up the Travel Board, the board splits toform 2 new boards and the person at Level 4 (Albert),Alyssamoves to Giant Board receiving USD 500 to earn furtherpayouts. You EdricEthen Dene Carl Bruce Shaisha Denney 27. Sample Movement Through Boards Alyssa You were introduced by AlyssaYOU You introduce Dion and AshleyAshley Dion 28. Travel Board Level 4Level 3 Level 2Level 1RichardAlyssa Level 4Morris Alyssa MorrisRoss Rex Level 3YOU Edric Ross RexMartin Kyle Melissa MartinLevel 2 Jeffrey Cedric Harley YOU DionEdricAshley HarleyJeffreyCedricDenelleNew Members Enter Level 1 From Left DionDenelleAshley New members are introduced by existing members on Travel Board 29. Follow The LeaderFollow-the-Leader system ensures that your boards move as fast as you want by sponsoringmaximum number of people that you can. All your down-lines will be connected to you and willalways follow you whichever Boards you move to. Spillover SystemSpillovers help you succeed even if you are unable to make 2 sales by connecting extra sales ofqualified candidates to non-qualified members. This ensures your success with a team supportand helps you move from Travel to Giant board within no time. 30. Spill By WillIn Spill-over the placement of the spill is decided by the system via a standard scan which runsfrom top to bottom & left to right and the spill joins the original sponsors board by default.However, Spill by Will is a revolutionary feature which when activated for a specific number ofentries enables the sponsor to decide both the placement of the spill as well the board of thejoining. By activating this feature, the sponsor or the group leader can decide themovement of the board.Note : You need to be a qualified member in the Traveller Board or should be in Express Board toactivate "Spill by Will". If Spill by Will is not activated, Spill Over stays active as the defaultsystem. Jump-Over SystemJump-Over system allows members that have made their 2 sales to jump to the top of theboard, if there are no qualified members above them with 2 sales. Jump-Over allows activemembers to have preference over inactive members. 31. When Level 1 is filled 2 New boards are created with a New row of 8 positions atLevel 1 under each Newly created board Richard enters the Giant board earning USD 380Level 4Level 4Level 3Level 3 Level 2Level 2Level 1 Level 1New Board No. 1 8 Level 1 positions New Board No. 2 8 Level 1 positions Level 4Richard Richard Lee LeeMorrisMorrisLee MorrisLevel 3 Ross RexYOUEdricLevel 2RossRexMartin Kyle MelissaHelen JeffreyCedricHarley Level 1YOUDionEdric AshleyHarley Jeffrey CedricDenelle DionDenelleAshleyStep1: System looks for Members with 2 sales and places them in order from top to bottom, left to rightStep2: System looks for Members with 1 sale and places them in order from top to bottom, left to rightStep3: System looks for Members with NO sales and places them in order from top to bottom, left to right 32. Giant BoardLevel 4Level 3 Level 2Level 1 Jennifer Receives USD 7600 plus aPeople entering Giant board follow Jenniferre-entry into the Giant board to cycle out again Jake Level 4their up-lines on the Giant BoardEliand again following the same system. Jake Charles AlexJace Level 3 Richard Morgan AlexJace Eli Samson Jude Martin Level 2Ethen David BillyAlbert Richard Billy MorganNoeAlbertEthen David Jeff New Qualified Members from Feeder Board Enter Level 1 From LeftNoeJeff 33. 2Residual IncomeTGIs compensation plan has been designed to give youregular income week after week. The revolutionary matrixsystem not only creates a long term income Opportunity foryou but also helps you earn enormous amount of incomeevery single week with growth of your organization. 34. Residual IncomeGets Activated Once you cycle out of First Giant board, you will be eligible to getResidual Income apart from the high paying Board payouts. Residual Income starts from 5% and goes up-to 10% on everysale in your organization , thats why its an endless earning 35. Matrix Design whilesponsoring in Boards YouEdric Ethen Dene Carl Bruce 36. Leveraged Team You start earning 5% of the group revenue from sales in your alreadyexisting network. The residual income is different from Board payoutsand gets activated when you cycle out of the Travel Board the very firsttime. This commission goes up to 10% as you advance through differentranks in the compensation plan. 37. Residual IncomeGroup SalesYouPays Till Infinity! 38. Rank Progress and Commission StructureYour rank progresses when you get 2 leaders in different legs withthe same rank.For e.g. You become a Diamond Crown from Gold when you get 2Gold Crowns in two different legs and Blue Diamond from Diamondwhen you get two Diamond Crowns in your organization in twodifferent legs.Note : You dont need to work on your direct referrals to upgrade your rank. Any associate at any level can qualify you. 39. Rank Progress and Commission StructureCommissions are generated till infinite levels based upon the differential calculations inyour Organization.Following is the chart of different leadership ranks and commissions involved with them:1. Gold Crown : 5% of Group Sales2. Diamond Crown: 7% of Group Sales3. Blue Diamond Crown : 8.5% of Group Sales4. Imperial Crown : 10% of Group Sales5. Crown King : 10% of Group Sales + 2% GPNote : Crown Kings get a share in the Companys GlobalProfits by participating in the Giant Pool 40. Leadership RanksAt TGI, you achieve various ranks as you advance through the Compensation Plan creating a income for yourself. CrownImperial KingBlueCrownDiamond DiamondGoldCrownCrown CrownTraveler 41. Booking BonusEarnings on Sale of Recreation Packages Hotel On the sale (sale invoice) of thesepackages, TGI member will get 5%Resortof sale amount Tourist can make desired hotel Cruisepackages from 1 Night to 30 Nights 42. 332Giant PoolThe Giant pool allows Crown Ambassadors have their piece ofShare in the Global Profits of the company. The Giant poolconcept ensures regular leveraged income inflow giving youan opportunity to hold a prime position in Advisory Board ofthe Company. 43. Get your piece of share withGiant PoolIdea behind Giant Pool isTGI devotes 2% of the Global Profits to its profit sharing pool which is distributed amongst all Crown Ambassadors. Be in Touch with TGI and Get more 44. TGI Plan MechanicsThe Mechanics of LeveragePays out a total of 72% (Industry Average is 40-50%)72% of every dollar earned is paid back to the Distributors No stocking or retailing required! 45. TGI Shopping PortalTGI lunching a shopping portal in near future 46. Timing is EverythingIn BusinessNetwork marketing gives people the opportunity, with verylow risk and very low financial commitment, to build their ownincome-generating asset and acquire great wealth Robert Kiyosaki 47. We have Reasons for You to Join TGI1. Reliable, Risk Free Company2. Financial cover by a established and renowned Business Giants3. Global Representation4. Variety of Products5. Opportunity to establish a Home-Based Business6. Matchless Compensation Plan7. Strong Presence in many countries with continuous expansion plans in pipeline.8. Fast income with earnings at every step . 48. Getting Started 49. Dreams Are Becoming RealityAs Sky is the LIMT 1 3 Get on the wayJoin TGI Todayto success! 2 Take a Basic Training 50. fly above the skyThe secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. Earl of Beaconsfield [email protected] 51. THANK YOUTravel Giant Internationalfly above the sky