Text analytics for Google Spreadsheets using dataTXT add-on

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Doing text analysis inside Google Spreadsheets, using dataTXT add-on food for thoughts

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This add-on allows Google Spreadsheet users to enhance their textual spreadsheets content by automatically extracting named entities (such as places, persons, events or concepts) and linking them to Wikipedia by using dataTXT semantic API.

Transcript of Text analytics for Google Spreadsheets using dataTXT add-on

  • 1. Doing text analysis inside Google Spreadsheets, using dataTXT add-on food for thoughts
  • 2. wait, wait: whats text analysis?
  • 3. whats text analysis? turn text into data for analysis
  • 4. turn text into data for analysis why its useful Enterprise Business Intelligence/Data Mining, Competitive Intelligence E-Discovery, Records Management National Security/Intelligence Scientific discovery, especially Life Sciences Sentiment Analysis Tools, Listening Platforms Natural Language/Semantic Toolkit or Service Publishing Automated ad placement Search/Information Access Social media monitoring
  • 5. turn text into data for analysis usually you have to be a developer, but now you can do a lot of things directly inside Google Spreadsheet, thanks to dataTXT add-on http://bit.ly/dataTXT-googleSheets #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 6. but why is it useful? #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 7. turn text into data for analysis infographics, tag clouds, mind maps, graphs, charts
  • 8. lets start from an example #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 9. extract useful informations from a news article published on http://edition.cnn.com/2014/09/10/world/rosetta-philae-landing-site/index.html?hpt=hp_t3 #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 10. #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT copy & paste this text on a Google Sheet
  • 11. this is just text: we call it unstructured data #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 12. if we select the cell, launch dataTXT add-on, and click Analyze text #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 13. we are performing named entity extraction with dataTXT-NEX APIs, inside the Google Sheet #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 14. now, we find something else: a new sheet titled Analysis with a lot of useful stuff #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 15. TEXT -> its the original content SPOT -> the label of an entity, taken from the original text CONFIDENCE -> its a quality score of the matching WIKIPEDIA URL -> its the URL of the entity on Wikipedia
  • 16. TYPES -> the type of the entity extracted from DBpedia CATEGORIES -> extracted from DBpedia, its useful as tag #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 17. so why is it useful? before: its only text now its contextual data
  • 18. in other words: the text 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko has now some structured details, like categories: a sort of tag set very useful: #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 19. you can do a lot of things with dataTXT add-on for Google Sheets make a tag cloud using concepts labels ( typed concept ) extract persons cited in a lot of #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT content build some graph/chart using types found inside the content extract some data from a lot of tweets (useful for Social Media consultants and not so many data) find useful keywords to enrich your content (a better SEO?) enrich your content with useful links to contextual Wikipedia pages
  • 20. democratizing text analytics! and all of this without programming :) and inside your own Google Spreadsheet! #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 21. and if you are a smart guy, or a data journalist for example, you can do something better #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 22. use your Google SpreadSheet as a little database, to build smart interactive web pages Google Spreadsheet unstructured data Google Spreadsheet structured data + dataTXT
  • 23. and dont forget: you are using some data taken from the Linked Open Data Cloud without knowing anything about it!
  • 24. How-to install dataTXT add-on for Google Sheets #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 25. inside a Google Sheet, looking for dataTXT inside the store #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT
  • 26. or using this link at the bottom http://bit.ly/dataTXT-googleSheets
  • 27. there is a tutorial on dandelion.eu to setup it http://bit.ly/howto-dataTXT-on-google-sheet
  • 28. Unleash your creativity, give it a try! http://bit.ly/dataTXT-googleSheets #textanalysis #gdrive #dataTXT @SpazioDati