TESTOSTERON TESTONE...¢  patented testosterone booster, these wonderful abilities decline...

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Transcript of TESTOSTERON TESTONE...¢  patented testosterone booster, these wonderful abilities decline...

  • TestoSurgeTM has been clinically shown to dramatically increase bioavailable testosterone within 12 hours of sublingual administration, while resveratrol is a potent Sirt1 mediated growth hormone (hGH) releasing agent.



  • WHAT IS TESTONE? TESTONE® Sublingual TestoSurgeTM supplemented with Epicatechin and Resveratrol is the World’s Fastest and Most Powerful Testosterone Booster

    TESTONE® is proven to be the world’s fastest and strongest Testosterone Booster. TESTONE® is the only supplement to eff ectively and safely deliver the 3 key components (TestoSurgeTM, Epicatechin, and Resveratrol) using a patented multi laminar liposome delivery system. TestoSurgeTM has been clinically shown to dramatically increase testosterone within 12 hours of sublingual administration, while resveratrol is a potent Sirt1 mediated growth hormone (hGH) releasing agent.

    It has been carefully designed and engineered by a team of top scientists including biochemists as well as nutritionists, and validated through extensive use by professional athletes.

    What many have come to realize over the years with Sports Supplements is that their listed ingredients of often based on in-vitro studies or based on rodents clinical trials. However, results from such studies cannot be translated in real world experience.

    In addition to this failing, the majority of those active ingredients are very poorly absorbed which results in an often less than 1% bioavailability.

    After passing through the stomach, the intestine and then the liver, actives like forskolin or synephrine are highly metabolized and their eff ectiveness diminished to NOTHING. Quantity of an oral supplement that has “ZERO” bioavailability is meaningless since next to nothing is absorbed, so no eff ects are really experienced.

    After years of exhaustive research, scientists at WARMEDS® developed and utilize cutting edge dessicated liposomal technology to enhance the bioavailability of the carefully selected “proven” ingredients, and FINALLY deliver on their true potential. More importantly through the use of cutting edge sublingual liposomal technology, VARIABILITY of absorption is virtually eliminated so that each and every time the user can expect the same eff ects at EXACTLY the same time1.

    By increasing testosterone, increasing its bioavailability through reduction of SHBG levels and preventing its conversion into estrogen as well as its metabolism, testone dramatically boosts testosterone levels within hours. Furthermore, by also indirectly increasing growth hormone. TESTONE provides the many below listed benefi ts, to name only a few :


    Feel It Today!


    Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll get when you order yours today

    • Insane muscle size gains • Herculean strength gains • Shocking drive and motivation • Defi nitive fat loss • Crazy Increased libido • Package size: 30 tablets

    In good part, an individual’s happiness depends on his self-esteem. Self-esteem is often infl uenced by his realization and potential for accomplishment. TESTONE® is the strongest and fastest testosterone enhancer to boost your low testosterone.

    • As an active person, would you like to improve your health signifi cantly, increase your vitality and extend your lifespan?

    • As an individual, would you like to improve your appearance by losing that excess fat? • As an athlete, would you like to improve your performance impressively? • As a bodybuilder, would you like to increase your strength and muscle growth rapidly? • As a man, would you like to perk up your sexual life, increase your libido and get that strong

    erection on command?

    These eff ects are directly related to high free testosterone and natural anabolic steroid levels. Unless you beat the clock with TESTONE®, Sublingual fenuside, epicatechin and resveratrol patented testosterone booster, these wonderful abilities decline after the age of 25!

    TESTONE® Powerful hormones boosting formula can help you faster than any other formula on the market due to its eff ective and rapid sublingual absorption as well as potent formulation. Why wait for a week to feel the eff ects of testosterone?

    Buy Testone now to boost your own natural testosterone level within only a FEW HOURS and become king of the weights, the board and the bed room! You have low testosterone?

    Increase it with this testosterone maximizer supplement.

    INGREDIENTS AND NUTRITIONAL VALUE Liposomal Fenuside glycoside (80%) Liposomal Epicatechin (>96%) Liposomal Trans resveratrol (>96%)



  • TESTONE® TECHNOLOGY Patented and Patent Pending Liposomal Delivery Systems While nearly all other manufacturers simply mix (blend) ingredients to produce their formula, WARMEDS® distinguishes itself by being the only manufacturer to use the most eff ective and pharmacological multi-lamellar liposome delivery system which increases by orders of magnitude the absorption of many otherwise very poorly absorbed lipophilic (because they aren’t solubilized) and hydrophilic (because they are heavily metabolized) compounds3.

    Why is WARMEDS® the only one to do so? Because it is extremely more expensive to do so, and frankly because WARMEDS® is the only dietary supplement manufacturer who has an in-house team of experts in such delivery systems as well as with legal access to the most eff ective patented delivery system on the planet.  

    Physiological eff ects and benefi ts of testone ingredients

    Active ingredients

    Mechanism of action

    Physiological eff ect

    Increased Lean Mass (Anabolism / Muscle hypertrophy)

    Increased Strength

    Fat Loss Increased drive

    Sublingual fenuside glycosides (80%)

    • Increased testosterone secretion

    • Prevents testosterone aromatization

    • Prevents testosterone breakdown by Decreasing aromatase and 5-alpha-reductase enzymes activity

    • Elevated free testosterone 4

    X X X5 X

    Increased cardiac ejection

    • Increased testosterone secretion from Leydig cells6

    • Elevated testosterone levels

    See eff ects of testosterone

    Sublingual Epicatechin (>96%)

    • Increased testosterone secretion

    • Increased NAD+ production

    • Elevated testosterone levels

    • Elevated growth hormone levels

    X X X X


    Start Gaining Immediately!





    Are any TESTONE® Testosterone Booster active ingredients listed by the WADA as a banned substance and not allowed at Olympic and other sports events?

    Stack With

    Despite its proven important eff ect, to the best of our knowledge, TESTONE® Testosterone Booster use is currently authorized by sport’ communities and event organisms governed by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

    TESTONE® Testosterone Booster is recognized as a general health supporting natural supplement and it is generally available (you do not need a prescription to use TESTONE® Testosterone Booster).

    If you are a dedicated athlete, and are over 18 years of age, TESTONE® Testosterone Booster has been specifi cally designed to enhance your performance (even if you are in your seventies). Initial TESTONE® users, top level professional athletes, found that use of the product made them feel healthier, fi tter and younger.

    • Muscle Size: WarMeds BLOW UP®, and TURBO FUEL® • Fat Loss: WarMeds BLOW UP®, and FAST LOSS®

    Depending on your goals, you can stack the bodybuilding supplement TESTONE® Testosterone Booster with other WARMEDS® supplements to maximize results. WARMEDS® has created various

    proven and cost-eff ective9 stacks to meet your specifi c goals. Always carefully read and follow product label instructions and warnings.

    TESTONE® should be taken sublingually once per day between 7PM and 8PM, preferably on an empty stomach to maximize its eff ects on growth hormone secretion.

    Depending on your goals, you can stack the bodybuilding supplement TESTONE® with other supplements to maximize results. WARMEDS has created various proven and cost-eff ective stacks to meet your specifi c goals.


    Product endorsement

    Michael Farber

    Micheal Tello

    As a demonstration of its commitment to excellence and of its confi dence in its off er (the same is true for all WARMEDS® products), WARMEDS® provides every customer with a limited Guarantee11. WARMEDS® guaranties that the bodybuilding supplement TESTONE® Testosterone Booster will provide the above stated eff ects.

    «This product was designed using scientifi cally researched nutraceuticals combined with the most advanced advanced technologies 10.»

    Michael Farber, Biochemist Chief Scientifi c Offi cer WARMEDS

    APQ, Mens Physique Champion Product Endorser

    «I confi rm that this product is the most eff ective natural testosterone booster I have ever tried. I confi dently put my reputation on the line»

    This product has been tested and approved by the WARMEDS Warriors elite athletes.

    Michael Farber, Biochemist Michael Farber

    VP Business Development Pierre Vinet, Biochemist

    Pierre Vinet