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1. Textual Analysis Clara Rodrigues & Chloe Harrison 2. Bright colours on the cover to attract little kids and to make them more interesting. Also instead of being just one colour or two colour, it had plenty of colours because thats what little kids like. Theres not a lot of writing on the cover because little kids cant read that well so putting less writing on the cover will make them less bored. On the cover theres a lot of pictures on the of the main characters and this will get the little children excited and ready to watch it. The splash of yellow on the left side of the page stands out because the others colours on the page are green and purple and the random yellow splash stands out even more but the writing inside it does not stand out because it is in white are you not able to read it. The green starts on the background makes It more realistic that the dvd cover is for little children because little children are really in to stars. The Peppa Pig on the top of the back cover reminds the audience (little kids) What they are going to watch and it maybe will make them want to buy more of these dvds. The peppa pig in the middle really stands out because the writing and the background of the writing and its less bright colours so the first thing you see when you look at the cover the first thing you see is the tittle of the name of the dvd. The writing on the on the cover is very childlike as it is not in a line and in a lot of different colours. The layout of this dvd cover is very purposely disordered in a childlike way, the intentions was to make it messy because thats what kids like. The layout of it also kind of looks like a drawing that a little kid has done, so its relatable to little children. In the picture bellow it shows the mother giving Peppa the football instead of the brother and this is showing gender equality which informs the audience that even if youre a girl you can still play football On the back cover there is a yellow splodge which represents mess and untidiness and this is used because young children like mess and untidiness. This is used to attract the younger audience. 3. The bright colours of yellow and orange attract our target audience which is younger children. Not just the bright colours but just the uses of a lot of different colours, there isnt really a colour co-ordination on the cover which is very childlike as younger children just use all of the colours. The back cover of the dvd cover has more of a layout than the previous analysis I did for the cover of peppa pig which suggests that the target audience for this may be older children of 6-7. Also the back cover has less colours that the front cover which also suggest that it may for an older audience and also it makes it too organised for a younger audience, but at the same its not as organised as a dvd cover for any other cover. There is a lot more writing on the back cover and its a bigger blurb with a lot more writing than the previous dvd cover and I think this also suggests that its for an older audience. But even thought there is a lot of writing you can hardly see it because it in yellow and this shows that the cover isnt as organised as it looks The music notes on the front cover suggests that there might be a sing-a-long which will get the target audience more excited to watch it and this may attract an even older audience because they will want to sing-a-long. The word Tweenies is written in a child type of way and its not in a straight line and it makes it look like It was a child who wrote that which can relate to the target audience, because it looks like something they could have done themselves. The writing a special tweenies lets the target audience know that even though this is the Tweenies it might mean that because they have bought this dvd they will get a special episode that hasnt been on tv and this benefits them because they dont just get the episodes that have been on tv they get a new episode. The four tweenies at the front at the front smiling will attract our target audience because they will see them on the cover and will want to open and watch it straight away which will get them really excited. On the front cover it says Pop-a-rooney which is a slang word, and this is used to attract the younger audience. The four tweenies at the front are not a realistic colour like a human colour for example there isnt any white or black characters because this is showing gender equality as they are different colours such as blue and purple, also because they are not just one gender colours. One of the girls is blue which is a very masculine colour and one of the boys is purple which is a very feminine colour, so in this dvd cover they are going against stereotypes to show gender equality.